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  1. Yes please! I'm still looking for the best Creeper slotting. Not sure if procs are worth it in Creepers...
  2. Plant/Psi/Psi (at s/l cap - my normal day-to-day build) or Plant/Psi/Fire (at fire cap - higher damage due to fire rain & ball, for testing purposes) If I feel like it, I s/l or fire farm at +4/x8. Reaches about 2/3 of top farming brutes inf speed. Haven't tested with the new xp/inf changes though. If I really wanna FARM I use my spines/fire brute though. Also brute is better for afk farming, dominator needs to be more active, but also more fun with a gadzillion of tentacles waving around and enemies smashing each others faces due to seeds.
  3. The set bonus? Normal IO bonus alone is 70+% recharge if you 6-slot Preventive Medicine. Not sure I'm getting your question right though.
  4. Currently experimenting with Mu Mastery. Animation times are very good, so weapon draw isn't such a pain as with Mace. The missing -res in Shatter Armor hurts a bit against big targets but will need some more testing on how it affects day-to-day performance. Electrifying Fences is a proc BEAST! When all the procs fire it beats Heavy Burst and Frag Grenade damage-wise. It also provides -KB (but lacks -fly and only 40' range). The patron immobs are all somewhat lacking compared to Web Grenade.
  5. Quick test: Most I saw in that one minute of pylon life was five. But will keep an eye on it. Even the small Spiderlings trigger degen.
  6. Is there any way to show set bonus similar to the in-game power window? I've clicked through the menu but wasn't able to find a comparable listing in Mid's.
  7. Radial also gives Healing and Mez. So it's really only about the misleading percentage description imho.
  8. Not too surprising. The base boost is described as '+12%' under 'Detailed Info'. But for most cases this is only 6%. Only pets get the 12%. Support Radial T4 is 8% across the board. So the description for Support Core T4 should list '+6%' and keep the text about doubling for pets. For the specific toon the Core T4 is still more attractive as I want to keep the pets alive and every %def helps. Description is still misleading.
  9. It's not too shabby. AoE damage is still excellent, single target damage against tougher opponents certainly not as impressive as with pets. Just got 'Avatar Smasher' solo at +2/x8. 2nd half of 2nd Hamidon Avatar's hitpoint I had to do without pets (lore down, others went poof during 1st half of HP). Took a wee while but still doable. In teams you still provide +def, +tohit, +dam without the pets. And decent AoE damage on top.
  10. As the search for 'support core' didn't show any hits: The description on the left side of the Hybrid -> Support tree (all the 'core' abilities) contains 'This boost is doubled in strength for pets.' The doubling of the boost does not happen for pets on test or live. E.g. Support Core Embodiment gives a +12% boost to defense. Pets should get +24% according to the description but only get +12%. Tested on a Plant Dom (Fly Trap pet) and Crab Soldier of Arachnos (all the little crawling pets). Same effect for both. Expected result: All pets get double the boost (e.g. +24% instead of +12% for T4 core).
  11. Before the inf changes I was making 90mil/h with him in AE fire or S/L farms (two different builds, S/L is my normal day to day build). Not the 130mil/h of top brute builds back then, but not too shabby either for a Dom that wasn't even built with a farm focus.
  12. My Plant/Psi/Psi certainly doesn't feel like a leech.
  13. Old habits die hard ;). Thanks for the enlightenment! Below's my current draft build. Slot placement is a little bit messy due to the modifications I made to your layout. I went a tad more resistance, the 3.13% melee def in Unbreakable Guard is also hard to pass up for me. Def is fine otherwise as I usually run with another soldier, so we already are in def overkill mode most of the time. Had to squeeze in Hasten to keep the pets up. Force Feedback Proc alone doesn't seem to be enough (I replaced Posi with Ragna afterwards). Maybe a couple more % here and there to be had by some more fine-tuning but I like the overall feel of it. The purple sets are currently in for testing. Might not need them as the higher recharge IOs hurt Decimation, FF and damage procs. I put more focus on the pets as their damage output seems to somewhat overshadow even your highly tuned attack chain. But damage without pets is much more impressive than my current build which is too tankery. Currently trying out Barrier + Support. That usually gets the pets through +3/x8 content solo if I time my activations right. In teams +4/x8 should be fine too as aggro will be spread around more. Call to Arms (5%) + Edict (5%) + 2xManeuvers (16%+4%) + Barrier (min. 5%) + Support (12%) keeps them at 47% def most of the time. Together with Soldier friend it will be 60+. Kept your attack chain and most of it's slotting. Still unsure about mace mastery. Switching weapons hurts alot speed-wise. But Shatter Armor is nice single traget damage + another res debuf. Against bosses/EBs/AVs it seems a decent replacement for the 2nd Burst in your attack chain. But it's so sloooooooow. And melee. Not sure if it's really any big dps increase, but with the additional -res I'd like to think so. I was amazed by the speed of sprint + beast run (almost 70mph). But I'm in love with Flight's cruise mode. Running/jumping is too fiddly for me. Pylon time without Lore pets is around 1:05 atm. With lore it can get as low as 0:37 (1,135 dps!). I replaced Entropic Chaos with the new Power Transfer proc. Don't need the lvl50 EndMod. Not sure how it compares to Entropic Chaos proc though. Victory Rush + Vengeance deliver wicked boni. But I'm a tab targetting guy. Having to click on arrested corpses (hehe) is not my kind of thing. And there are usually so many bodies lying around it can be hard to find the big guys. How do you handle target selection for Victory Rush? Otherwise this build is coming close to my Plant/Psi/Psi dominator in overall awesomeness. And that one's a true beast. Edit: Some early observations. Build performs quite nicely. The added recharge gets Aim up more often and also enables full AoE chain against large groups. You can always sprinkle in some Bursts or Shatter Armor for the procs against the harder targets in groups. Shatter Armor is nice against EBs/AVs. With good timing and some additonal damage buffs it deals a wicked amount of damage. Weapon switching and long animation and melee makes it sub-par during sweeps. With Support + Barrier and some caution I can keep the pets alive most of the time in +3/x8 fire farm. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1580;751;1502;HEX;| |78DA6D945B4F135110C767B7DB422F50B0F4C24D2C506829942EA0AF86209208180| |C88C69766A51BD8A4B6755B137DF4C12F605434F1C1477D311135C6DB83DFC30B9A| |1845455011A389A9D3335358C54DDADFD9FF5C7666CEEE993C7BC0737BECFC7E900| |22319AD50480D9BDADC423657484DE732694337AB0E6BC533A696B1015E55F88BFC| |EB51488C98DAC9D474DE48EB66458CCC989A9135B2F3A9312D3DAF17FF76AA18C13| |D95CB65120733C6FC42D12BD613BA861E850523EF12F7D3795D4F7B2AA63C060546| |F3C65C627674782635A9CDE9F85728EAE6B910D6D607D6AB64878C02A02A209F626| |6894A8E99273A4E1397DC182689581982B868455B08E954A07AC02628575C30BFA4| |CA22CED5CB4C103DFDC4BA2431701DDD430A3CC0FC36CA0F36BF246C4E1CAA9D353| |B6B7E9E7559AB8A83D01E62AC93FCEC4E17F9B5B0FF1E37F337889AC3B5741FF612| |B13B7073CDEE2184C3061E66C312E5DFFDD6467C87F461AE67B2E8D781E61A8EADB| |9443EB597995788758BC45D5799D788F5D88497E7E9E55A3BC7C9D6FD8D58EEB39E| |F3D70FD0BC1A2EF0DC0689A12162D35E62CB3EA21B837D3C27DF73D21E63A37E9EA| |7FF565973C05DD482A4D9821BF4DCD04F62EC3BB1F707F109FA36727C630788F87B| |A835F3EC9BDFF39C5689E14FC49E15E607E647E2238C6DE57CADE1723E274000A08| |DEB6EE3B9DC47BF769E43FB0B59EC63C74BE60ACADDC865BAEF7CCD7C437C8AB111| |8E8DACD11CBAD6995F985F659E3B7383581E47946B891E25ED0E6E789CF3C5E3A4F| |57631A3C4BE18B38719A57E3711098E4D701FFDDC47FF2BE608C5A8DC8FCAFDB4E3| |7E2669565292DF7B95D9A26C7DD7004DA4F558B5125E90B42A7D346D7587D7E00E6| |5E83F71E3CAD669509AB0DA9D586DAD0253CAD64900523355E4ACC32F9CB4D2AA0B| |EDBCF312BF496BDB9A2C85E944699AA59326764812BBFCD91A17A55AD6AD718BB2D| |0AA2FD214639B747A9D7089EAC4B38F58D6C72CEBE396F52F7C0B555EDFC4574FE5| |5E6FF8B6F5B1E0B6FE0769AFF394| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
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