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  1. I'm not sure this is the right place to report this, but here goes: If you are defeated during the first mission in the Barracuda Strike Force, or the final mission of the Lord Recluse Strike Force (basically, villain missions that take place in the map that is the Atlas Statue and surroundings in Atlas Park) and go to the Hospital, instead of respawning you in the hospital in Grandville, it respawns you in the hospital in Atlas Park on that map - which is outside of the map's invisible walls that cordon off the playable area from the unplayable. There is no way to get back to the playable map without logging out or quitting the strike force. Screenshots are me looking forlornly at the Arachnos Flyer that brought me here, that I cannot reach, and the mini map showing the invisible wall I have completely mapped out trying to get back through. Doing a /stuck just teleports you to outside the Icon in Atlas Park - which is also outside the playable area. EDIT: The ENTIRE MAP OF ATLAS is in that mission. I ran to the Steel Canyon exit and went through it - and it tried to zone me to Steel Canyon. Which, since I am a villain, did not work out well, the mapserver disconnected, and it respawned me to Mercy instead. (You can in fact zone to Steel Canyon this way if you are a Rogue.)
  2. I apologise for trying to give feedback. I'll leave it to the super-posters from now on.
  3. 500% is 5.0. They are literally the same thing. 500 parts per hundred = 500/100 = 5, the same way 75 parts per hundred = 75/100 = 0.75.
  4. I forget which mission in the chain it is (third, I think?), but one mission sends you to a Circle of Thorns cave on Thorn Isle, but the mission door is not on Thorn Isle. Given that other door missions with specific locations do spawn at that location, you might want to move the mission or change the dialogue to not mention Thorn Isle.
  5. Are these badges mutually exclusive, or can you get both by repeating the arc in Ouroboros?
  6. This isn't feedback, this is a bug report: I just tested in a very long (20+ minute) fight against an AV, and Rage is crashing regardless of whether I have it stacked or not.
  7. First and foremost, I would like to see the fundamentals that have been running for months remain. Same database, same code base, etc. I'm pretty sure I couldn't take starting over yet again; three times would be too many times. After that, new content would be nice. Having the incarnate system finished and the storylines that were going to go with them could be fun, so long as it wasn't all locked behind Raids (the PS team saw the wisdom in doing otherwise eventually). New costumes and powersets also count as content. 😄 If the servers could continue to be funded by community donations, rather than subscriptions and microtransactions, that would also be nice. The community seems to have been able to provide more than enough without having to cut off people who can't afford anything.
  8. Since Web Grenade is the same power in Traps and Devices, can Traps users expect this change as well?
  9. I wonder how hard it would be to give the makeup face skins a two-colour option, with one being the eye makeup and the other being the lip makeup?
  10. These powers are, by and large, acquired from the P2W vendors in the tutorial zones, Atlas Park, Mercy Island, Grandville and Firebase Zulu. They appear as a $ on the map labelled "P2W". In Nova Praetoria, the vendor is "T4V".
  11. It's because Praetorians remain locked out of content - like access to red/blue zones, Ouroboros, tips - until they do the transition. I do not know whether the transition can be delayed or not. (Interestingly, Praetorians do not seem to be locked out of Super Groups, though that may be related to the fact that Super Groups no longer care about side/alignment. The only access to a base they have would be through Pocket D, however.)
  12. Since most of the posts thus far have been from people objecting to the name policy, allow me to post in favour of it. It is extraordinarily fair; if you can't log in your level 1 name reservation character once a month, you really ought to have the common decency to let someone who would be more invested in the name use it instead. "I got here first" is a really poor reason to allow resources to lay fallow.
  13. Probably not much hyperbole, actually. Unless you don't want to trust the guy that ran a server for six years:
  14. VirtueVerse is up and supported. Ransim is currently looking at upgrading it to the newest version of MediaWiki, though real life is making the process slower. You can't upload images right now because the server is almost out of space, so uploads were disabled. Another thing being worked on. If you check the site (It's virtueverse.net now), there's a link to a Discord if you need support.
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