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  1. Plasmic Rage - Energy/Energy Blaster Shadow Vision - Dark/Dark Brute
  2. Are the bonuses for Alpha supposed to be included in the combat attributes? They are nowhere to be found despite the Alpha icon indicated with the rest of my active and passive powers. The Hybrid bonuses are included in the base damage stats in combat attributes, so I was wondering if the missing Alphas stats is a glitch. It's T4 and the level shift is indicated. Thanks.
  3. I rolled a Sentinel for the first time a few nights ago. Strictly street-sweeped my way up to level 20 just to run it fast and get a feel for the AT by not allowing any rest between mobs - the larger the better. First of all, this is a very fun AT to play. Based on discussions in this thread (I only read about 25% of it) and in game, my expectations were low, but I was pleasantly surprised. I appreciate and welcome the idea that the AT will never be the most powerful because this leaves a good deal of headroom to give it other advantages beyond outright damage - we already have bla
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