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  1. MalwareBytes is utterly convinced that the direct download for Mids' Reborn is malicious. Did anyone else get this false positive? I just wanted to verify that the domain is alright since it's been up for a while, and someone might have done something to it. I get "Website blocked due to Trojan" Domain: midsreborn.com (looks correct?) IP: 2606:4700:3030::6815:37ca (IPv6? Fancy!) Port: 443 (AKA HTTPS, also looks normal)
  2. Have you ever watched the Monty Python short "how not to be seen?"
  3. Hmm, how to say this... I'm more worried that the NDA exists than any progress (or lack of it). The new launcher looks nice, hopefully I won't need to find another community soon.
  4. Those are indeed some awesome costumes. I'd really like to see some of the better runner-up ones though!
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