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  1. AS most people said, sets that need emergency buff to me are (from what I experienced): MM Primaries: -Mercs -Ninjas Blaster primaries: -Energy ( please do something about that KD thing, I know there are IO but at which cost... I mean you have to sacrifice so much bonuses...) -Assault rifle needs a buff too -Electricity :/ I haven't test everything so certainly there re more, like Im questionning myself about ice melee and Battle axe for melees. I see very few of them...
  2. Well for me, Windows 7 64bits too, I can play, launch dual box. For that part it works great. Now, I cannot log in throught HC launcher. I don't see Shards status, got "error retrieving shard status", and today news don't load. I tried by desactivating antivirus, autorize through firewall, check malwares... Nothing does the job. And oh yes, if I close the launcher, I cannot launch it again : "Could not open launcher log file. The launcher may already be running". I got to kill the processus first to launch it again. Update: I was thinking something, which ports are involved with HC Launcher? Because here where I live, we have "Shared IP". That means 4 users can share the same IP. Precisely 4 users who don't live in the same place, they just not share the same ports range.. And I know I have just access to ports from 0 to 16383. That could the reason why my HC launcher cannot acces to those informations.
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