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  1. I hadn't considered hearing impaired players, Chase. That does make a certain amount of sense. Sure. I can see that. Most SG's have discord for that purpose. It just still seems odd to use it for in-game text, rather than use the built-in game chat, if or no other reason that during public RP, nearby players/characters not in your group would simply perceive you as milling around silently, which seems odd to me. Also, having to switch from the display to discord display to read msgs would feel cludgy and inconvenient to me, especially during team combat. But, hey, s
  2. Yeah, I can see where you're coming from there. I do sometimes play female characters and as I'm male IRL (with a masculine voice) I can see how that might be discombobulating to some people (although, most of my female characters are butch, muscular, wrecking machines, so I'm pretty much okay with it, personally). I also actually prefer RP through typing. I communicate better through the written word, than through speaking. Typing speed is not so much my problem but, rather, multi-tasking typing and fighting at the same time (I have to pause in combat to emote/speak and it throws my off m
  3. I'll play almost anything that isn't crunchy. There's a lot of interesting rules-lite SH rpg's out there now. I don't care about advancement in SH RPG's. D&D style xp and level ups are anathema to the feel of the genre, from my perspective. I don't have a lot of luck finding people interested in SH play or, really, any play other than fantasy settings. This is a shame, IMO, because there or so many great games out there that aren't fantasy genre games.
  4. Veles and his Death Knight can be particularly challenging to take down, so try not to get too discouraged by that. I've defeated Veles multiple times, but I've been defeated by him even more times than that. Just keep trying, mix up your strategies, and keep reading the wiki and threads about character building, etc. This game is odd in that it takes a lot, initially, to learn how all the moving parts fit together and how to leverage them in play )I played for months before I really figure out how to play effectively). But, once you do that, the game becomes surprisingly easy i
  5. Well, regarding henchmen and pets, the thing that bugs me about them the most is that they run amok and block my line of sight and create a distraction when I'm trying to focus on the combat. I wish there was a setting in the options menu that I could set to make them invisible to me. That would honestly solve all problems for me. Getting blocked by the them isn't really a thing for me, most of the time. I almost always have teleport or combat teleport, so I can escape from most any location if I get jammed up (obviously, this is not a solution for those that don't, of course).
  6. Okay, that's encouraging. Thanks for the tips! 👍
  7. Just wondering if there are any groups (Hero, Villain, or in-between) that use discord for voice chat and also for RP. I'd like to RP combats but using the keyboard to rp while fighting at the same time is apparently beyond my skillset. 😛
  8. Fun is just another way of saying "enjoyable". I play games as a mode of recreation because I enjoy playing games (i.e. because it is "fun"). Fun isn't a dirty word, in and of itself. I think you've hit upon the real problem here, though, and that is when people say that MY definition of "fun" is the correct one and anyone that disagrees is simply wrong, stupid, crazy, weird (insert whatever adjective here). Anyone who plays this game regularly, thinks it is "fun". The things that we find fun about that game may vary, though, and we will probably all disagree, to a
  9. I'm a spry 49 years of age. I used to feel like that meant I was getting pretty long in the tooth but, after reading the rest of these replies, I'm feeling pretty good about it now. So, thanks! 😁👍
  10. Fascinating. Thanks for that bit of historical information. On the surface, it seemed ridiculous to me that the ancients would have bothered with what I've always considered to be nothing more than modern aesthetics, but this actually makes perfect sense.
  11. It really depends on my character concept. Mercenary types that aren't overtly malevolent, become Rogues. Heroes that don't want their hands tied by rules and believe in fighting villains on their own terms will be vigilantes.
  12. Those are all fair questions, I suppose. I guess I don't view things like the KB to KD in force feedback as worth wasting an IO slot on. I do get that keeping the mobs grouped together for AOE's instead of having them bounce around all over is an advantage, it just bugs me a little to have to buy and slot an IO for each power if I want to do that. I don't know, maybe I'm just a little raw about it because I really like energy blast/manipulation and those two sets have lots of KB? When I would want to toggle the power off isn't for me, you see. It's for when I join a pickup gro
  13. I love knockback but I also think players should have the option to toggle it on and off. Watching mobs ricochet off of walls, floors, and ceilings is one of the coolest things about this game, but not everyone agrees with me about that. More choice = better. Well, that's my opinion, anyway.
  14. Well, I don't know about that. I play more Blueside than Redside, but I'm not offended by one guy's opinion. On the other hand, I know there are plenty of AE babies (I confess the name makes me chuckle, and I have done my share of AE door-sitting, believe me) that hang out Redside, so I take the comment with a grain of salt. There are less of them than there are on Blueside, but that's only because there are comparatively fewer players on Redside. The ratio of the AE babies feels about the same to me. Typically, I play villains/redside when I want to let my inner mis
  15. Yeah, I can't agree with you here, sorry. When you run an AE arc, a prompt comes up with a comment box and a star system rating. If you submit an AE mish for public consumption, you are tacitly agreeing to have that mission critiqued. Honestly, if you can't handle honest, constructive (CONSTRUCTIVE, being the key word here) criticism, don't put yourself out there. Constructive criticism does not mean complimentary, by the way. Sometimes it is the opposite, even if phrased in a diplomatic way.
  16. Maybe. Maybe not. I'll get back to you.
  17. #1 is a pretty good suggestion, actually, if I can find players willing to team with that limitation. Not wild about #2, as I'm more of an RP'er that also enjoys challenging combat on teams. I find Hamidon and Rikti Raids both incredibly boring. Rote, easy, no strategy apart from "attack the things in this order". I wish there were more SF/TF designed like Imperious Task Force (though, perhaps not quite so LONG. lol). ITF's are a good mix of interesting foes with different capabilities, tough enough and in sufficient quantities that a team of very powerful characters ca
  18. I don't get it, either. Perhaps they have the exact play environment that they desire and they're afraid that if players try something new, they might enjoy it, and that it will cause a shift in preference that will alter the play environment in a way that they find unsatisfying? I wish people could be more open-minded and less paranoid, and not have knee-jerk reactions to a simple suggestion, but this is perhaps too much to wish for from the human species in the 21st century. 🤷‍♂️
  19. My personal experience has been this... Solo Play: Challenging from lvl 1 to Incarnate, because I can dial notoriety and number of enemies up and down until I hit the "sweet" spot. Almost every archetype is fun to play. Team Play: At lower levels it's not bad, if a bit frenzied. At high levels, melee toons will often only get a hit or two in (and this is after combat teleporting directly to the target) before powerful ranged characters nuke all the mobs. I find this to be pointless and incredibly boring. My solution: I only play blasters now, so I actu
  20. I play all of them, but my favorite morality/alignment to play is Rogue, which I guess is technically Villain, and the one I play the most. I tend to view it more in D&D terms as more neutrally aligned than evil, though- and tend to play it as such.
  21. An approximately 4 in 10 chance every minute is pretty good if you've got a power loaded up with 5 different procs (for my rad/sr sentinel, Neutron Bomb is my choice for this). If you've got more than one proc-bomb going, it can be surprisingly effective. But if people are really obsessed with doing the "most" damage above all things, they need to play a Blaster or Stalker or Scrapper. I want to do a decent amount of damage, but doing the "most" damage is not a priority for me. I'm more concerned with building my hero/villain to represent the character concept that I'm going for
  22. He wanted to play a melee oriented Sentinel. I thought his disappointment was in that it didn't feel like a melee character (i.e. more close-in punchy, like Superman/hulk, etc.). I also wish to play Sentinel that has a more "punchy/brawling" feel to it, so I was sharing my plan to make my own character play that way. Sentinels are a ranged combat class, so they will never be high performing as a melee toon. Besides this, they are also weaker than the other ranged combat classes (blaster/dominator/corruptor), even if they are a little tougher and more forgiving to level up.
  23. I would ditch irradiate and take second wind or moment of glory, instead. If you want to get in their face and melee, you need more melee attacks. I would ditch mind probe, psychic shockwave, and link minds. Take Air superiority from flight pool, Cross punch from fighting pool, and Knockout blow from leviathan patron pool, instead. This is similar to the build I'm shooting for with my Radiation/Super Reflexes Sentinel.
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