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  1. I agree. I much prefer the last iteration where only melee pets move that 30' span.
  2. With the GoTo command if your henchman gets knocked back by an enemy attack will he attempt to return to the spot he was at or will he stay where he landed? Just curious. One quality of life aspect I would like to see is have the upgrades be changed from a buff to an auto power, so when you summon your henchman, they will already have the upgrades you purchased without having to re-upgrade them every time they die. I don't mind summoning my henchman if they die, it's the constant re-upgrading that gets on my nerves. At least we don't have to do it one at a time like it used to be. I would just like to see it taken one step further.
  3. NO MORE CAVE MAPS! The gazillion we have already are god awful. lol
  4. New in game events. Give some love to power sets/AT's that are falling behind. (Making MM attacks more viable and make pet stay command stop them from chasing enemies but still use ranged attacks, give controllers their pets early so they can solo better, get rid of random Quant spawns for WS/PB, etc.) More content (Illusion Dominator, Melee Mastermind, Melee support class, create your own sidekick, etc.) Graphical overhaul on costume pieces and environment. The that has already been done is great, keep up the good work!
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