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  1. I started working on the Portal Jockey accolade because of its tasty benefits, but I was not able to get Multidimensional to trigger. Per the wiki, it is supposed to come from the Hydra Dimension three mission arc from Tina Macintyre: https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Multidimensional_Badge I did that entire arc in Ouroboros and it did not trigger. I restarted the arc and just hung out in the mission for half an hour or so because the wiki said it would randomly happen over time. I also went in and out of the mission door a few times. It never triggered for me. I'm wondering if anyone else has gotten it? If so, how? If not, I'll report it as a bug. :)
  2. Bitdefender is flagging score.exe as atc4.detection. This appears to be a heuristic hit that has a high false positive rate, as it has hit many other games in the last year or so judging by searching for more info about what it is. I have submitted it to bitdefender as a false positive for them to investigate.
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