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  1. Feedback here has been sparse, but I wanted to share some preliminary thoughts from testing and reflection on Sonic Manipulation that may spur some additional testing and encourage folks taking another look. First up, some thoughts on what I feel defines the set: a mechanic that provides the potential to stack holds, a slightly weaker Build-Up that also boosts Mez strength, an AoE toggle -Res that supports being in or just outside of melee damage (more on this in a moment), and a T1 (Sonic Thrust) that marries the KB strength of Power Thrust with the Repel c
  2. Just checked this again in-game and confirmed with Bopper that while the recovery is flagged to Ignore level differences, the regeneration in Touch of the Beyond is not flagged to ignore. Is this WAI?
  3. Comparing Strength of Blaster Sustain Values Across Secondaries Are blaster secondary survival/sustain powers intended to provide varying strength when compared to secondaries offering the same type of sustain (Regen/absorb/etc)? More specifically, is the consistent regeneration value provided by self-toggles such as Field Operative supposed to match the currently variable regeneration buff from Touch of the Beyond? For context, Field Operative’s regen values do not diminish in strength when used against a higher level foe. It is self-contained. Touch of the Beyond
  4. This bug appears in a number of other places as well, including the Blaster > Darkness Manipulation ability Touch of the Beyond. Sadly for Darkness Manipulation, the impact of this bug severely weakened the secondary against harder enemies. It may be time for a thread collecting all instances to help the Devs diagnose the underlying issue.
  5. Just bumping this bug report. I recognize that there may be few who take the Soul Mastery Patron pool but the odd Scaling damage to self may be linked to another scaling bug for blasters: the Darkness Manipulation > Touch of the Beyond. In the case of Touch of the Beyond, higher level enemies provide less Regen from activation (making the sustain far less potent than its counterparts in the other blaster secondaries) while lower level enemies provide enough Regen to cap the player.
  6. Apparently, this bug has been going on for some time. It seems to be linked to a zoning issue and may need more folks calling this out in the Bugs Thread to investigate further.
  7. I’m curious if you would be better suited using the /Devices on a blaster. You’ll get Smoke Grenade and a cloaking device as well as other gadgetry that could be useful in your stealthy pursuits.
  8. We simply abandoned the TF at that point. Will try again another time.
  9. Hey Captain Powerhouse, glad that you responded. While I recognize the Homecoming changes are in the spirit of Gather Shadows, my original comment referred to how these new variants of Gather Shadows lack the option to enhance with ToHit Enhancement sets. I specifically named "Power Build Up", as the Defender Power Mastery Epic Power existed before Dark Assault - yet it could be enhanced with ToHit Sets. I'm simply asking if these similar powers including Gather Shadows (+Damage/special booster including +ToHit) could now *all* have the ability to be enhanced with sets
  10. Now that Power Boost has been changed to Power Build Up for Doms, can these abilities be coded to accept ToHit Buff sets? Currently, Earth Assault’s version is not accepting sets. I am uncertain if that is by design or otherwise.
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