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  1. Dominator is stuck between 90 and 100 mil/h. Creeper Vines are killed too quickly by mobs 😕. Investigating Plant/Storm/Levi troller now. Is there a lvl49 version for s&l yet?
  2. Having the same issue. At lvl48 I'm getting 10,251/28,447/88,456, so even less :-/. Investigating... Edit: Disable Earning XP = Earn XP XP While Exemplared = Double Influence, No XP Seems to have fixed the problem. Now I'm getting 13,731-14,523/36,552-37,592/113,599-115,346. So even better than the numbers listed above.
  3. Quick question: When playing 2915 on test server I'm set to lvl48. Same setting on live gives me lvl49. Any setting I need to change or just the way it is on test right now? Testing plant/psi/fire dom. In 4:00 range for first mission atm. Not sure what the lvl48 thing does to inf but prolly able to reach at least 100 mil/h with some tweaking.
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