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  1. I'd love to see more IO sets, and I'd also love to help design some of those sets (hint).
  2. you need minion / Lt/ boss mobs in the enemy group of the xp value is nerfed.
  3. just place bids on impossible IOs like level 53 HOs or email yourself, no need to worry much about inflation since your niches will likely also inflate.
  4. reactive defenses or red fortune into lotg is usually a solid earner, probably one of the best margins available aside from catalyzing to superior brute ATOs
  5. If folks are looking for a s/l farm to test on try arc 15088. It asteriod , exeps to 49 when set to plus 4 and has elite boss spawns. There are also earth/emp allies to buff you.
  6. Back when the game sunset I took the number 3 spot on Guardian server by converting all my inf to prestige. I was solo and it took the two largest SGs on the server to prevent me from taking the top spot. I miss having prestige, it was fun to see how obscene the prestige would get to.
  7. those tend to sell at 5-8m all day every day
  8. I have too many billions to make a spread sheet of it...maybe...
  9. That looks about right as far as turn out goes typically. At that amount you almost always come out ahead by a bit. The whole bit is tedious but alot of the methods for making influence via the market are a bit on the tedious side.
  10. I tried to fill all the bids on the market (about4k at the time) but in stacks of 10 it's too tedious. I did make a dent in the bids and dropped the active bids down to about 65k, but two days alter the bids were back at 8k total bids out and lowest was 85k again.
  11. I buy these things in stacks of 10, 30 or 50 and routinely get more than that in winter IOs (or ATOs if going for super packs instead). I dont recommend buying one and hoping for the best, they arent a cheapskate's game. Get some real dough and let'er rip.
  12. cyvert


    Im not sure you could dent the flow of converters very well. Last friday I attempted to buy all of them and flip them for 1 inf to clear out all the bids. I started with 28k sales and 28k bids. I bought enough to drop it down to 16k for sale and 16k bids. I stopped because i couldnt keep pace with the flow of new converters to the market, I wasnt denting the amount on the market fast enough to see the converters for sale drop in quantity any more. By the time I logged off for the night it was back up to 20k for sale and down to 12k bids. Yesterday they were up to 36k for sale and 10k bids. It would likely take 2-5 of us on a weeke day to clear everything out but I dont think it would last very long.
  13. Generally speaking ill buy 30-50 superpacks and use the ATOs from those to make back the cost of the packs plus some if i catalyze to superiors, essentially making any converters I get via reward merits from the packs "free". In instances where I'd buy the converters, id average out the cost over the 30-50 IOs im converting to know how much it 'cost'. Case in point, this morning I converted 40 def IOs into LoTG procs and decided to buy the converters. It cost me 600 converters or 15 converters on average per IO. If the cost to make the def set IO was around 1.1m and the converter cost was 1.5m, total cost was 2.6m. The LoTG proc sells for 6-8m so there is plenty of room to profit even if I had to buy converters and kept converting until I got what I wanted. Three is definitely potential to do worse if it takes more conversions but 15 converters seems to be the average I wind up with over larger sample sizes.
  14. If converters are free, then there is no cost but time. That is how I look at it and I regularly convert defense IOs to lotg procs (like 50-100 a day). It's definitely profitable to convert from out of set to the target set and the target IO or even in set to the target IO if you can get converters for free.
  15. Brute Superior ATOs is where the volume is at, all the other ones move pretty slow from my experience.
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