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  1. I am curious what people find are the most expensive non-purple enhancements. I've been surprised at trying to sell some enhancements only to have them sell for a surprisingly low amount (assuming I want an immediate sale). Something like positron's blast might only sell for half a million while basilisk's gaze sold for two million. Defense sets are said to sell well, but some more than others obviously. Is there a pattern to look for, or do people often just go with what they know to be mean prices and not do the immediate sale?
  2. To turn and move the camera I use the right click. And that's fine when soloing. But when in a group - especially as a melee character this doesn't work well because right click does two things: it changes your orientation and camera, and it also clicks on a character, enemy or even a dead body or NPC. So in a large group I try to turn and I often find I can't. I right click and instead of turning I just get a window because there is - anything there. A dead body, enemy, another character, and I may not even know they are there. Often I right click, see the dialogue box, have to click
  3. I have noticed a good deal of people using discord. To some this is a good thing, to others, not so much. Whatever method you use is going to limit your interactions. In my case, I saw a supergroup that would have been perfect for a character. I inquired only to find out they use discord, which eliminates me as a member. While you may have the drawback of not being able to type quickly... I have the drawback of rarely playing a character with a voice even remotely like my own. People like me... we're not looking for a discord server, we just want to have more immersion while we play th
  4. I'm not sure where the cognitive dissonance is... perhaps you could be using the word incorrectly. (typically happens when words and actions are not aligned, and in this case... there are no actions to align, so the term cognitive dissonance isn't really applicable) I'm going to go out on a limb here and say your personality involves... some extremely lawful tendencies. (to mix both psych and D&D). The metric they're using is measurable. Just not being measured in this instance, how it would be measured was already spoken of. And it is clear that most people in the discu
  5. This sounds very similar to my mainish character on live. I just wanted a puncher. Martial arts didn't work... because there you mostly kick. Super strength doesn't work because there's no punching involved... just odd animations from someone really strong and really uncoordinated. He was a hell of a scrapper actually... flurry from superspeed helped round out his punching, and with that and shadow maul (they didn't have sands of mu at the time) he had a pretty well done rotation. Add sands of mu and there's a lot of AOE for a scrapper. These days I might also do energy... minimize the
  6. For your first point... yeah, you really have to be careful with how much you ask. It would be great if we could just ask everyone 500 questions... we'd cover everything. But it would be so long we wouldn't get honest answers (people just click through). There's a happy medium there, and a lot of science behind how to make the perfect survey. And... while your second point is obviously correct... I didn't want to bother get into it. I don't care to argue semantics, and blackbird is specifically saying "argue semantics with me". Bird has an understandable reason for it... but
  7. And... they will debate it. Mostly because people enjoy doing that. You are trying to apply logic to the idea... but I'm not talking about logic, I'm talking about what we find in emotional research. Logic is a great way to guess without having facts on hand, don't get me wrong, but it's no substitute. Prediction never implies post hoc knowledge. And... during research you don't have to establish the operational definitions of every term beforehand. Because ultimately... you can't. If I use Embarrassment and Humiliation ... I could try to distinguish between the two all I wan
  8. I've been enjoying this thread so far. Thanks for making it. I might have a slightly different perspective... so far people have shared personal perspectives, but also game theory, game design, economics and philosophy... sometimes even debating if fun is definable. It's been great to read. But let me give you a different perspective... scientific. My doctoral education is in psychology and communication sciences, the latter part focused on emotions (of which fun is one) and video game effects. This is all... very measurable. Sure, fun is subjective, but that's whe
  9. Well... there are no rules. Just an idea. What I'm doing is "only damaging powers are temporary" I don't even use brawl or boxing for damage... although I do use fear and intimidate from the presence pool for control due to the fact that they do no damage. I suppose smoke grenade would have fit the concept but it seemed too... aggressive for an actual blaster power for my tastes. (although I do use injection from medicine pool) And I never bothered take travel powers... why bother when you can buy them. Honestly, in my mid-30's I have five blaster powers... I have the first
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