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  1. Just finished up in there. One of your live actors legitimately jump scared me... like his timing was perfect. I won't spoil anything by saying who or what, but he knew exactly when I would be turning around. I maaaay have turned off walk for that one. Do yourselves a favor and go in there with walk turned on! It is well worth it and really makes the whole experience. I even did some of it in first person which was like playing an entirely different game. It's very obvious how much time and energy you put into this. I am beyond impressed. You were telling the truth when you said ma
  2. The biggest blow I think is a little ego, because "back in my day" I was the MAN. I was regarded as a really good team leader and ran a full team all day every day, and this was when everybody was new so you actually had to lead by explaining and coaching. I think once I spend some more time in the game and feel more confident, I'll adapt. I'm trying to figure out this fire-farming craze now lol.
  3. Wow it seems like a lot of you get exactly what I was saying, which is awesome because I wasn't sure myself. I did learn that "tt" thing the hard way yesterday lol... I took off running and they were halfway through the map by the time I got to the mission. I think it's just that most people are doing things they've done plenty of times before so they take it for granted. I've gotten to level 46 on one character, almost exclusively solo except for a few task forces and one raid. I do love this idea of a secret society of "regular" players. I don't begrudge guys who want to blow thr
  4. Here's what is probably yet another "I played 15 years ago and I don't understand what's going on" thread. The pace everyone is operating at is disheartening to me. I can't get around as fast as everyone... I don't know any of the acronyms... also a ton of this content and task forces are new to me. I feel like Captain America waking up. Does anyone else just play the game at a sub optimal pace? I'm laughing at the LFG chats with a long list of character build requirements to join a team. "Back in my day" we had to pull and herd to get through stuff... are there still s
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