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  1. Like many of us, I want to make something with a specific powerset. But then I have to come up with a name and a look. I'm afraid I cant rely on puns or something like "Sonic Sam" (no offense if you are Sonic Sam). I usually draw inspiration around that time. For some its easy enough, some ninja is trained by a clan of ninja somewhere. Dark users are somehow connected to a dimension of darkness. Weapons users have appropriate background training, perhaps in a military or a circus. The origin is the clue. Science origin? Lab accident or an illegal immoral experiment. Tech origin? Alien experime
  2. Sort of on topic The jukebox in the Egg Hunter lounge plays unique music. I've never heard it anywhere else in the game. There are a couple instances of unique music in the Abandoned Sewers too. I don't remember where right now, maybe towards the skyway edge of the map?
  3. A similar event occurred for me. Logging out and reloading onto the server "fixed" it. I think that the character list just needed to be reloaded.
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