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  1. Blood brother slammer: Peanut butter and banana. What sandwich did you bring? (I like it when they're just having these little conversations in the Hollows, I usually leave them alone)
  2. Haha, I was going to say the riff for Blyde Square because I love getting my own guitar solo. Actually my favourite is probably that neat music in Croatoa. I'm not sure how to describe it. It feels like bubbles popping.
  3. They can be really weird to play with. I had one tell my character it was better she die when I was like 'remember the flower patch also gives you more stamina!'
  4. I'm intrigued by the bit about Star Strider. I've been looking for inspiration for some guild-related AE missions to write, I think there's a seed there.
  5. There was a jumpbot speaking in robospeak in charge of a Sky Raider mission I was on yesterday! It's uhhh it's that arc where the cops want the mediporters but it turns out to be a Sky Raider plot that Anyway, it was clearly in charge and leading the mission and Speaking Not Human.
  6. Holy moly I forgot about multiple builds! I'm gonna go wild!
  7. why would you having your own farmer make other people beg less?
  8. Great, thank you! I can't wait to check it out! It looks so cool!
  9. Oh that video is SPOOKY. And I think I totally have a character for the costume contest! I'm new in these parts - can you tell me what server this is meant to be on?
  10. Naw! A support. I was trying out electrical affinity. Water for steam power. Electrical affinity is FUN. Brass Knocker is a great name though!
  11. I made myself a big brass robot the other day and Big Betty and Boilerplate (and Boiler Plate) were taken and I sighed, called her Big Bessie for a day and then as I realized what I was doing with my giant bronze woman namewise, I went 'no! Her name is BRONZE BEAUTY!' as if struck by lightning. Anyway, I didn't get my first choices, but I'm happy with my fourth.
  12. oh yeah. Back on live I had over a hundred alts and you know what? I forgot most of their names and bios within months of the game shuttering and it sucked because I'd been proud of them at the time. I'm making it a project now to make a little record of what I make so I can find it years from now and go 'awww, I was cute then' I just had that experience going through old comics I made in my teens, so I'm pretty sure my fond recollections will still hold true in a decade when I re-find the notebook. I'm also being way more judicious about making new ones. Although I've
  13. Still chewing on this. I think I'll do the main melees - brute, scrapper, tank, and stalker and go through that way.
  14. I miss a lot despite having enhancements, not sure what's up with that, but when you actually CONNECT, the enemies go down fast with a lot of pow pow pow. And it's easy to keep it going.
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