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  1. He is a horned monster who didn't become one by magic or supernatural means but plans to pretend so in order to scam people into thinking that he is some sort of devil. So Radiation Emission is out cause maybe a Fire based power might suit him more since it is more related to Hell and the like. But I prioritize usefullness more than roleplaying so I might change his background a little if I have no choice but to give him a certain power that has no relation to his background story.
  2. I'm trying to create a new character for roleplaying purposes and have chosen Illusion Control as a Primary Power. From what I've seen searching the internet, the best Secondary Power to pair with Illusion Control is Radiation Emission but I don't want to use Radiation Emission because it doesn't fit with the new character's background and storyline that I'm creating. Which other power is good to be used along with Illusion Control?
  3. Since you are allowed to recreate movie characters,I made the Kurgan from Highlander. (Deleted pic)
  4. Berani. Yours was some Japanese name right?
  5. 🙋‍♂️👋 I was in your team once.
  6. Tried to log in to do what you said but my HC Launcher is giving me problems for the past 3 hours. Hope I can still make it in time since many hours still to go. Update:My HC Launcher is okay now. 🙂
  7. Ok. Understood .Pocket D. 🙂 But where is the best place to look for other Redside players? I don't want to disturb the other Roleplayers by using the [Looking for Group] chat too frequently inside Pocket D.
  8. One question; if you bump into other characters you've roleplayed with outside Pocket D, do you need to say hi using the Local chat? I've noticed nobody small-talks outside Pocket D.
  9. Are you allowed to roleplay a monster supremacist and talk about wiping out humans to make a world for monsters? Just a short question. Thanks.
  10. I heard there's an alternate world in the COH game. So the Villain places like St. Martial,Sharkhead Isle,Nova Praetoria,Port Oakes and Mercy Island (that can freely be accessed by you) is part of that alternate world?Or are they part of the real world(gamewise that is 😄 ) while the other alternate world must be accessed through missions?
  11. Usually when you RP,you eventually use dialogue but I've seen some people use Chat in which they just describe the RPers actions like for example: Satanz stared blankly at the person right in front of him. He then turned his head away. This particular sentence appears in the Chat box but isn't dialogue but a description. How do you do that?
  12. https://comicbook.com/anime/news/james-gunn-kamen-rider-trending-love-fan-reactions/ He says the first Kamen Rider is his favourite in another link but all this is last month's news. 🙂
  13. From what I've observed, many Heroes hang out outside the Paragon City Hall at Atlas Park. Is there some place(or places) where the Villains hang out equivalent to Atlas Park?
  14. Sorry. I have a stupid question to ask. How did you make the texture of your characters resemble those of a comic book? Their colouring looks different.
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