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  1. Chollo Rivera - Latin Soul Drive Is Here
  2. Also, right at the end of the trailer... is that...
  3. Nice. BTW: this may be the reason you mention it, but Funk #49 is on the GOTG Animated Series soundtrack (aka "Cosmic Mix vol 1"), along with a whole album of other bangers and one or two oddities (Queen, Joe Walsh, Peaches & Herb, Gloria Gaynor... way to educate the kids.) Speaking of which...
  4. Calendar Man is (briefly) in James Gunn's Suicide Squad, and a key part of the Long Halloween animated movie. It'd need a really good script, but if they're going for the full horror vibe: a Raimi-inspired (or Raimi-directed) Dollmaker would scare all hell outa me. And as a lesser-known villain, they'd have more room to play with it.
  5. I'm a little late to this particular party, but this is very much my complete music aesthetic: Show tunes ✅ Disney✅ 90s-era skatepunk🤘 Ridiculous 80s metal solos🎸
  6. So, thoughts? Dark. Liking the colour scheme and the look of Gotham. DARK. Bats knows he's scary as all hell and uses it. Also: Invuln/SS Tanker. DARRRRK... Riddler feels very Jigsaw, and is only shown obliquely in this trailer. DAYUM: I will be very hacked off if they fridge Zoe Kravitz, because yes. We like. We like very much. DUDE? Farrell has had a massive transformation into the Penguin? (Makeup needs slightly better lighting though...)
  7. Am going to skip Eternals, for reasons outlined above. Looking way too serious and up itself to be a good popcorn-munchy cape flick. Next thing I'm excited for is Hawkeye, aka Die Hard With Avengers. Not least because Rogers:The Musical looks like a whole lot of fun - and if Marvel ever decided to put it on for real, I would absolutely be in the ticket queue. Because I mean, what could go wrong with a superhero mus...er...yeah.
  8. Question for cat owners. Sparks (the large, lovable tabby moron) has moved in successfully and is purring and dribbling all over us, though doesn't come as close as we're used to. Certainly not within arm range. Molly is a lot more nervous. Trying to fit her collar today, she meowed piteously - even though it was set very loose and carefully - and bolted when I took it off to adjust it, before starting coughing as if she'd had a massive hairball. Nothing came of it, but I'm wondering if cats can have panic attacks like humans? Also, both cringe away if you t
  9. I had a thought about this while casually writing a sketch idea. If you wanted to go unnoticed as a supervillain, start a marketing agency. No-one has any idea what the hell they do. Including people who work there. They buy and expense for all kinds of strange and inexplicable things. They never have to produce anything tangible to show for it, or that doesn't disappear after a month or so. Staff training in martial arts and/or firearms is clearly motivational training... and survival is a great performance incentive. Ad execs are pretty evil to start with,
  10. Feels like a metaphor for jock-friendly schools - the ones that don't seem directly useful to Coach Bruce are immediately down as sidekicks/dweebs/nerds. Forever. (Well, unless puberty gifts you with unusual height, speed or muscular changes.) I managed to avoid going to an American high school, but from my friends' experiences, this tracks. Also, a great and undervalued cape flick in its own right.
  11. Grinderman (aka Nick Cave) vs UNKLE: Hyper Worm Tamer
  12. David Arnold: Good Omens End Titles (The One That Got Left In The Car)1 1 If you know, you know. But I love that Neil snuck it in (and multiple other references) and never explained it.
  13. As heard on Soma FM's Secret Agent Station: https://somafm.com/secretagent/index.html
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