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  1. When the word first came out on live that we were getting Dark controllers I was so hoping to finally get those dark imps(not sure the actual name). I figured 3, like fire has, may have been greedy but I would have settled for 2. Instead we got a giant dog. They could have at least made it a nice 3 headed dog.
  2. Currently playing a DM/shield and was looking forward to adding this proc to Dark Consumption thinking it would work like Theft of Essence: Chance for + Endurance. I run into the first mob with visions of seeing 3 or 4 sets of green numbers popping up on my screen and bam +75 HP. Oh, well maybe it only hit once. Nope, repeatedly after a 2 min recharge(the fullset bonus provides +7.5 global recharge but I think the power recharge itself is not great. To make it even more depressing, it's only 5% of base hp, so actually I am getting 4%. Can we please, please get this to check against each target it hits independently?
  3. I wonder if I am missing something, because I was expecting to get more of an end boost out of this set. I am only 37, and only have generic IOs at this point so maybe this will change. I have been generally on teams with at least 1 to 3 others and we were all sucking wind. Is the castor of Energizing supposed to get a boost or is all in the randomness of the chain? I think they need to increase the % gained on the end recovery. You click Energizing, you see your end drop while you wait to see if the chain gets back to you. Sometimes you get a boost so you get a net increase. Sometimes the boost nets only the cost of the click. Sometimes you end up with a net loss if the chain doesn't make it back. It is very disappointing. My last controller was Fire/Dark and I loved soul absorption, this one is Fire/Elec. So I am in melee with everyone else including my imps and Galvanic, if he isn't dead again, so there are people to chain and I am keeping my Static up. I am pretty sure I understand chaining but expected more than a chance for a 10-20% recovery.
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