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  1. While playing my DB/Bio scrapper I occasionally after loading into a zone or mission I notice little green 'heal' numbers floating over my head while attacking. After looking into my combat attributes I see that Defensive Adaptation is kicking in as well as Offensive Adaptation. I have not been able to find a great way to replicated this, but it happens frequently enough for me to think something is up. I rarely use Defensive Adaptation and normally just keep Offensive Adaptation toggled on. I just seem to be getting the healing ticks, not the extra defense or resistance.
  2. I wrote the dps calculator and attack chain formulator ... a long time ago. It never 100% worked all the time, but was decent enough. What it tries to do automagically is pick your highest DPA attack and then fill in your next highest DPA attack, and so on until that final Highest DPA attack is recharged. It will calculate recharge of other attacks and so could do HighestDPA, secondDPA, thirdDPA, secondDPA, HighestDPA. I tried to get it to calculate Build up +damage mechanics, but I don't think I ever got the math correct. As far as perfection mechanics.... I don't thing so. Thinking Logically, for Staff Melee, best attack chain would be using Precise Strike, Serpent's Reach and Sky Splitter as those are your three highest DPA attacks, followed with Innocuous Strikes if you have the -Res proc in it, though its DPA is rather low. Mercurial Blow is rather much lower DPA than Precise Strike, but could be a good filler instead of precise strike if you put the AH proc in it. You can reliably assume Sky Splitter should be able to recharge in around 5 seconds, meaning for an average chain, you will want Precise Strike->Serpent's Reach->Sky Splitter. With perma hasten level recharge, you should be able to get that attack chain.
  3. bump. Because it has also come to Pine's attention of this fact.
  4. Pine

    Highest DPS primary?

    Looks like the pictures of the graphs did not get archived.
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    Highest DPS primary?

    This dps test was done by Starsman/[Redacted] about 5 years ago. Edit note: This post originally only covered Masterminds, it has been expanded to include Controller pets. See notes at the end for more info on these.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Due to the demand of certain individual among you, I ran some big Mastermind damage analysis in the last couple of days. My goal was to quantify the damage output of the various mastermind sets. Due to AI whims, Mastermind sets can’t simply be crunched in traditional ways. They don't care about optimal attack chains, they may decide to use the worse attacks, or the best attacks, and it really is not something that can be guessed.Only way to get a reliable measure of their damage potential, is by running controlled tests against perfectly identical enemies. But hat is a tall order to pull off with conventional ways. Good thing is, I got access to a few cool GM toys that allow me to control things just that way! So, I sat down and designed a series of tests. The tests are simple:A) A single big unkillable critter that can take damage, never die, and that will not fight back. Survivability tests are a separate order of business.B) A group of critters that are also unkillable, take damage, and don't fight back. The foes must either have no resistance, or normalized resistances. 10 packed critters and 2 outliers, a total of 12 foes.This means that every mastermind set would go through two tests, each a few minutes of dishing it out against these unkillable foes.Build and Tactics notes All mastermind sets were slotted with 3 accuracy and 3 damage SOs. For the case of Beasts, constant spamming of attacks was used to accumulate Pack Mentality stacks, however the damage generated by the Mastermind himself was not measured. Demons made use of Hell on Earth whenever available. Thugs had two tests done, one with and one without Gang War. Ninjas had smoke flash continuously reapplied on the strongest unit, or the second strongest should the strongest still be under its effect. All the damage data would be logged and then parsed, inserted into a database and then given a quick analysis pass. To eliminate potential issues in the AoE test due to positioning, I ran these tests all back to back. The result were approximately 61 thousand lines of damage data to crunch through, and from those. Let's get started!!!Single Target DamageNow, to the joke in the subject line, there is a cool story here: Bots single target damage performance sucks. Horribly. Just look at that... but... that does not make sense!!! Bots are the AV killers!! Everyone knows that! [redacted], you suck, go back do this over again!!!This is how much DPS each set pulled during the time they kept attacking:64.8 dps Bots69.9 dps Mercs82.4 dps Thugs No Gangwar98.7 dps Necro124.0 dps Ninjas129.6 dps Demons137.3 dps Thugs With Gang War141.4 dps BeastsWell, I'm sure some of you already know what is going on, but for the rest, the thing is -Regeneration, something Bots has LOADs off. The standard assault bot, even without upgrades, has a 4 second recharge blast that can land -500% regeneration, and the damn thing can stack!!! Sure, it has about a 30% chance to land (it seems to be affected by accuracy so it may be higher or lower depending on your slotting) and lasts 30 seconds. With a 4s recharge, there are plenty of chances the thing will be up perma on your target, likely even double or triple stacked.Now, normally, an Archvillain will regenerate 94.239 HP per second. At level 50 (the level this test was ran at) AVs also happen to have 85% -Regen resistance. This mean that a single stack of -Regen would go down to "only" -75% Regen. 2 stacks will bring regeneration to a halt. Effectively, that debuff is as good as if you had inflicted an additional 94.239 damage per second. In other words, actual effective damage dealt by bots against this hypothetical AV would jump from 64.8 dps to 159.0 dps. Basically what you see in the chart below:Bots: king of the hill.So, although the direct damage dished by Bots is low, it's AV and GM killing potential can be significantly high. This can be even more so if the AV has high damage resistances, since damage resistances will weaken other sets much more harshly than they will Bots (given most of its damage comes via debuffing regen, not via landing damage.) Mind you: this also means that facing a foe like Hammy or Crimson exposes Bots low raw damage potential.AoE:As we can see, the best AoE belongs to Thugs with Gang war. Ridiculous amounts of AoE damage dished by those guys. That damage may variate a bit, though, as there can be anywhere from 9 to 13 Posses in a single use, 4 of these guys are totally random.Without Gang War, AoE seems to be nearly tied up between Bots, Thugs and Demons.AIOf all things in the AI, I think the thing that bothered me the most was seeing things like Mercs insist to go into melee range. I am not sure if there is a solution for this. I notices that even units with only ranged attacks will slowly creep into melee range, but I will look into the possibility of replacing melee attacks with ranged ones for Mercs units and see if that helps any with that.ClosingAt the end of the day we come to the conclusion that everyone already knows: Mercs suck. Their single target damage is the lowest (once you account Bots -Regen) and their AoE is nearly tied with Necros (that are also damn low in the charts.)Potential survivability and utility balance issues aside, Demons and Beasts seem to be the best balanced mastermind sets, from a strict damage point of view. Beasts can dish some unmatched Single Target damage (you got to work for it,) and Demons can dish some slightly better and well-rounded AoE damage.All this to just tell everyone something they already knew!!! But I would say, at least relatively speaking, this shows that Bots is not THAT OP, not when you consider that -Regen is not that useful against weaker foes. So long as the MM keeps active using its attacks (and in many cases it may be best to ignore them in favor of using your secondary) a Beast MM can dish more reliable Single Target damage than a Bots, and it can also dish competitive AoE damage.What comes next? Nerfing everything to Mercs levels, of course!!! ... JK. With this at hand, I'll take some time and consider some possible tweaks to Ninjas, Necros and Mercs. I would not say this always has to mean more damage, it may also mean better utility or even increased survivability to serve more of a tanking role. I think there is room for such a thing in the underperforming sets.I also now have a better idea on what to aim for when I create a new mastermind set.(If any part of this is incomprehensible, like all of it, I apologize, it is late as I finish this up, just ask any questions you may have and I'll try to clarify tomorrow.)Edit: New Chart LegendThe updated charts above are now color coded by damage source. The first 6 sources should be self-explanatory, but the final one, MISC variates from set to set:For Necros, Misc mean you performed a soul extraction on a Lich. It also assumes you summoned a new Lich.For Thugs, Misc means Gang WarFor Demons, Misc means Living Hellfire (the minions, not the damage buff.)For Bots, Misc means the effect -Regen has in a standard Archvillain.For Controller sets, the legend is a bit different:The pet colors denote different pets.Each Fire Imp does the same damage, but they all have separate colors.Electric Gremlins have a similar thing going on.Controller Illusions first 3 colors are Phantom Army. The orange bit is the Phantasm.
  6. Aight, I see. Numbers have been noted. Thanks.
  7. Hmmm, I do not have a dominator atm to test this, but it's values show they are enhanceable... and the Power Build Up numbers look correct from in game. 98.34%
  8. The deal with all the versions and names is the first case of several people all coming together and not really knowing how to communicate everything with eachother. My appologies. :/ We hope to work on that in the future.
  9. Yes you can 6 slot your level 49 power now... but in that case, just move one of your 1-2 slot powers to the 49 slot so you can do your enhancements.
  10. Loading your build come up normal bash. Bash's Static Index should be 5654. Sounds like it might be your copy with the DB issue?
  11. There is a setting in the Configuration window. "Middle Click Repeats Last Enhancement" that will slot the next enhancement in the set for you.
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