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  1. So the build in the Hidden content is the one with the maxed out def and res?
  2. Sorry for the spam, I just really love designing new toons. Cosmic Wizzard
  3. This absolutely describes me. But Im trying to set down my Neanderthal gene and start using my big brain. So Ill/Rad seems like a good build to get a taste of controllers.
  4. Got a fresh design here. Omega Unit Mk2 a Shield/Elec Scrapper
  5. You have peaked my interest on the troller idea. What build would you suggest? I toyed around with a plant/poison yesterday and it did pretty well.
  6. This is one of my main designs. With Variable color schemes and swappable chest's to fit the build. But mainly a Magic build. Erius
  7. This was a perfect suggestion. I am working a Titan/Bio right now and so far its been pretty neat. The idea of momentum is interesting but easy to get use to. I was also thinking of doing a Thor'esk build with Mace so that's good to know it does well. This has helped my dilemma greatly and i appreciate your thorough response.
  8. Long time player "new" to the game. Having played other MMO's I have gotten in to the habbit of worrying about "top dps" I still have fun with my builds, but i always feel like im missing out on something better. So i would like the opinions of my fellow heroes. The playstyle I am wanting to get out of this is Good AOE with Good enough STD to solo larger threats. This is where the Scrapper/Brute comes in to play. I know that Brutes have more survivability in general by being able to get hit harder. But, i suppose a great defense is a great offense. They cant hit you if they're dead ri
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