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  1. As a newer player, I quickly learned that in this game tanks, and melee characters in general, have a lot more survivability than required in normal gameplay. There don't seem to be any enemies that hit hard enough to require the defenses they have. Conversely, there are enough low-hanging fruit to increase survivability that you don't need to specialize for it -- a steadfast protection unique and Gladiator's armor unique is an easy 6% def to all for 2 slots; that's almost 4/5ths of a fully enhanced Weave. My first tank was a Fire/SS, which is the defensively weakest armor set, and
  2. I was impressed with the paper DPS of Banished Pantheon pets until I read more carefully the fine print in the spreadsheet: this DPS was measured by testing against Rikti Pylons. Rikti Pylons apparently count as +0 enemies to level 50 characters. Higher-level enemies resist the -res debuffs that Banished Pantheon apply due to the level difference and will take less damage than expected. The BP are probably still good, but I wonder whether they are "nearly 100 DPS more than the next-best option" good.
  3. I would love to see more overworld content, or just more reasons to venture into the overworld beyond badge hunting. This game has one of the more immersive and enjoyable overworlds I've played. When it comes to random trash spawns, you don't have level 10 orcs wandering around in a purposeless daze; you have a purse-snatching, a standoff between PPD and freakshow, Family burying their victims in the beaches of St. Martial, etc. Some of them even tell little stories, like the Crey PR ops in Brickstown that imply their Tanks are something a little creepier than people in power suits.
  4. I skimmed through the list and didn't see Shauna Stockwell and Eagle Eye mentioned. These two are my favorite low-level contacts by far. They do something that I have found very rare for heroic stories in this game, that is tell an arc suitable for a street-level hero. They're set in the stark industrial wasteland of King's Row, and they actually manage to make the Skulls, a low-level street gang, seem like a credible threat, both to the hero and the city. The Skulls may not be able to lift buildings or punch through concrete, but they ruin lives through addiction, coercion, corrup
  5. If you mean more themes for ancillary pools, yes please! I dearly want something water or ice themed for my cold/water def, etc. If you mean cross-class proliferation, I doubt that is a good idea. In particular, it would allow some characters to have even more aoe attacks than they already have. It would be fun to have dark oblit on some of my defs but the game does not need any more aoe than is already in it.
  6. In light of the GM’s post I will make this my final reply. Look, there are two separate issues I am bringing up: 1) farmers increase the amount of inf in the economy, and this leads to higher prices. 2) farmers gain vastly more rewards (considering both inf and non-inf rewards) than players of other playstyles. Merits should be considered in 2), but not in 1). Does that seem clear now? Beyond that, your argument rests on nitpicking and technicalities like considering a multiboxing farmer a “team” of 3 players, a stretch of the definition
  7. You're looking at the earnings of an 8-player ITF in total. Have you considered how much inf 8 farmers generate? If those 8 players weren't on an ITF, they could all be farming, you know. My comparison was one player farming versus one player on a task force. You cannot compare the inf generated by a single farmer vs an entire task force, because you are not controlling for the number of players. I don't know why this needs to be explained. Farming creates ex nihilo far more inf per player per unit time than any other activity in the game. This increases the amount of currency in c
  8. It's clearly someone remote-controlling the thing from a sunny beach in the Maldives. What, you people still put on your costumes to do villainy?
  9. As I said earlier, I think the fact that you can make more money off the market doesn't excuse the imbalances in AE farming vs. other rewards. One part of a system being more imbalanced doesn't erase other flaws in the system. Personally, I consider profiteering on the market less disruptive than AE farming: it earns only inf, not exp, and hence has no way to get certain things like empyrean merits, incarnate salvage etc. You can't level from the market, and the profiteers at least have some reason to, eventually, venture out of the auction house. You can probably pay someone to po
  10. You are fundamentally wrong when comparing the earnings of farmers vs. other playstyles. The fact that it requires an entire team of players to exceed the earnings of a single multiboxing farmer is proof of how much vastly more farmers earn, and has implications for which kinds of playstyles are incentivized and which are discouraged. You're not only neglecting to consider the difference in individual income, but also ignoring non-quantitative factors, such as how farming is AFK-friendly (while other playstyles are not); farming is solo-friendly, while task forces are less so; etc. Before you
  11. In terms of rewards, there is no difference in being able to kill 1 critter and receive 10 inf instead of 1; or being able to kill 10 critters 10 times as fast, and receiving 1 inf for each. Either way, both result in a reward rate of 10 inf/unit time, which is the metric that must be considered (in the same way that DPS is the generally relevant metric for damage, rather than the damage of any specific hit). Farmers may be advocating for the latter over the former, but the net result is still that they want their playstyle to be vastly more rewarding in comparison to most others, for no reaso
  12. I already gave details in my original post, but in short, a kill-most 54x8 ITF produces something like 10 to 12 M inf. The best active farmers that I know of can reach about 100 M/hr. That’s as much as 10x more. In terms of exp, my experience is that 1-50 takes approximately 20 gameplay hours (on my characters that do not turn off exp to stay within the range of specific contacts). A good farm gets you there in about 2-3h — again, up to 10x faster. Then, you need to consider that farming can be done AFK and is much easier to multibox with than other playstyles. Most other p
  13. I'm sure that every piece of content in the game has been done at least once, by the completionists if no one else. However, failure to properly incentivize content means that ease of participating in different kinds of content, and hence support for different playstyles, can vary widely. On Excelsior, which is the most populated server, it's surprisingly hard to assemble a team for Graveyard Shift (the newest hero storyarc) and the reason is pretty simple -- it doesn't offer any notable rewards. That's why systems such as merit diminishing rewards and the WST exist: to help players who want t
  14. I was on a 54/x8 enemies buffed ITF and my fire/ss tank with double Rage (so over +50% tohit) was still missing. Granted, I don't know if the "enemies buffed" challenge setting also gives them +def. I was quite surprised to see def that rage could not punch through. I think the more effective solution is debuffs! The same TF, same settings, but with all corruptors/defenders had no more than the usual amount of misses.
  15. But you can. Your newly 50'ed character can just continue to sit in an AE farm and gain empyrean merits from veteran levels, which are convertible to reward merits, astral merits and incarnate salvage. And this is by far the fastest way of gaining vet levels and hence, empyrean merits. In fact, I suspect this is one of the non-economical reasons why farms are popular -- when combined with veteran levels and the lack of travel time, it's nearly a one-stop shop. Are you seriously trying to suggest that farming does not give, by far, the very best rewards in the game? Farmers would no
  16. I don't see how that is relevant. The point is that the lack of sustained inflation cannot be used as an argument that farming does not raise prices, because in this game the economy trends towards an equilibrium. Farming can still cause higher prices (raised equilibrium) without being able to cause sustained inflation.
  17. Thank you for understanding the real issue at stake here. Ultimately, I consider all economics arguments a distraction from the issue of a subculture of players demanding the privilege to receive vastly more (as much as 10x) rewards than anyone who simply chooses to have a different playstyle, for no reason. However, I also do not think AE farms can be balanced in a vacuum. If you do that, the farmers will just move on to the next farmable thing. It may slightly less convenient and lucrative for them, but they will still find some way to vastly outstrip the earnings of casual playe
  18. Not necessarily, because farming also increases demand for those same recipes and IOs. Farming produces new characters very quickly; you can go from level 1-30+ in a single run, and to reach 50 takes between 2 and 3 hours. All those mass-produced characters that come out of the AE factory are going to want enhancements as well.
  19. I think this argument is naive, because it ignores the fact that inflation in COH is subject to a negative feedback loop, i.e. the greater the rate of inflation, the stronger counterinflationary pressures become. And the reason for this is that inf has value as a commodity itself. As the supply of inf in the economy increases, spending inf on things such as super packs, amplifiers, P2W summons, etc. becomes more attractive, which then increases the rate of inf removal from the economy. Eventually, we reach an equilibrium where the inf inflow and outflow become approximately equal.
  20. The secret low-level anti-Vahz weapon is the stun grenade from the P2W vendor. It is an aoe stun that recharges in 16 seconds.
  21. It comes from AE farms. Farmers produce about 100 M/hr. By contrast, a 54x8 kill-most ITF produces about 10-12 M? over the same time (I can't recall if I had Windfall turned on, but I'll edit this comment the next time I do one). Farm rewards are on the order of 1,000% of those of all other playstyles, and they are scaleable in a manner that is not possible with other playstyles - you can triple-box and afk farm in AE, it's much less practical to do that with story arcs or task forces, and you don't need to spend tine recruiting for a farm, though some do. While farmers try a varie
  22. To be fair, there are actually a lot of situations where being able to instantly softcap your teammates across a wide area has great utility. In those situations there is one powerset that shines above all others. It is Force Fields Vengeance. On a defender, fully enhanced Maneuvers + Vengeance gives +44.5% def to all. It also provides a small heal, damage and tohit buff. Supposedly, it's even powerboost-able like force fields shields are. "But Miss M," you say, "unless someone dies you can't use it!" Well, here's the beauty of the situation. If nobody dies,
  23. I would play force fields if the playstyle were more active. I play cold domination, which has comparable powers, and while the +def is valuable, at low level the set contributes little to the “play” part of “gameplay”; the shields are buttons you press once every 4 minutes and forget about after. There’s nothing engaging about that. While cold changes at high level with sleet and heat loss (which make the player think about the positioning of teammates and critters), force fields has unattractive offerings of repel and knockback. I would find knockback more useful if you
  24. Combat jumping and jetpack solve those. Combat jumping is deceptively good at scaling heights. Unless a surface is completely smooth (eg. wall), you can often just walk or hop all the way up with combat jumping. Try it out on eg. some of the hills in Cimmerora sometime.
  25. The difference is not that great: Sprint + athletic run + synapse proc and 2x performance shifter in Stamina = 62 mph. Unslotted super speed = 71 mph. I often have a travel power for concept, however the only content I have found where travel powers offer a really large advantage is speedrun TF’s. For those, super speed is ideal (for the stealth, and because leaping does not navigate small tunnels well, while flight is too easily grounded by Arachnos web grenades).
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