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  1. Pretty much title. I didn't decide this character was my badgehunter until I was already 50. I would like the mission badges, but I need to be introduced to Warzone Agent Eckman. Who should I talk to? The wikis say "Warzone Agent Eckman can be introduced by nearly any contact once a hero gains the appropriate level. The introduction will be through a mission." but that is incredibly vague.
  2. Just updated the original post with themes for the month of December. Here are the themes for the next few weeks so that you can prepare: Thursday, December 5 - HISTORY We're looking for any historical figure from any historical era! Twists allowed! Thursday, December 12 - WINTER WONDERLAND For some of us, it's winter! Get all wintery and cold and bring your best snow witches, snowmen, yeti, reindeer, and wendigo! Thursday, December 19 - THE FORCE So there's this movie coming out on this day that concludes a trilogy of trilogies. It's pretty inspiring...so get inspired! Thursday, December 26 - HOLIDAY CLASSICS Celebrate the end of the holidays by throwing it back to your favorite holiday classics! Movies, books, whatever! Hope to see you there!
  3. Thanks! He also has a marshmallow hammer, but I never brought it out at the contest.
  4. As a finalist (I'm Yams, of the Food Fighters), I have to say... JALOPY GOLEM frickin' DESERVES the win! Excellent job!
  5. The winners for tonight's COLORS contest: L to R: Crayola Crusader (3rd), Sunbather (2nd), Aelleirah (4th), and Gwenoxs (1st) More pictures
  6. Yup! Found it now, and Whips/Kin ... oooh. 😄
  7. My SG and I have been thinking about trying to figure out how to build a viable pet-less whip character. Has anyone tried? Any suggestions?
  8. I agree! In the past, we've ended up rewarding multiples when people show up with the same idea and look. Why have you soured?
  9. Thank you to all who came out on Halloween for our 2 billion (we ended up handing out 2.4 billion) influence Halloween blowout! 108 people attended at our best count, which meant approximately 1 out of 6 people logged in at the time participated in our contest! Thank you! Our finalists were: Missing Lincoln (4th), Edgar A. Poe (2nd), Goddess Regalia (1st), Spo0ker (3rd), and Fried Egg (5th). For more pictures, CLICK HERE.
  10. Here are the winners from last week's CREEPIES AND CRYPTIDS contest: And from this week's LET IT GLOW contest: Usually, we get closer, better pictures, but this time, GM_Arcanum turned us all to trash: Join us next week for a HALLOWEEN themed contest! We'll be handing out treats to everyone who attends!
  11. Winners from last week's GHOULS and GHOSTS theme: L to R: Dulachan (Third), Titanic's Captain (Champion), Atomic Frankenstein (Fourth), and He's Dead Jim (Second)
  12. Last week's winners (AlterEgos theme): This week's theme is GHOULS AND GHOSTS. Then CREEPIES AND CRYPTIDS on October 17 and LET IT GLOW on October 24.
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