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  1. I wish to nominate "Zombie Ninja Pirates" by @Grouchybeast, arc id 18051 and "The Cassini Division" by @Darmian, arc id 37104. Edit: I already nominated "The Cassini Division" and forgot. LOL. I should write all this down somewhere I suppose.
  2. I have added those to my list too and I have decided not to read Nyxiasnow's hidden text! I like surprises in the stories I play. My list is getting longer all the time now though but that is a good thing I feel.
  3. On @cranebump's recommendation I have added @Ankylosaurto my play list.
  4. As I said I have much more SFMAs to play but I think some of the AEs could be transferred to the actual game easily with regards to the plots and stories. I do not know how easy it would be to change all the code since I read somewhere on here that the in game missions are quite different in make to the AEs even if they look almost the same. It is just a suggestion to fill in more missions I feel. If these are already there then maybe something other than the Dev Choices, even though I am looking forward to the next ones, or the Hall of Fame although most of those seem to be farm things, coul
  5. I have been going through a lot of the mission architect AEs and have obviously played things that go from really bad to really good. There are some that I think would just fit right in to the main game immediately though and some that would with a little bit of fixing. Have the rest of you a list of games like that? The dev choices are weird because they contain both arcs that could fit right in like the above mentioned ones and also arcs that are fun but really should be only in the AE because they would not work in the game at all even though they might be a good exp
  6. I am definitely going to try this!
  7. I have played @Take One's Mercenary Action series and was impressed with those, so when I see writers I like then I am looking at what they are playing so I will be playing these soon hopefully.
  8. I thought that his system of ruling was designed to prevent that. The patrons are each semi pitted against each other instead of looking at the throne.
  9. It's not in the canon but I just played a bunch of Aes by dramian that happen in between the end of Neutropolis and before you got to Talos, but it seems you can stay and go to First ward too it seems. They really fit in well I thought.
  10. I wish to nominate @Take One for West Libertalia Global Empire, arc id 35830 and Three Sisters by @Darmian arc id 43013.
  11. Thank you. I will add @Ankylosaur to the list.
  12. I'd like to nominate Leviathan 1 Hollow Pursuit, arc id 37663 by @cranebump and also The Meteors, arc id 42079, by @Darmian. (Thanks for the recommends cranebump. I am going through Leviathan now)
  13. I just finished Darmian's Loyalist trilogy and am going to nominate the last part too. It is The House of Gaunt Saints and the arc id is 37489.
  14. I will try these. I am enjoying the trilogies at the moment. It is nice to have a continuing story to follow.
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