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  1. AVs as AVs at level 50 have 85% resistance to all debuffs but -resistance and -damage (it starts lower, at 60%, and scales up). That is one reason you see a lot of discussion in the defender forums about which sets can bring the most -resistance to AV fights. I wasn't sure if they retain that 85% resistance as downgraded EBs, but I'll take Vanden's word for it. Note that mobs which are higher level than you also "resist" everything, including damage, a +4 mob resists about half of everything you do to it. So a -30% tohit debuff becomes about -15%, the 100 damage hit you do to it becomes about 50, and so on. That is one reason +4 mobs are very slow to take down without a fairly powerful team. It is usually not even worth the effort to fight +5 mobs. Also, higher "rank" mobs like lieutenants and bosses have a built-in accuracy modifier, a boss has 34% bonus, so even if you floor them they hit you 6.4% of the time instead of 5%.
  2. Played a Grav/FF to 50 on Live because of a character concept, and just never found a scenario in late game other than Rikti raids where it was a better choice than one of my other characters for the situation, so didn't get to use him much. I agree that FF is generally too defensive a secondary for a controller, and has a remarkably small set of generally useful powers, and is kind of boring to play unless you like knockback. I love Traps on a MM, where *I* get to control the team and the pace, but wouldn't try it on an actual large team with, other players unless they were friends who liked a leisurely pace. I wouldn't take Emp, because I had a friend who mained an Emp defender for a while on Live, and he ran into the same problem I did with the /FF, with IOs there just weren't many scenarios where people needed the healing an Emp provided, other than bad teams. It was handy in the STF to keep the tank up, though we ran most of those pre-Incarnate system, so that may not be as much of an issue now.
  3. Just a note for any MMs looking at procs in secondaries, there is a thread on the Defender forum, "Proc Monsters, the New Offenders" where there is a lot of actual data on that, especially for Traps, which has a lot of odd "pet type" powers with unpredictable interactions with procs.
  4. A friend of mine told me that many powers have their actual effect take place before the end of the animation, so perhaps the Venom Grenade takes effect at 1.65 sec, and the animation finishes and lets you do something else at 1.84 sec? For attack chaining purposes you might want to use the latter number, but for purposes of something not shooting back at you maybe the former. He said Suppression is especially pronounced this way, a long listed animation time but it starts doing damage pretty early in it.
  5. Ignoring the Incarnate level mobs mentioned above and mob tohit buffs like Nemesis with Vengeance, the way the formula works out is that 45% defense floors the tohit of everything, Lts, Bosses, AVs. Higher rank foes floor out at higher than a 5% chance to hit, though, a +0 AV floors out at 6.5% to hit you, and a +4 AV floors out at 9.1% to hit. A +0 minion is 5%, a +4 minion is 7% to hit you.
  6. For a set bonus, you always get it, which is why people occasionally slot "mule" powers like Brawl with sets. I saw a build that slotted it with purples, now THAT is dedication to recharge. 🙂 For a proc, it depends on the proc. The Stealth proc, for example, will only run for a short time (1 min?) after you stop using a power. Don't put it in Teleport, for example, as I did early after IOs came out, because it was much cheaper than the Runspeed stealth proc. Kismet I believe only works while the power is used, like that. Luck of the Gambler acts like a set bonus, on the other hand, and gives you +7.5% recharge even if you never use the power.
  7. I have fought him, someone called him out in LFG and I managed to get there just in time, and I saw one other call-out since then. He was not super common even on live, though. Perhaps the theory about not killing his entourage is correct? I've also seen and participated in one Rikti invasion, but that was it. I'm hoping for more, still need the Bomb badge.
  8. The spreadsheet is missing the -resist value from the Annihilation proc, and I've not been able to find it listed anywhere else, does anyone know what it is? Also, is Caltrops likely to work similarly to Distortion Field, with about a 20% chance of each normal proc firing each 10 sec? Trying to figure out if it is worth proc slotting that for Traps, assuming I can immobilize foes in it of course.
  9. I rely heavily on the fact that many of the people on these forums (not me, btw) are very knowledgeable about computers and code, and would probably have spotted anything dangerous about programs like Pine's/Mids that are getting heavily used. As witness the fact that a subset of them turned passed-along I24 code into the game we are playing. 🙂 That said, if I see something new posted, I'll wait a few days for other people to check it out, just as I do for Microsoft updates, for example.
  10. So does that mean the defense of Traps - FF generator, for example, is not boosted?
  11. I assume the Venom Grenade you are testing is from the gun, right? Pines builder lists both the gun and Crab venom grenade as having a 1.848 sec animation, part way between the 1.65 you see and the 2.1 sec you measure. Same animation for WAWG from the gun, a Crab doesn't get that.
  12. I was puzzling over how much slotting love to give Inexhaustible on my Bio tank, I don't have enough to 6-slot it for interesting set bonuses, should it get more than 1-2, and what should those be?
  13. Good to know, I'm discussing this with a friend who is going to dual build Crab/Bane, it will change both my and his powers chosen. I actually kind of like the gun models, but Suppression is too awesome to give up. Do you happen to know if anyone has tested this for the VEAT powers, btw? Sometimes the devs did forget about HEATs and VEATs when rebalancing things. . .
  14. So it sounds like what I might gain in animation time by using the gun ST attacks in place of the Crab ST attacks, I'm likely to lose in redraw time. I'm not willing to give up the huge Suppression cone from Crab, which is also energy damage, so back to Crab attacks it is. Thanks for the info!
  15. In the 3 months since the game came out the markets have definitely changed due to this. The OP mentions Decimation, for example, as only selling for "several million" when in short supply. In the first couple of weeks of the game, they were selling for well over 5M. More people have learned how to do the conversion process to efficiently turn low demand goods into high demand goods, so the market has "flattened". Numinas have also dropped in price, I know because I still have a memorial one listed for over 8M. Also, as Boogaloo said, even if you generate your own IOs, to get them attuned for free you have to buy them on the market, so you would want to sell yours and buy someone else's (or maybe your own, not sure if that is possible?). There are a few procs that may be exceptions, where if you made the low level one to sell, you can just slot it since it is level invariant.
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