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  1. While I generally agree with the suggestion in the OP, I do want to chime in and say that "target dummy DPS" is always going to be higher than actual DPS; in other MMOs I've played, it's the role of the DPS players to strive to bridge the gap between target dummy DPS and actual DPS as much as possible. In this way, it's a bit of a minigame -- you have to adjust your rotation and position to respond to changing circumstances. This is, to me, part of the fun challenge of playing DPS. Things will always tank our DPS. Whether it's enemies dying before we can get off a killer BU+Blaze, or Illusionists phasing, there's many things that affect our DPS numbers negatively. As DPS, I feel the challenge presented to us then is to take those lumps and still come out as death machines, even if our actual DPS doesn't match the theoretical DPS.
  2. My big question is this: would this change make the Clarion Destiny Incarnate power less "necessary" for solo squishy builds? If so, I'd support this change -- I'm always about letting players have more options and not feel like they have to take a specific power. (of course, they'd still feel like they have to take a shield, but at least there are more options available for that)
  3. I was mentally switching between three others and two others to cap it out. The reason I settled on three was so that players who wanted to dip heavy into those pools were rewarded for taking choices that normally they might overlook -- as an example, someone who wants to beef up Jump Kick may consider picking up Acrobatics or Spring Attack to finish buffing it, two powers they might not have otherwise thought about. That said, three other powers may still be too many for the full power boost -- I'll be happy as long as I can use Flurry or Jump Kick without feeling like I'm gimping myself 😃
  4. Good evening everyone. I'm sorry if this kind of topic has been posted a lot, I checked the last four pages to see if there was any recent discussion about this and didn't see anything. The suggestion is pretty simple -- I think it would be really fun if Flurry, Jump Kick, and Air Superiority took a page from the Fighting pool and had their strength increased with each other power you took in their respective pools. It would encourage people who want to build specific types of characters (like the ever-popular speedster) and reward them for going all-in on a power pool that is flavorful for them. Maybe cap the bonus at having three other powers (so you'd take four powers in that pool total and don't feel like you have to take everything for your theme), and have the capped Damage-per-Activation Time be similar to the maxed-out Boxing power.
  5. Holy crap, that brings back memories.
  6. Guys, calm down. The devs haven't taken any kind of moralistic stand against AE farms; they're just disincentivizing it because it's causing a lot of server stability issues. They're trying to get things running smoothly for us. They could've just turned it off entirely and accomplished the same thing. In the OP, they talk about making some missions Dev Choice and having those grant full XP. Who is to say they would not grant Dev Choice to specific farm missions that don't overload the server? They're crowd pleasers and so far they seem like they've just been trying to make the game work, rather than taking a stand on any kind of playstyle. Give them some credit, I'm sure the AE farms aren't permanently going away.
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