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  1. My endgame slotting for Singularity is Acc/Mez Hami, Dam/Mez Hami x2, Soulbound Allegiance Damage, and the Expediant Reinforcement and Sovereign Right resistance bonus IOs. That gives capped Hold duration, capped Damage, and 20% extra resistance on top of Singy's already high resistances. It is very rare for it to drop before I do. Depending on your secondary, you might want the two Defense bonus pet IOs instead. Before I could slot purples and HOs, I went with 4x Call to Arms for the 6.25% recharge bonus, a Damage IO and a Hold IO. It was still pretty darned tough even with that.
  2. Do be careful if you join someone else, if they have been in the mission for very long and you join them and kill the end EB too quickly, you may not get credit because you "weren't in the mission long enough for the rewards". You may want to kill a couple of other spawns first to make sure you get end mission credit.
  3. Does Group Fly still impose a -tohit (or -acc, sometimes the game description isn't as accurate as it should be) debuff on anyone in it?
  4. I would recommend /Traps for soloing, /Time for teaming. I was soloing AVs redside in the early 30s with my Bots/Traps, since they popped up in those arcs and it was before you could change them to EBs solo. This was using SOs and frankenslotting, not even set IOs, which were hard to find redside before the market merger. Web Grenade does indeed work on most AVs to immobilize them, and if they do get out, they may well run out of your caltrops instead of over to squish you or a bot. But I have other, more team friendly characters for teaming, MMs will rarely be a first choice for teams. I'm using the new Bots/Traps MM I've rolled up to read story content without having to worry about an ambush when I'm "talking" to an NPC, or impatient teammates. 🙂
  5. I know for the Degenerative slot in the Incarnate system it is usually recommended to go the Core path, for the -HP debuff, rather than the Toxic DoT. I was curious whether for a Crab using the Arctic Breath patron power, which has double the -resist to Toxic, -40%, it might be worth going the Radial path for more toxic DoT. Are there any numbers available on that DoT to see where the crossover point might be?
  6. I like the options available now, from double XP to turning it off (though a friend has seen a bug where XPs turned back on for him after logging out and back in, that was annoying). I have never been into the AE or other mission map farming, but am happy it supplies the market, and cutting AE XPs by 2x early on seems to have been about the right factor to send people to a wider variety of content and apparently reduce load on the servers a lot. I'd rather make my money marketing, but I'm glad other people enjoy farming and buying the stuff I'm selling. When starting on Homecoming, I've gotten 3 characters to 50 quickly by a mix of TFs and joining +4/x8 council teams, so I can participate in high level content in any of the major roles needed, support, tank and dps. I've got several others where I plan to play a lot of solo, story arc stuff because it has been many years since I've seen it, so they will be many months to 50. One character is shutting off XPs for much of the 1-20 range so I can duo Praetoria with a friend and see that, most of which I never did in the original game. I like to do a variety of things, and CoX is supporting that.
  7. The player count is low, that is correct, and the content is actually fairly hard in a lot of cases (they love ambuhes while you are already fighting another spawn). I thought it was a very interesting change to regular blueside/redside content, though. It is the first time they added content to the game where things you did earlier have a very real effect on your world, and what other arcs you can do. In some cases in an earlier arc you actually kill off someone who could be a contact later, and they are GONE from what you see in the outer world, even though someone else can still do their missions. Betraying a faction actually changes later dialogue you see from your former faction. A friend and I made up characters there to see as much of the content as possible, though, and we are following the Guide in the Guide section of the forum about how to change factions every time you get a chance. You have to turn off XPs at points to do all of that, in particular at level 7.9, not 9.9 initially. It will probably not be to your taste if you want to play a really "heroic" character, though, there are a lot of very morally grey or worse missions. Fine if you are the villianous type, though, arguably some missions are more villianous than most redside content. I recommend either duoing with a friend, or making a pretty sturdy, self sufficient character like a MM for soloing it so you don't have to coordinate faction choices.
  8. Accidentally did that on rare salvage I was buying to craft some recipes I'd bought in bulk, lost about 120M before I noticed my mistake. Turns you you CAN pay over 1M for rare salvage, even if you SHOULDN'T. . .
  9. I actually had someone quit a Market Crash TF a couple of months ago about 15 minutes in because "it wasn't challenging enough". If you have particular expectations for how a TF is going to go (speed, kill all, etc.) they should be communicated, and that goes for a team member as well, not just the leader. It is perfectly fine to want to run your TF on +4/x8, or run it slow and read all the dialogue, or stealth everything, but ask before you start so you end up with a whole team who wants to do it that way. Unlike radios or even a mission arc, you can't get replacement members on a TF.
  10. If you want lazy but still be more desirable on end game teams than FF, consider Radiation. While it has a lot of tools, you bring most of what is useful about Rad when you throw two debuff toggles (fire and forget for the most part, especially now that they linger on corpses) and Lingering Radiation. If that is all you do people will still be pretty happy. Against content the team is blowing through, skip Radiation Infection, the slow to cast toggle. One caution, there are a few mobs you don't want to use the toggle debuffs on; Tsoo Sorcs, Gunslingers, anyone who teleports around, causing your debuff to aggro more spawns.
  11. Well, my friend and I discovered that if you level to 9.9, you go directly from Jack Hammer to Mr. G and miss several arcs and switches. Apparently we should have turned off XPs at 7.9, to avoid leveling to 8. Question, your guide cautions to avoid doing any Calvin Scott missions until after you have done all the Aaron Walker ones. In the Mr. G arc in Imperial City, at the "Reveal Truth to Eddie Polstra" mission, it offers the option to talk to Calvin Scott about going undercover in the Powers line for Loyalist. Is that mission and similar ones safe to do, until Calvin's actual arc at level 15-20 when you need to make sure Aaron Walker is done first?
  12. When playing my Rad defender back in the day, I ran into another who hadn't taken either debuff by the mid 20s. He was focused on Acc Met, Hasten, and Radiant Emission because he wanted the fastest cycling heal possible for "end game content". I'm guessing he was from another MMO, which could be just about any of them, where you needed constant heals for hard content, and debuffs were largely worthless.
  13. I didn't see Praetor White's initial missions mentioned, any reason to do or not do those before, for example, the Ricochet arc if you have gone Resistance in the Tutorial?
  14. I see a lot of discussion of dual pistols for proc builds, does beam rifle work reasonably well for that? I prefer those animations.
  15. I actually wonder if a sports category might make sense as a non-profit type for Homecoming, given the rise of e-gaming as a spectator sport and the increasing number of professionals in it. I saw a projection by Activate that by 2021 e-sports will have higher viewership in the U.S. than every sports league but the NFL. I think the time frame is way early, but it could be just as legit as making CoX "educational", for example. On the broader topic, I have been quite impressed by the Homecoming team's ability to stabilize servers that swelled in population by 100x in a mere week or two that were running 15 year old code they didn't write, move them almost seamlessly to another provider later, get forums running, find GMs to answer petitions in game, and get into substantive negotiations with a company that wouldn't talk to the developers originally running the game back in the day. They also know when they need to hire specialized expertise, lawyers specialized in the gaming industry, rather than thinking they can do everything themselves. They were also VERY transparent about their finances, money taken in and what it was spent on, so I believe them when they reveal that negotiations are going well, but they have reasons not to release details yet. Frankly, to come back here every day and write up notes on what got discussed that day, deal with people's posts about what they should do the next day, and try to go back to the table with it would be a huge waste of their time, IMHO. We are lucky they are taking time to write as many posts as they are to clarify what they aren't willing to trade off, e.g. free to play. That demonstrated level of competence in both computer operation and people management skills makes me comfortable with their decisions on what to release and when. I also agree with several other posters that the fact that NCSoft is negotiating with them over an extended period is a good sign, not a bad one, at least for Homecoming.
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