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  1. I love Tankers first and foremost but for farming there are better choices. A Brute is a better farmer than just about anyone. I have a decked out Spines/fire like most everyone else but I still feel a SS/Fire Brute is the best but Radiation melee is pretty dang close. Easy farming while the kids ruckus up around you? SS/Fire. Why? Set Foot stomp to auto and if you have a macro keyboard and can run burn also then it becomes a party. You can rustle up the kids, kiss your wife, come back and still be alive. SS/Fire easy mode Rad/Fire just as easy mode Spines/Fire awesome also but requires lining up a cone or two for max dps.
  2. Dark Armor is the heavyweight champion. The best of the best of armor sets available for a tanker. It requires investment and knowledge but can be made into the ultimate force. I love my Rad tanker also but he is the silver medalist. Dark Regeneration's 30 second base heal vs 60 for Rad therapy and more importantly DR's healing does not drop off where as Rad's heal does after the first target to 25 base per target. Even factoring in particle shielding the combination of both still does not exceed the potential benefit of Dark Regeneration and one click. A second benefit of Dark is the resist set bonuses are paired up like Smashing and Lethal, Fire and Cold, Energy and NE, Toxic and Psy. Dark does not need to chase 6 slots down on sets. I tend to ignore Toxic, the least seen damage type and Psy is already capped so you get to slot 5 on quite a few purple sets freeing up for proc's. Psy damage is everywhere and not needing to do anything at all to cap it is too good. All that is not even factoring in Cloak of Darkness. I love to run as many defensive toggles as possible. Combat jumping, Maneuvers, Weave typically with hasten. With Dark Armor you can run 4 defensive toggles and have hasten. What that does is making picking sets bonuses far easier since hitting the soft cap in S+L and melee is quite easy. Cardiac is Dark's best friend. The 20% bonus to resist powers adds up to about 4% total resist and slotting the resist ATO in death shroud almost guarentees's multiple procs adding up to over 13% resist. Even with weak base energy resist (20) a DA can go 90 to all resists except Toxic. Soft cap defense easily and have the best heal in the game with soft control CC.
  3. Don't ever spend your Emp merits on anything but Incarnate Rare and Very Rare's. Reason is you can send the Emp merits to your alts to help them out. Considering they slow down in the pace that you get them, even for a farmer it is still a finite commodity meaning save your Emp merits for when you really need them.
  4. I have had many a discussion on what the main problem with WoW is and to this day the game carries the same major flaw. Blizzard changes the mechanics of WoW every expansion. Of course each expansion needs new content and fresh life but WoW throws everything that worked well into the dumpster to start a new. From Artifact weapons, to Garrisons, from different stats that were far more in depth to simplicity. Socketing was a thing..Everything WAS a thing until the next expansion. What I'm saying is simply Blizzard failed to build the game up like it could have been and instead tried to reinvent it with some new system, good or bad each expansion. The Azerite system is just another example of the build and tear down mentality which will be discarded in the next expansion. Blizzard completely has the wrong ideology for WoW and it can never reach its potential by discarding all the hard work the developers did each expansion. It's almost unbelievable to me the road map Blizzard chose for WoW. It's antithesis to their own hard work and I figured at some point the suits at Blizzard would figure this out but since Wrath of the Lich King it's truly been been make it then break it. Sad.
  5. Hello everyone. I have a Bio/SS Tanker and took the Alpha Cardiac up to T4 on the right side for the 33% absorb among other things. The problem I'm having is my base ablative shield is 1874. With the T4 Cardiac the scrolling numbers show the increase yet the tool tip when hovering over the absorb near my health bar shows it stuck at 1874. When I pop Clarion, the scrolling numbers show 2700 shield but the tool tip stuck at 1874. Is Absorb capped at a certain number? Pretty frustrating to put all that work in just to see no gains at all from my incarnate selection. I also tested in game to see if it was just a display bug but the shield is actually 1874 not the 2700 I should be getting. Any information on caps or bugs would be appreciated. Thanks..
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