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  1. So, ok. I was looking at various designs of the Scarecrow, and in particular checking out his designs from the games Injustice 2 as well as Arkham Asylum. And so I went into the character creator, and tried my hand at designing a similar feeling character: But I am not super in love with any of these designs I came up with, I feel like there's something missing. I'm not married to either the zombie skin or the hook on the hand(I just saw a chance to make a Candyman reference and took it), b
  2. @Occlusor Hey, you found a use for the dog neck-cone thing. That's great. ------------------------------------ A while back I showed off one of my characters, the Crimson Ghost. Here he is as a refresher: Well since then, I've created a few different alternate looks for him. Behold: And lastly, a sort of tribute to one of my favorite movies, Francis Ford Coppola's Bram Stoker's Dracula.
  3. @Robothenri @Sable Phoenix Hey, thank you both. That's a mix of a ton of different ideas from Taxi Driver to the '89 version of Jack Napier, all tossed together in a blender. I'm glad you enjoy the concept. @Anthropophagus What powers did you give Drinky Grampa? He looks incredible.
  4. He was well on his way to becoming a made man, rising up through the ranks of the Marcone Family. Until he was betrayed, beaten, tortured and left for dead in the bottom of a lake. Unfortunately for them he survived and managed to crawl his way to a street doctor. His face would never be the same again. It was no surprise that he decided that very day to take violent revenge on all of them. On every rat bastard who was part of that family tree. Who were complacent enough to let him die. (As far as they knew.) So he got himself a mask, patterned after one of his favorite
  5. This is Pagliacci. And this is what I imagine plays over the montage of him hunting down members of The Family and seeking revenge on them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4IjJav7xbg
  6. Just made this guy a few hours ago, I got this sudden urge to combine various Hanna Barbara heroes, with Conan the Barbarian, and then mix THAT with Frank Frazetta's The Death Dealer. This was the result:
  7. I wanted to capture more of a feeling of who this character is, partially because there's really not much to "explain" when it comes to a mundane vigilante.
  8. So, very recently I discovered the joys of base building, and lost a few decades/hours as the game turned into The Sims and I got lost. It's a lot of fun, but when I was all done I looked upon my base and discovered that it's kind of a mess. Can I like, get the help of an interior decorator? Can anyone look at my base with a critical eye, either in-game as I invite them to my base, or here as I show them pictures, and give me some ideas or pointers? Is that a thing that we do here? (Also, have a look at my base entrance, since that's the 'strongest' part of it art-wise. I really wa
  9. @LlyranKeen I want Eugene and MURDERMAN to either fight each other, or tag with each other.
  10. This is a very subdued look compared to others. But meet Detective Vlad Hannibal. Who only works the night shift, and mostly gets put on the 'dead end' cases involving ghosts and things that go bump in the night. Just don't ask about what he spikes his coffee with.
  11. I showed up very recently(Though I played a little many decades ago on a friend's account), don't know anything about the 'meta' of the game and am discovering a lot of things for the first time. And I have to say so far, out of my various characters I've made, I really like what sentinel brings to the table. See, I don't even worry about range, I run into melee before doing any of my powers, and then range is just for anyone who starts running away. I have no idea if that's an optimal playstyle, but it feels really good. To run in as this invulnerable tank, lobbing high powered wa
  12. Is there a story with the red and blue? Does that tie into his powers? Also, here's a character I've been having a lot of fun with. Meet the Fisherman King, a mutant who doesn't know why he can do the things he can do. In his imagined backstory I'm imagining him roaming the seven seas for several years before finally deciding to try out the 'hero' thing for real. He may or may not have raised some hell in a quiet little fishing town called Innsmouth. I can't decided if I like that look better, or this one: I think if I was allowed to
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