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  1. Okay! I am not really an expert at builds, so don't take my comments too seriously, but since you asked: That is a very impressive amount of psi resistance (85%) without any significant loss of recharge. In my attempts, I was never able to go past 75% without making major sacrifices I was not comfortable with. With the base empowerment buff that gives 5% psi res, you will be capped; you really need to join a master LGTF or something with a lot of psi damage and surprise the team by taking none at all. It's also interesting that despite the much more weakly slotted consume, I cannot
  2. Manipulative, abusive and toxic people prefer to present a facade of friendliness, approachability and concern for others; the better to prey on victims and conceal their true nature. Such people will also gravitate towards pleasant avatars, which balances out any hypothesized positive effect that playing such avatars might have on players' conduct. As a newer player, the reason for low villain population seems pretty obvious to me. It was released later in the game's life and required a separate purchase. Hence it had a smaller population, which further dwindled over time because
  3. Thank you! +4/x8 on every character is very impressive! I can't do that; although, now that I've done it once, the idea of a similar rite of passage for future characters sounds a little appealing. Thanks a lot for the advice! I would certainly not ignore +def on any build, it's too powerful. It's nice to know the T4 degenerative radial isn't a waste. I am looking forward to getting new, ranged lore pets now. I must say I'm extremely disappointed with the melee pets, which ended up not being useful at all. My plan was to tank for them and let them
  4. Oh wow! That is very kind of you to say. Thank you very much! I really want some delicious procs in Burn too! It, and the lack of procs in Gloom, are my big regrets. However, I recently read somewhere that Burn supposedly checks for procs more often than it should, and I have a suspicion it's true - even against a single target, I have never seen my resistance not turn blue 90% the instant I press Burn. So if true, and I expect this will be changed eventually if it is, I'm also rather hesitant to enjoy procs in burn too much. I suppose I can be an optimist and describe my build as
  5. After reaching 50 I played on some teams at +4/x8 for a week, getting Master badges for Underground and Keyes. In all that time I was only in serious danger twice: once in the Tina McIntyre hospital mission filled entirely with IDF Seers when I jumped into a roomful of them; and another time on a enemies buffed, inspirations disabled +4/x8 ITF with just 4 players, when I got swarmed by ambushes on the 2nd mission. But everyone on a team likes to think they are the most badass and deserves all the credit - it's human nature. So maybe I'm just biased. I read that all the cool kids we
  6. I love softcapped defense! Who doesn't? But when my brain decides that it wants to play Fiery Aura and Super Strength, and only those specific sets, suddenly I'm looking at one set with no native defense, and another that gives itself -20% def for ten seconds every minute. My research was not promising, either: all the builds I could find were old ones that crippled themselves to get lackluster amounts of S/L def that would evaporate the first time Rage wore off. And the one reasonably modern Fiery Aura guide I found had no advice to offer beyond a description of Fire/SS as "did not make the c
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