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  1. Shakewell- 5 Ways Love the video, Dragon Lady ftw!
  2. Sonic youth - Kool Thang Classic.
  3. night club- Candy coated suicide
  4. Playing on Excelsior, doing the night owl thing. 🦇
  5. Thanks for all the hard work and keeping us updated. We appreciate you! I needed to wash my hair anyways. 😆
  6. This needs at least 1000 more upvotes on youtube, these guys are amazing!
  7. I'm waiting for things to get back to normal so I can enjoy playing pioneer and commander at the local Magic card shop. Although Magic Arena has been pretty decent substitute in the meantime. City Skylines is pretty great, the new Tetris Effect, Civ6, and a bunch of titles on the PsVita because vita rocks. 😁
  8. Hi! I used to main on protector, I had a few different heroes, and was in Jelloshooters. I already saw Darth Tater on here! I was one of the leaders of the Outsiderz, my toons, Domo Origato, Frozen Trojan, Kronic Gal, Fumee, and Del Afro. Do you remember me? Probably not, but i just found homecoming and I'm really excited to be playing again! 😋 @zoezatara
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