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  1. What driver version? I had to roll back to 20.11.2, the newest drivers are causing problems.
  2. Try the specific 21.11.2 drivers if not already on them. In the Radeon control panel, click the City Of Heroes icon and make sure you are not using any Radeon specific optimizations such as Anti-lag, Chill, Sharpening, enhanced sync, etc. Disable them all only for COH and see if that helps, being an older game some of those settings may be causing the crashes. Try running memtest just to make sure your ram isnt throwing errors. https://www.techpowerup.com/memtest64/ Make sure your chipset drivers are updated, along with BIOS.
  3. What is your video card? I was having some serious crashes on my Win10 AMD RX580, rolling back to drivers 20.11.2 stabilized the system again.
  4. Hey all, just a heads up regarding a possible AMD driver issue and COH Homecoming. I'm running Windows 10, fully updated, Ryzen 5 3600 w/ RX580 Red Dragon. Stock clocks, no Ryzen master/bios mods. I have been playing COH just fine with all graphics settings maxed. I had to step back a bit due to work and didnt play much, next time I tried to launch the game it gave me fits, just outright crashing with no crash reporter except the ATI Wattman crash submission tool as the crash was bad, locked up the system. I updated to the most recent beta drivers and same b
  5. Windows 10, relatively updated, launcher shows User policy, click accept and nothing. Tried running normally and as administrator. I can provide a dxdiag if requested.
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