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    Tank advice

    Back on live I had a WP/Energy that was fun to play. Have to imagine that it would be good on a invul as well. I played a invul/kin on live into the twenties and an invul/stone to 50. The kin was just okay, but the stone was a beast. Loved that alt a lot. Rad is a solid choice. Does good damage. I'd lean to the rad out of your options, but energy is my second.
  2. Back on live my main was a Mind/Emp loved that alt. Slowly leveling that up again. Also enjoyed both my grav/ff and ill/rad. My mind/sonic was fun to play as well.
  3. Discord: Mortal Prey Skills: Indie Novelist with an understanding of CoH lore Availability: flexible, East Coast (US) Working on: Would be open to many opportunities in writing new content or expanding current arcs
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