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  1. Sometimes, things go wrong and changes have to be reverted once they hit a bigger server or a tester who didn't have alpha but did have a good idea. People get very upset when they lose things they were told they'd get, but a mystery mostly makes people curious. So it's safer to keep things vague until you're at the "we're definitely doing this, but the numbers might change a little" stage.
  2. SD/Rad Tanker, got Radiation Shielding somehow.
  3. 0 damage * 1.2 = 0 damage. So it's not untrue, it's just meaningless.
  4. /storm controllers (or fire tollers that took bonfire) are probably the only controllers not happy with the change. Still, it will fix so much of the frustration with AOE immob, especially in the hands of new controllers. As someone who’s still learning the basics on my private server, I’m amazed at all of these updates. Why would Stormies hate this change? Hurricane will still Repel, even if they won't go flying as much, which should be more precise than before, and it's a huge buff to Tornado's CC effects if they get knocked down in place rather than either scatter or stand unaffected. And Fire Control never had -KB in the first place, so Bonfire is unaffected.
  5. Question about the Knockback/Knockup immunity change to Immobilise effects: Are you considering applying this to Holds as well? Ice and Earth both apply -KB with their hold, as does Gravity, and all three have significant knockdown or knockback effects in their sets, not to mention options in Controller/Dominator secondaries, creating unfortunate situations where you can't rely on juggling a boss while you layer up a Mag 6 hold on them. In particular, Ice and Gravity have an AoE hold (Glacier, Gravity Distortion Field) that applies -KB that removes the AoE control effect from Propel and almost entirely negates Ice Slick. While the uptime on Glacier and GDF isn't as high as those of the AoE Immobilise skills, and neither deals any damage, the reasoning for the Immobilise change would appear to apply to Holds too. Any chance of it being spread further?
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