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  1. So that's why the procs never fired as I was waiting alone without moving for 10-15min. Thanks for the explanation. Now for "the weird part of it" and that AreaFactor thing, we need some checking and answer from homecoming team. o/
  2. Dazou

    Cauterizing aura

    No need to apologize, I wasn't clear enough 😉
  3. So what does it mean, if i stand alone like I did for my testing, nothing happens? It should trigger if I am closed to enemies? Im a little lost :p
  4. As I started a new topic in the blaster section, asking for advice, Bopper suggested me to explain the matter here I tested 2 endurance procs, power transfer and performance shitfer ones, in the blaster's secondaries toggles Fire and Ice and never saw them showing off. They work perfectly in Stamina. I tested both on live and beta server. I assume it's the same story for all blaster's secondaries toggle, well the ones that accept endurance modification IOs, but I didn't try all of them. PS: sorry for my poor english ^^
  5. Dazou

    Cauterizing aura

    Of course I was looking in the combat logs. Those 2 procs never shown off. And I can say same story with Frigid Protection of ice manipulation. @Bopper Thanks for your advice, gonna make it. I suppose all blaster's secondaries are impacted.
  6. Dazou

    Cauterizing aura

    I was actually testing procs in that aura power, and it seems Power transfer and Performance shifter procs don't work in it. Even Panacea proc doesn't work in it. I'm not a pro in procs, so my question is : is it normal because cauterizing aura is a tick heal power or the power is bugged?
  7. Nice and clear. Works perfectly with your freebies menu. Thnak you very much :)
  8. Hello, I wanted to try a new build on the test server and I cannot find the artillery set in the freebies menu. Maybe it was forgotten or listed under another name?
  9. AS most people said, sets that need emergency buff to me are (from what I experienced): MM Primaries: -Mercs -Ninjas Blaster primaries: -Energy ( please do something about that KD thing, I know there are IO but at which cost... I mean you have to sacrifice so much bonuses...) -Assault rifle needs a buff too -Electricity :/ I haven't test everything so certainly there re more, like Im questionning myself about ice melee and Battle axe for melees. I see very few of them...
  10. Well for me, Windows 7 64bits too, I can play, launch dual box. For that part it works great. Now, I cannot log in throught HC launcher. I don't see Shards status, got "error retrieving shard status", and today news don't load. I tried by desactivating antivirus, autorize through firewall, check malwares... Nothing does the job. And oh yes, if I close the launcher, I cannot launch it again : "Could not open launcher log file. The launcher may already be running". I got to kill the processus first to launch it again. Update: I was thinking something, which ports are involved with HC Launcher? Because here where I live, we have "Shared IP". That means 4 users can share the same IP. Precisely 4 users who don't live in the same place, they just not share the same ports range.. And I know I have just access to ports from 0 to 16383. That could the reason why my HC launcher cannot acces to those informations.
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