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  1. Pretty sure I was playing the Oreo in a DA sandwich with the guy behind me less than 7 feet away my target directly in front of me...
  2. Touch of Fear is now a Targeted AOE. From the border I was expecting ToF to hit all targets in a 360 arc within 7 feet of my brute, instead it is hitting as a cone. It does seems like the cone is pretty wide, 120-180 degrees. A cone would also fit thematically for fear powers. So maybe the border just needs to be corrected. The cone probably also explains why they didn't just make this a PBAoE. Quick Review: While I wish they had not changed Shadow Maul back, Spamming ToF every 4.5 seconds while the DoTs rain down is pretty fun.
  3. When the word first came out on live that we were getting Dark controllers I was so hoping to finally get those dark imps(not sure the actual name). I figured 3, like fire has, may have been greedy but I would have settled for 2. Instead we got a giant dog. They could have at least made it a nice 3 headed dog.
  4. Currently playing a DM/shield and was looking forward to adding this proc to Dark Consumption thinking it would work like Theft of Essence: Chance for + Endurance. I run into the first mob with visions of seeing 3 or 4 sets of green numbers popping up on my screen and bam +75 HP. Oh, well maybe it only hit once. Nope, repeatedly after a 2 min recharge(the fullset bonus provides +7.5 global recharge but I think the power recharge itself is not great. To make it even more depressing, it's only 5% of base hp, so actually I am getting 4%. Can we please, please get this to check agai
  5. I wonder if I am missing something, because I was expecting to get more of an end boost out of this set. I am only 37, and only have generic IOs at this point so maybe this will change. I have been generally on teams with at least 1 to 3 others and we were all sucking wind. Is the castor of Energizing supposed to get a boost or is all in the randomness of the chain? I think they need to increase the % gained on the end recovery. You click Energizing, you see your end drop while you wait to see if the chain gets back to you. Sometimes you get a boost so you get a net increase. Sometimes th
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