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  1. I only see the Early Bird Hami for everyday. LC's only show up for the weekends. The MSR shows up today but then stops.
  2. For some reason only a few of these are on the calendar. It's very inconsistent.
  3. My bid was 50k. I placed the purchase order for 10x earlier this week and managed to purchase 4. Then I was just farting around this morning and saw that 1 had been sold for less than my existing bid. I think the AH displaying the wrong info is possible.
  4. My knowledge of Photoshop is limited to spelling it! I figured there was a glitch somewhere. I wasn't sure if it was a common thing or not.
  5. I've had a bid up for enhancements for a few days. In that time I've scooped up 4. Then I come in today and see that someone purchased one well under my bid price. I asked in HELP but was told that the sale goes to the lowest bid (There is no way this is correct right?) Is there some other thing that I'm missing?
  6. That's frustrating enough I'm going to rerun the mission just so I can punch his stupid face. 😄
  7. This is a tip mission I'm running as a vigilante on red side to become a villain. I have 10/10 villain alignment points when I started the mission. The mission goes: Rescue Blast Furnace Defeat Maelstrom Talk to Blast Furnace Defeat Blast Furnace Finish Maelstorm <- But I can't find Maelstorm on the map
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