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  1. I will give 100% of my support to any suggestions involving improving the respec process. I think it may even by the single biggest time-saving QoL change the game could potentially have.. the new Mids feature on the Beta server is proof.
  2. I think it would be helpful to see what procs are being applied to both yourself and targets. We can see things like -def/-res VFX on a target.. but when there's a ton of VFX going on, it can be hard to notice them. Some of the procs already show on your status bar with all the other effect icons (e.g. Gaussian's Chance for Build Up). Those make a noticeable difference in gameplay since it allows me to make adjustments based on the environment. It would be great to take this a step further and be able to see any procs being applied to targets such as -res, -def, -tohit, etc. The s
  3. What would be the best tanker primary against Rularuu?
  4. You're right. I didn't think of Katana, but that would definitely make more sense!
  5. I recently finished playing a fiery melee scrapper through 50 and incarnates and while I'm impressed with the damage, the powerset just doesn't feel like it has impact the way other sets do. Some of this is due to your damage being delayed in the form of DoT, but I think the sound FX of the swords is another issue. Here are my proposed solutions: Add sound FX from Broadsword's Slash to Fire Sword Add sound FX from Broadsword's Head Splitter to Greater Fire Sword Add sound FX from Broadsword's Whirling Sword to Fire Sword Circle These sounds would be added o
  6. Making this suggestion after experiencing, once again, a team where there were arguments about whether or not we were clearing through the map or stealthing to the objectives. What I suggest is the team leader be able to set a 'speed run' option that will be displayed to all the other players on the team UI. I was thinking it could be something like a little checkered flag in the top right corner of the team window. This way, leaders can specify how the team will be running the content in a way that will be visible at all times to team members or future team members.
  7. This is definitely a problem with the build/player, not the powerset. I've rolled every tanker primary and SR is the best IMO. It's the only powerset where I've been able to leave it in the middle of +4 ITF enemies, walk away for 20 minutes, and come back to find my character with 90% health while enemies have no endurance. I think the edge it has over shield is that you have much more liberty with your build. You don't have to worry as much about endurance and you have a ton of slots leftover for damage.
  8. You'd be right! I'm planning on doing another iteration of this one soon. What I really need though is asymmetrical chest/leg details.. It would be awesome to have arms with different details/colors without one arm needing to be robotic.
  9. I wish Tankers could use Energy Aura.. I could see that being an instant A-Tier.
  10. @SomeGuy Electric is strong, but the lack of KB resistance and the toxic weakness puts it behind other sets IMO. It's fantastic against specific enemy groups, especially IDF and Clockwork. I think it would be more competitive if Lightning Reflexes got a defense bonus.
  11. WIndlight // My Aurora Borealis themed blaster
  12. Dear god.. 7% is the highest I'll go and I'll usually lower it to around 3% when things get crazy... 100% sounds like absolute earrape.
  13. Hard pass. I made a post earlier about how most blast sets could use some adjusting to be on par with fire and ice. Adding a buff like this to ice would just be way over the top. I always considered BIB to be the snipe replacement, Freeze Ray as the classic t3 ST attack, and BFR as mitigation. Freeze Ray > BIB > Instant Snipe would outclass any ST attack chain. Not to mention ice gets the highest access to procs.
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