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  1. I was also able to get it to work. I incidentally restarted my computer before I read this. In addition, I made sure that I had closed the regular HC 64-Bit instance that was up. And then I loaded Tequila, and switched via the drop-down and it worked. Thanks!
  2. I was going to go on the Beta server, and when I went to Options, selected the http://patch.savecoh.com/beta.xml option, and clicked OK, it started to download the manifest, but has repeatedly closed the Tequila window prior to the download completing. I can now see the options for the Beta server in the Tequila window before it closes. At this point, I can't load either the regular or the beta client. Anyone have any idea what's going on or how to fix (or at least remove the beta loading option)?
  3. I have this issue as well. I put in a petition and a GM acknowledged and it was going to forward it on to someone who might be able to address it. FYI, I only accessed the Beta server for the first time in the morning. Was able to connect, saw GM_Leandro say that a patch was going to be applied to address Server transfers. I have not been able to log on since then.
  4. Thanks for the write-up Gobble Bom! Those will put me at 1483 without the anniversary badges.
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