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  1. Without being a Marvel insider, I can't tell you the reason why (and would have Feige sending the killer robots after me if I was/did.) Maybe they just thought the markets would support this one better than Black Widow as more things were open: maybe it was an experiment: maybe they thought there'd be more piracy given they launched this one heavily in China. (Having worked briefly in the Chinese VoD sector, a 30-second video saying that Xi Jinping resembles Winnie the Pooh will get taken down almost instantly and probably earn you a trip to Qincheng, whereas a full length rip of a
  2. Don't we all, dear boy. Sadly, the money from butts on seats is what primarily pays for them. (Well, and the kind of arcane dark accountancy that would terrify the Circle Of Thorns. The "rolling break-even" is particularly evil...) You have to wonder if epic summer tentpole movies on the Marvel/Bond/DC level will have to get shelved in favour of smaller, cheaper, more streaming-friendly versions for a while. Given what Favreau managed to achieve on a (relatively) micro-budget for The Mandalorian, using new filming techniques, it's certainly possible to get epic movie feels wit
  3. Bit of industry news: almost all of Marvel's upcoming slate after Eternals has been put back - basically leapfrogging down one slot. Spidey:NWH - currently still slated for December 17th but might move, especially if COVID strikes back in key markets. (UK is already in trouble with sub-variant AY4.2, aka Delta 2: Electric Boogaloo - so unfortunately another Christmas lockdown is likely.) Strange's MoM - now May 5th 2022 Love & Thunder - July 8th 2022 Wakanda Forever - Nov 11th 2022 The Marvels - Feb 17th 2023 GOTG 3 - May 5th 2023 (original date)
  4. You can see why they hired in Gunn for The Suicide Squad as soon as Marvel's back was turned. It's very much a James Gunn movie that happens to use DC characters rather than following on from the Snyder movies. An actor's director, pulls off the epic shots, borrows from all across canon but still invents for the screen, can balance fun and characterisation with some imaginative touches...
  5. BTW, I actually like the teaser for Shazam II more: I mean, Mirren is a goddess anyway, of course, so feels a bit like typecasting. But she looks like she's having a whole bunch of fun...
  6. Nightwish - Endless Forms Most Beautiful
  7. Very pretty. Very short. Not much to go on. Dwayne's brand is wisecracking badass, and this movie is very much built around him, so evil wisecracking badass... yes, Terminator, or Idris's underrated turn in Hobbs & Shaw. Brosnan clearly on Alec Guinness duties - lend Serious Actor cred to a silly popcorn movie. I guess Bill Nighy was busy. Dr. Fate's an interesting choice as an antagonist though. Lots of power, free will issues... Pierce seems to like the sets. BIG physical sets, and BIG money spent. BIG risk if they're still depending on butts on seats rather than
  8. Not to "actually" you or (Bat-ctually?) but the Court of Owls showed up in Gotham season 3 and were effectively creepy, led by veteran character actor Ray Barry... https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Characters/GothamCourtOfOwls Side note... not sure why there's bad Bat-titude about Gotham generally. It took the key characters and quite a few deep cut ones too, and used the whole thing as a sandbox to tell new and different stories. Plus loved Shaun Pertwee as ass-kicking Alfred, Mazouz and Bicondova held their roles well and should have a great future... ...and wh
  9. Nice. BTW: this may be the reason you mention it, but Funk #49 is on the GOTG Animated Series soundtrack (aka "Cosmic Mix vol 1"), along with a whole album of other bangers and one or two oddities (Queen, Joe Walsh, Peaches & Herb, Gloria Gaynor... way to educate the kids.) Speaking of which...
  10. Calendar Man is (briefly) in James Gunn's Suicide Squad, and a key part of the Long Halloween animated movie. It'd need a really good script, but if they're going for the full horror vibe: a Raimi-inspired (or Raimi-directed) Dollmaker would scare all hell outa me. And as a lesser-known villain, they'd have more room to play with it.
  11. I'm a little late to this particular party, but this is very much my complete music aesthetic: Show tunes ✅ Disney✅ 90s-era skatepunk🤘 Ridiculous 80s metal solos🎸
  12. So, thoughts? Dark. Liking the colour scheme and the look of Gotham. DARK. Bats knows he's scary as all hell and uses it. Also: Invuln/SS Tanker. DARRRRK... Riddler feels very Jigsaw, and is only shown obliquely in this trailer. DAYUM: I will be very hacked off if they fridge Zoe Kravitz, because yes. We like. We like very much. DUDE? Farrell has had a massive transformation into the Penguin? (Makeup needs slightly better lighting though...)
  13. Am going to skip Eternals, for reasons outlined above. Looking way too serious and up itself to be a good popcorn-munchy cape flick. Next thing I'm excited for is Hawkeye, aka Die Hard With Avengers. Not least because Rogers:The Musical looks like a whole lot of fun - and if Marvel ever decided to put it on for real, I would absolutely be in the ticket queue. Because I mean, what could go wrong with a superhero mus...er...yeah.
  14. Question for cat owners. Sparks (the large, lovable tabby moron) has moved in successfully and is purring and dribbling all over us, though doesn't come as close as we're used to. Certainly not within arm range. Molly is a lot more nervous. Trying to fit her collar today, she meowed piteously - even though it was set very loose and carefully - and bolted when I took it off to adjust it, before starting coughing as if she'd had a massive hairball. Nothing came of it, but I'm wondering if cats can have panic attacks like humans? Also, both cringe away if you t
  15. I had a thought about this while casually writing a sketch idea. If you wanted to go unnoticed as a supervillain, start a marketing agency. No-one has any idea what the hell they do. Including people who work there. They buy and expense for all kinds of strange and inexplicable things. They never have to produce anything tangible to show for it, or that doesn't disappear after a month or so. Staff training in martial arts and/or firearms is clearly motivational training... and survival is a great performance incentive. Ad execs are pretty evil to start with,
  16. Feels like a metaphor for jock-friendly schools - the ones that don't seem directly useful to Coach Bruce are immediately down as sidekicks/dweebs/nerds. Forever. (Well, unless puberty gifts you with unusual height, speed or muscular changes.) I managed to avoid going to an American high school, but from my friends' experiences, this tracks. Also, a great and undervalued cape flick in its own right.
  17. Grinderman (aka Nick Cave) vs UNKLE: Hyper Worm Tamer
  18. David Arnold: Good Omens End Titles (The One That Got Left In The Car)1 1 If you know, you know. But I love that Neil snuck it in (and multiple other references) and never explained it.
  19. As heard on Soma FM's Secret Agent Station: https://somafm.com/secretagent/index.html
  20. For me it's Deus Ex. I've never really been a serious gaming addict of any kind (barring long nights on CoH - but even then, it was more about the people I played with). But DX was something I'd not run into before. It was a game that didn't just have awe-inspiring art and music (for the time: the bells of the Templar Church still sticks in the memory, as does the first time seeing fallen Liberty). It rewarded strategy, caution and tactics. Moral choices, stealth, exploration and side quests meant something and paid off in different ways (exploding Gunther with a kill
  21. If money were no object...what heroic/villainous thing(s) would you do? This week, the EuroMillions jackpot has hit its maximum of €220m (£184m in the UK, $255m in the US, or 7.8ml of Gretzky tears in Canada). It doesn't keep rolling like the USA - once it's maxed, it "cascades" down and splits amongst the winners of the first available prize tier. But needless to say, that kind of split ain't to be sneezed at. So if you had plenty to spare - and €220m is plenty in any country - how would you indulge your dreams of heroism (and/or villainy?) I've got thre
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