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  1. I play all of them, but my favorite morality/alignment to play is Rogue, which I guess is technically Villain, and the one I play the most. I tend to view it more in D&D terms as more neutrally aligned than evil, though- and tend to play it as such.
  2. An approximately 4 in 10 chance every minute is pretty good if you've got a power loaded up with 5 different procs (for my rad/sr sentinel, Neutron Bomb is my choice for this). If you've got more than one proc-bomb going, it can be surprisingly effective. But if people are really obsessed with doing the "most" damage above all things, they need to play a Blaster or Stalker or Scrapper. I want to do a decent amount of damage, but doing the "most" damage is not a priority for me. I'm more concerned with building my hero/villain to represent the character concept that I'm going for
  3. He wanted to play a melee oriented Sentinel. I thought his disappointment was in that it didn't feel like a melee character (i.e. more close-in punchy, like Superman/hulk, etc.). I also wish to play Sentinel that has a more "punchy/brawling" feel to it, so I was sharing my plan to make my own character play that way. Sentinels are a ranged combat class, so they will never be high performing as a melee toon. Besides this, they are also weaker than the other ranged combat classes (blaster/dominator/corruptor), even if they are a little tougher and more forgiving to level up.
  4. I would ditch irradiate and take second wind or moment of glory, instead. If you want to get in their face and melee, you need more melee attacks. I would ditch mind probe, psychic shockwave, and link minds. Take Air superiority from flight pool, Cross punch from fighting pool, and Knockout blow from leviathan patron pool, instead. This is similar to the build I'm shooting for with my Radiation/Super Reflexes Sentinel.
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