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  1. Have you soloed +4x8 Awakened mobs? Even better as mentioned above, add in Players debuffed and enemies buffed to TFs and it will be really hard.
  2. Looks like computer needed to be restarted!
  3. Turns out I cannot load the normal server either.... Will do more troubleshooting (like restarting computer).
  4. Loads up to a black screen and freezes when clicked. Have re-verified files and tried both the 32 and 64 beta clients.
  5. Perhaps you know more than I do about this, but I am under the impression that the ability to slot a set is dependent on pretty much a text file saying 'hey, this power accepts x sets'. What the power does with that enhancement is another ball game. It is still a bug that it SAYS it accepts Universal Damage and Stalker ATOs but does not allow them to be slotted. We can debate that they should or should not be slotted. True, it doesn't do damage so damage should not be allowed to be slotted, but it does knockback and knockback is not slottable. It would be a superb place to stick t
  6. Well that's good.... cause i was just trying to slot a recharge into it. Assassin's Mark Recharge/Global Chance to recharge BU.
  7. Stalker Ice Melee>Ice Patch says it allows Stalker ATOs but will not actually let them be slotted. Was going to be a great place to stick my Assassin's Mark chance for build up/recharge ATO 😞 I have not tested, but I bet Universal Damage Set also is a no go.
  8. I've been working on changing the damage scalars.... It was not something that was anticipated to be changed easily or often so it is kinda obfuscated.... But, once completed should correct all numbers instead of changed all the damage numbers of all the powers.
  9. Doesn't seem to be finding my account or anything. Is it expecting the folder name to be Tequilla?
  10. Khelds can get TP and Flight now. Most of those powers that I am aware of are granted powers from taking something else. Like Efficient Adaptation, Defensive Adaptation and Offensive Adaptation are available at level 0, but only obtained with Adaptation is picked.
  11. This would be great and I could whole hardheartedly get behind a project that would create a Mids equivalent onto a website. The Mids App, as you may know, how SO much functionality build into it that replicating it instantly on any other platform is just not possible. I am still learning new 'things' that this app has functionality for and new ways for bugs to crop up. IE only 1% of people use the print out function... and guess what? Those bugs stay hidden for a long time. I sadly am well aware of my capabilities in this field, and I would not be any help in setting up a Mids Website. I
  12. Yeah.... the import functionality needs to be worked on. Works sometimes, but not all the times. I just don't have enough broken test builds to find out what is breaking.
  13. And here I thought someone jacked the github.
  14. I can confirm that Brute Resistance numbers are off in the most recent version that was released. The person responsible has been sacked and we are working on finding out exactly how said sacked person was able to accomplish the feat in order to reverse it. Other option is to go back and edit everything by hand which will inevitably lead to more errors because Pine makes mistakes.
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