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  1. I've been having a ton of fun with my dark/savage. With permadom and softcap S/L I can stay in melee and crunch up mobs with repeated feral charges and rending flurries. The target cap for those two powers is pretty low, however. Force Feedback procs often from Feral Charge and Vicious Slash has an excellent DPA. It shines on harder targets like EBs and AVs where your DoTs have time to tick down.
  2. honestly, that would own so hard. especially if not limited to just tanks Loving the target cap increase on aoes though. It fits incredibly thematically as it lets the tank get aggro on more mobs
  3. I'd like to see the game pick up where it left off, dropping new powersets left and right, releasing new content, raids, story. I want to see Kallisti Wharf come to life & then I want to see the Battalion destroy it. It'd own if you had access to the original design docs to see what they were planned to look like. I think what's missing the most right now are repeatable missions with an enemy type or two that can be a threat to fully incarnated-out supers.
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