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  1. This week's discussion was powerset creation so here is an idea for a super speed defensive set. Suggested numbers are for tanks. Tier 1: Improved Senses - your budding speed has allowed you better reflexes, granting you some defense at all times as well as minor resistances and defense debuff resistance. passive defense to ranged/aoe/melee 3.75%, defense, 7.5% resistance to all except psionic, debuff resistance 25% Tier 2: Vibrational Shielding - you are capable of temporarily phasing your body out of sync with this dimension granting you resistance to various damage types. You also gain protection from some knockback effects. If you take the Phase Master power these effect is improved and also grants some defense while Phase Master is active. Toggle 17.5% resistance to s/l/neg/en/fire, 3 points knockback protection. 7.5% additional s/l/neg/en/fire resistance if you have Phase Master as well as 50% toxic resistance and 5% defense and 25% defense debuff resistance and mag 9 kb protection while Phase Master is active. Tier 3: Shocking Speed - your speed has begun to come more naturally granting you increased defense, defense debuff resistance and movement speed. This defense scales with lower HP. You also gain resistance to immobilize effects. You gain protection from immobilize and movement speed debuff resistance if you have Phase Master. toggle - 12.5% defense to melee/ranged/aoe, 15% defense debuff resistance , 25% movement speed, 85% resistance to immobilize, defense scales to 22% at 10% hp , Grants mag 6 immobilize protection and 85% slow resistance if you have phase master. Tier 4: E=MC Squared - your knowledge of speed as it relates to matter allows you to regenerate at a faster pace than an average person by converting energy to health. You also gain a bonus to recharge speed. This power grants a passive bonus to health regen and recharge but can be activated temporarily to increase these effects at the cost of endurance recovery and speed. Passive: Regen buff 50%, recharge buff 25% Active: 150% regen, 75% recharge, - 33% endurance recovery rate, - 25% movement speed for 15 seconds. Active Duration 20 seconds, recharge on active ability 60 seconds (ignores recharge rate effects) Tier 5 can choose one of three powers Tier 5: Sonic Boom - You can accelerate to super sonic speeds, doing so in limited space around you causing a small sonic boom. This boom stuns and damages foes in the nearby area leaving them with less defense and resistance for a time. More challenging foes may not be stunned but will still have their defense and resistance reduced. PBAOE 12ft, max targets 10, Mag 2 stun , damage = to a tier 1 attack, -5% defense, -7.5% resistance, recharge 15 seconds Tier 5: Vortex - You sprint to a location and spin around a location so fast you create a vortex, pulling in enemies nearby, knocking them down and taunting them. Location based AoE - 30 ft radius, 100 ft range, max targets 12 , pulls targets to center location, knock down and taunt targets, recharge 45 seconds Tier 5: After Image - you move so fast you create an after image copy of your self. This after image deals no damage and fads away quickly but can temporarily taunt foes. Doing this causes some strain on you, reducing your damage for a while. Summon clone of player character that fades out of existence after 3 seconds. Clone has a taunt aura twice the magnitude of a typical taunt aura. Summoning the clone causes the player to have a placate effect as well. 10% damage debuff for 12 seconds on player, self debuff can be stacked. Recharge 10 seconds. Tier 6: Uncanny Resolve - you are so used to moving at faster speeds that the usual things that bog people down dont phase you as much. Additionally, the more foes you face the stronger your resolve gets, granting increased damage, these foes are taunted. Tougher foes also increase your protection to crowd control effects. You gain protection to crowd control effects (hold/sleep/stun (mag 3 scaling to mag 9 at level 50, also scales 1 mag for every boss , elite boss or AV in range). The damage buff effect is increased if Phase Master is active. 2% (5% with Phase Master active) damage buff per enemy in 16 ft pbaoe range, max 12 targets, mag 4 taunt for 15 seconds on enemies in range. Damage buff is 10% (20% with Phase Master Active) for each boss, elite boss and AV in range. Tier 7 can choose one of two powers Tier 7: Phase Master - you are so used to high velocity that phasing through dimensions is as easy as breathing for you. You gain a passive bonus to your defense and resistance at all times. Phase Master can be activated to temporarily increase these effects as well as improving other powers you may have, but when the effect wears off you will be drained of some endurance and unable to taunt for a time. 3.75% defense to all (7.5% while active), 10% resistances to all (25% while active), 35 endurance drain after 25 seconds, player placate for 15 seconds after 25 second delay, duration of active effect is 25 seconds, recharge is 100 seconds (unaffected by recharge). This power reduces the endurance cost of flight and teleport by 50%.. Teleport Foe gains a damage effect equal to a tier 3 attack. Tier 7: Velocity Master - you are highly adept at maneuvering at high speeds granting you improve accuracy, speed and mobility. You also gain access to all three tier 5 powers (these are unslottable variants that pop up in an extra power tray). 10% tohit buff, 15% run/fly/jump speed, +25% max fly/run/jump speed, +jump control, 15% recharge buff. This power also increases the damage of Flurry by 25%, and reduces the endurance cost of Jaunt, Super Speed and whirlwind by 50%. Tier 8: Kinetic Divergence - you can siphon speed from your foes to aid yourself and allies healing you and providing an absorb shield and a recharge boost. 2% recharge buff 20 hp heal and 60 absorb shield per foe hit, max targets 10, PBAOE 30 ft, Hitting Bosses, elite bosses and AVs double these effects. Foes get -33% recharge for 20 seconds and -20% regen. Recharge time 3 minutes. The heal effect and regen debuff are doubled if you have phase master, the absorb shield and recharge debuff are doubled if you have velocity master. Tier 9: Super Luminary Outburst - you run around a target location so fast that you surpass the speed of light. Enemy targets in a 30ft radius of the center location have their tohit debuffed heavily and you transform into a being of pure energy. This form grants your attacks extra energy damage equal to 25% of the attacks damage. While transformed you gain 25% defense and 50% resistance to all damage. This transformation lasts for 45 seconds. Enemies hit by the tohit debuff effect have -45% tohit for 10 seconds (target cap for debuff is 50). While transformed you gain an 600 hp absorb shield if you have phase master or gain 75% regen buff if you have velocity master. If you have neither phase or velocity master, attacks deal an extra 100% damage instead of 25%. When this power wears off you lose 50 endurance (25 endurance if you have velocity master) and phase out for 15 seconds (5 seconds if you have phase master). Recharge 6 minutes.
  2. cyvert

    Inf Sink Ideas

    I'd love to see prestige come back as an inf sink. Back on live i was in the top 3 SGs at the close of the game for prestige on my server, and I was a solo SG. I'd love to be doing that again.
  3. it's relatively easy to turn 5m into 2 billion over a few weeks time just doing one IO, never mind any other niches. So it certainly is easier than live if not as high margin.
  4. you break even or go higher by getting reward merits and converters and catalysts or getting multiple IOs above the amount of packs you bought. If I buy 10-20 packs i usually get more than 10 or 20 IOs along with RMs and all that other jazz.
  5. im sitting on 15 toons fully tricked out and around 5b liquid currently. Been looking into doing E Commerce so ive been on CoH less.
  6. I'd love to see more IO sets, and I'd also love to help design some of those sets (hint).
  7. you need minion / Lt/ boss mobs in the enemy group of the xp value is nerfed.
  8. just place bids on impossible IOs like level 53 HOs or email yourself, no need to worry much about inflation since your niches will likely also inflate.
  9. reactive defenses or red fortune into lotg is usually a solid earner, probably one of the best margins available aside from catalyzing to superior brute ATOs
  10. If folks are looking for a s/l farm to test on try arc 15088. It asteriod , exeps to 49 when set to plus 4 and has elite boss spawns. There are also earth/emp allies to buff you.
  11. Back when the game sunset I took the number 3 spot on Guardian server by converting all my inf to prestige. I was solo and it took the two largest SGs on the server to prevent me from taking the top spot. I miss having prestige, it was fun to see how obscene the prestige would get to.
  12. those tend to sell at 5-8m all day every day
  13. I have too many billions to make a spread sheet of it...maybe...
  14. That looks about right as far as turn out goes typically. At that amount you almost always come out ahead by a bit. The whole bit is tedious but alot of the methods for making influence via the market are a bit on the tedious side.
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