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  1. V-E-H-I-C-L-E-S Complete with a new invention sub-category for vehicle powers/upgrades. Motorcycles, Cars, Airplanes, Rockets, etc. Been dreaming of cruising the streets of Paragon since launch of the original game.
  2. Here's one for us older folks... "Might as well face it your addicted to..."
  3. Tony Todd... He doesn't do different voices but the one he has makes every character he plays sound AMAZING!!!
  4. I love CoH... But TSW? The BEST MMO EVER!!! Until they changed it... now it's unplayable.
  5. Sonic something would seem like the logical choice. But I would recommend going into the game files and swapping out the sounds. I've never been able to get sonic anything past lvl 4 or so... the sounds drive me nuts! ...and can you imagine arresting a criminal with: "Come on and do the Jailhouse rock with me!"
  6. Well, no... it was a joke actually... but hey... swing it if ya got it...
  7. LOL... at your puny little games... WoW is at 68.5 gb.
  8. It doesn't even effect store options anymore as the generic vendors near the trainers sell TOs, DOs, and SOs specific to your origin and level now.
  9. I played WoW for many, many years... I went back and forth between CoH and WoW until CoH shut down then went full time WoW. Oddly though, I didn't start WoW at launch. I waited until Burning Crusade. Reason: All the people on the original CoH forums badmouthing WoW made me think it MUST suck! I remember the constant references to "World of Walking", etc... That's my nostalgia moment for today... 🙂
  10. In addition to the macro limitations mentioned above, the primary benefit of doing it this way is that, as you level, you may change the power in slot one according to your rotation. For instance, I know that I typically respec out of the tier 1 fast recharge/low damage power eventually.
  11. My apologies for the misinformation... it's every 15 seconds, not 10. I have corrected my original post.
  12. Oooo... thanks, now I have to go and apply this to another one my characters, Captain Prism!
  13. I thought about similar things, including a dedicated key like NUMPAD7 or something, but doing it on-demand eliminates the randomness created by the failed change commands. I don't know if you can hide the error text channel in some way or not. It doesn't really bother since I'm too old and uncoordinated to read the chatbox while I'm in combat anyway... ;D
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