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  1. The changes you all are complaining about were brought on by a few things: 1) inherent fitness. Now, I love it...but tough and weave has become the new fitness. Used to you had to cram a build and pick and choose what to take and what not to. 2) insane set bonuses. Being able to soft cap defense, and go well beyond perma-hasten has made things much easier. Now, I like these also... 3) incarnates, especially everything beyond the alpha slot. 4) the obsolescence of the HO, the SO, and in some cases the generic IO Now, what to do? Well for your own sakes you can choose to use generic IO's, Only SO's, or use none of the incarnate stuff (beside maybe the Alpha slot). If it doesn't make sense to be able to summon enemy pets, have a free proc in every attack power, have endless ageless endurance or barrier defenses, or all of the other stuff, just don't use it. To me, what the game needs is either a global buff to all creatures somehow someway, or a way to +3 the +4. If 4/8 is just too easy, you should be able to increase the difficulty somehow that doesn't involve missing every attack. What does exist, i think, is the ability to buff the bad guys in a TF or debuff yourself. Maybe that is a fix. I kinda miss hazard zones being hazardous. I was around for the travel power bump from 14 to 4. With all these standard of living fixes, there comes a price. The easiest fix for all this, I feel, is some sort of global creature buff, whether it be extra def, resistance, or something baked into everything. Since people don't like missing everything all the time, a resist buff across the board to all things is the best way I see. You could make incarnate stuff only available @ 50 and beyond, not 45. Will the server do this or anything at all? nope. Therefore, if you want the good old days, you are going to have to make them yourself and play with others who feel the same way. Remember when on a STF (aka MLTF) where it was super tough and just a tank couldn't hold recluse? Now people can handle all of the patrons at once..Soloing a pylon for time. The things that used to be unthinkable are no longer. So you either have to introduce new, tougher content, make the content you have tougher, or just create artificial toughness yourself. It is either that, or embrace the ease of the new CoH and just use it as a socializing platform that is also a game. Kinda like those little Facebook ones. I myself still find difficulty here and there.
  2. My gal, who i admit is a Toph from avatar knock off, allows me to play ultra aggressive and in Melee 100%. I skipped the single target immob, the sleep, mud pots, and hurl boulder. I open with a power boosted earthquake, which allows me to take alpha, then hit mass stun, immob, and gases if its up. After everyone is locked, I melee smash them all to bits. I quicksand on occasion if the map geography calls for it. I do the stomp and jump AoE and hit the Mighty Judgement with knock as it comes up. Once dom hits, she just rolls. I think I have almost permanently hasten by just a few seconds. My positional def is like 30ish ranged, 20ish melee, 18ish AoE. My S/L resist is capped and the rest is in the teens and 20s. If I dropped some recharge I could get much more defense. To compensate, I got Melee hybrid and barrier incarnates. Love her! She is built with survivability in mind. Tough/Weave, invulnerable epic, combat jump, both def and resist procs, both ATO sets, and about 100% global recharge before hasten. Once a dom gets going, you don't want to stop them. She lacks a heal, but her regen and recovery are pretty decent. I would rather have barrier and melee hybrid than a heal and assault, although I may try out both long term.
  3. I tried all 5 proc and it felt underwhelming. I got rid of that and got ragnarok and swapped the Acc/Rec for the proc. I like it better. It actually can do a bit of damage.
  4. I took some bits and pieces from all these builds and ideas and I am really loving my grav/time controller even more. I 2 slotted the dimension shift with the pet proc and another from that controller archetype set. It is an easy toggle to get a pet. I slotted all 3 of the holds with 4 basilisks gaze for the bonuses then dropped 2 more of that same IO set in them for the bonuses, except the single target grav hold, which i added some damage Its to, though proc powers would work in there for damage as well. A quick toggle of it is all you need for the pet, but in a death room where multiple spawns are, it locks down everything. its great. slowed response is great as a proc mule for not only the heel, but 2 other damage proc also. i 6 slotted a lot of my powers to split up bonuses here and there and add lots of overall recharge. the idea was to have wormhole up as often as possible. I just dropped 2 slow IOs in the targeted slow power patch. The hold isn't reliable enough to slot. With insane recharge I can stack it quite a bit. When I get a chance I will post a build, as my take is much different. It can be tweaked. There is lots of room for recharge, defense bonuses, and all sorts of slotting ideas. The main take away is that with premium slotting and set bonuses, I feel not so much a damage dealer, but a more masterful controller than I ever have with any build, and I have played lots of combinations. My new fun thing is worm holeing cimeroans into the water from the ditch below. When you have 2 or more gravity controllers on a team who know the powers, especially grav time, it makes things great for tanks and fun for people as one mob group turns into 3 all stacked on a tank like an orgy dog pile off of south park. Blasters get to blast recklessly. We can slow or stop everything. I am sure any two controllers can do this just like any dominator can, but man is it fun.
  5. This is why some trials and TFs are rarely ran when I am on, such as Khan, Eden Trial, and some of the arcs in hazard areas like fault line. Great content but under rewarding.
  6. Back before AE, PI basically was AE. For every mission team filling up for arc runs, you had 5 calls asking for bridges (pre exemp changes which i think was issue 16) or people for Battle Maiden farms (before 2XP system issue 16). AE basically cordoned off the farmers to their own areas. Farming is what it is and some like it. I tend to leave it alone. It serves a purpose. PI is what it is now and what it should be, casual lvl 40+ arcs and AV fights. AE is what it is now and what it should be also. Having perspective on how things used to be will better help you understand why they are how they are now.
  7. The social and team aspect of the game is why i like it. Some of us are caretakers and don't get out much. Some of us have zero social life whether on purpose or accident. For some of us, this interaction is a large amount of our whole. I think that ANY difficulty added should be optional. Kinda like that one trial where everything is lvl 54(+3). You best be +3 or wait until you are. Trying it without that equals having a bad time. Likewise it is optional. Some of us like bashing bad guys and dying on occasion just as a way to unwind. I take out my frustration of life on council and roll alts for fun. That said, I WOULD be in favor in a slight overall buff to bad guys in the game, such as a small global resist or defense increase, like 5% or something. Something easy and small. Also maybe a buff for the obviously weak enemy groups also. I would leave the tough ones alone. Also, in addition to making optional very tough arcs, task forces, and badges (think the hard way badge), I would NOT be opposed to making it where you have to unlock them somehow. This way you knowingly are playing them. Not only that, you earned your way in to access. This could also be used to add player volume to lesser used zones and areas. This could be at all levels and not just 50+. Lastly, rewards could be merits or just a badge. You at least want something to make it worth your while. Maybe even a costume piece or flair you can show off somehow. People like to chase swag.
  8. I know it is overkill, but slotted it with 5 red fortune and one lotg global, and i noticed a big difference in the powers recharge. I am sure there is a better and more optimal slotting.
  9. I wonder at what point we can get over the fact that the game is back and actually start asking for and expecting stuff? 99% of the good ideas on the forums never see the light of day. Everything is so slow and takes so long. People over in feedback and suggestions have to be getting tired of either being not herd. I guess, again, we should just be happy we can play.
  10. I was making a character as an homage to a show my kids and I like, Avatar the last air bender and I wanted to make a master earthbender. I tried an earth sonic controller but it just didn’t sit right besides the power liquify. At least there was an earth mastery. So I figure I would try an earth earth dom. I don’t need some of the powers like the sleep or the mud pots yet so I get high enough and I look at the dominator epics (I dislike the patrons and they don’t fit theme) and no earth. Is there a way to make more epics for the sets so that there are more options? The standard power picks seem to be equal through out...you get a shield and some extra stuff. what are the chances ever of earth for earth doms and some more choices?
  11. I feel for you dude. I suggested something along these lines and people lost their shit on me. Good luck.
  12. If you want, OP, I can post screen shots of my Dark/Dark/Soul controller who I love very much.
  13. Here are more stats from current build. They can be improved upon to fit your needs.
  14. As an amendment, I took some screen shots of slotting ideas for you all. As it stands, this build has perma hasten and about 186% recharge (with hasten added, which is 70%) Some thoughts: Pick one of your three blasts that isnt a hold and put that Unique build up proc from decimation in it. It helps on occasion. Same for Build up. Having it go off prior to a nuke helps. One purple set I will advocate for is Ragnarok because in Ice Storm it adds crowd control and mitigation. It is better than positron's blast. Adding the build up proc (and KB to KD proc from universal damage) in tornado really helps the power. You can also squeeze in 4 from recharge pets sets to add more recharge. The build up purple proc adds about 12 damage a second for around 10 seconds or however long it lasts, which is an extra 120 damage to your tornado over time if it is staying with the bad guy and not dancing around. The damage ticks twice a second. There are better ways to do this than how I did. I like playing earlier content on occasion. Adding the +2 mag proc in the hold blast will help hold bosses at least for a few seconds. And no I will not be uploading anything from mid's because I don't use it. I am old school. Read and get off my lawn.
  15. One of my favorite characters for making chaos rain is Stormie Munroe, my ice/storm Corr. She is built with recharge and toughness in mind, and incarnates geared towards endurance recovery and damage. I play her and built her with field changing chaos in mind. Her only buffs are 02 Boost and Steamy Mist. As far as a build, I tend to go for one main thing. In her case it is recharge. This quick guide hopefully gives you some insight on playstyle. ICE BLAST Powers Skipped: Frost Breath, Bitter Freeze Ray Reason: The Cone is underwhelming and has a slow animation time. The other blast takes too long. How I play: I have 4 attacks I cycle through: Ice bolt and ice blast, freeze ray and bitter ice blast. By the time all are used another is up. It is a good 4 blast cycle for picking off leftover enemies and for big boss fights. I tend to open with build up, power build up, freezing rain, snow storm, and Blizzard. I then drop a tornado, a storm, and then start picking off anything alive. If procs go off, they go off. Smash buttons, kill whatever is alive or closest. Sling rocks, make money. Slotting: I will 5 slot ice bolt and ice blast with decimation for the 6.25% recharge. I 6 slot bitter ice blast with decimation to add the proc with build up. I 4 slot freeze ray with the hold set that gives 7.25% in the 4th slot (it is a lvl 30 max set forgot the name) I usually 3 slot build up and use 2 adjusted targeting (tohit/rech and rech) plus a generic recharge OR 2 generic recharges and a guassians build up proc. I 6 slot Ice storm and blizzard but what I do is a split one of the 2 corr ATO's that grants, when superior, 10% recharge a piece in the 3rd slot. 20% recharge is a lot! with the other 3 slots in each power I throw in 3 thunderstrike IOs that have recharge and damage. Put the best 3 of the Corr ATO in Blizzard and the rest in Ice Storm. You should have about 46% global recharge just from this, not counting 70% from Hasten. You are halfway to Perma! It is a good mix of AoE and Single Target Damage. No Very Rare sets needed, but they can be added. I focus on recharge and damage. From top to bottom the slotting numbers for my gal are - 5, 5, Skip, 3, 4, 6, 6, Skip, 6 STORM SUMMONING Powers Skipped: Hurricane, Thunderclap Reason: Hurricane tends to tract more aggro then I want with my play-style and I would rather be tougher. Thunderclap is a shit power as it stands and since the Devs will likely never buff it, it is a waste of a power pick. It is only a Mag 2 stun so it can only hit minions and LTs at the most. Nothing else stacks with it. How I play: When need be I can cast my single target heal, that comes up very often, and keep a tank or brute alive for a pinch. This is a great heal and it buffs also. I only use Gale as a "keep away from me" power, but it can be spammed for crowd control with the KD proc. I tend to open with freezing rain because if debuffs defense and makes the bad guys fall. I drop my tornado where ever my mouse is after my rains in a fire and forget manner, and my storm is where ever I am, so I use it to keep people away from me, or I use it in a choke point, since the KB is so potent. With enough recharge you can stack 2-3 tornados and thunderstorms. I occasionally use snow storm on the toughest thing but it isn't great, really. Ice and storm pair well together because everything stacks, can be dropped where you want, and is fire and forget. You can play away from danger and just drop things everywhere. Mass Chaos is the best Chaos. Steamy Mist is an always on team buff and is a good power to stealth me and help the team with overall defense. Overall, this plays busy, but very lazy. Just my style. Fire and Forget. Click Click Click and things die. I decorate the battlefield with ice, snow, and storms. Slotting: I six slot O2 Boost with the preventative med set and proc for 8% recharge. I give 1 slot each to snow storm and gale, and I will throw a slow in the storm and a KD proc or ACC in the gale. Steamy Mist can get 6 slots with the LotG proc plus red fortune for 12.25% recharge, I 6 slot tornado and thunderstorm. Since tornado is a pet, I will give it a pet intensive recharge set for 5% (or is it 6%?) recharge plus a KB to KD proc from Universal Damage. Thunderstorm gets a full set of the other Corr ATO for another 10% recharge. So far that is 35-36% Now Feeezing Rain sucks for damage but you can slot it for many things. I forget exactly what I slot it for, but I think I can throw positron's, a purple set, or something else in it I forget. I will have to get back with you for how it is slotted. It is horrible for procs, but what it is good at is crowd control and allowing everyone to hit things better. I want to say my slots for this side are 1, 6, 1, 6, (unsure but probably 4-6 for freezing rain), skip, skip, 6, 6. Although you can, I don't slot thunderstorm with the KD proc because it acts how I want. Slotting tornado with it (the proc) is absolutely a must. Tornado is a pet but don't put pet procs in it. A purple set also works. I will look at my slotting and post pictures. I want to say my global recharge is 191.25% with hasten which makes it perma, but I am unsure. Every power that I slot 4-6 slots is to get recharge. I don't gimp my gal for any one thing, but I get recharge, damage, and endurance reduction where I can and in that order. Everything else: I pick tough and weave and I put 2 slots total in each and use it for the 3% defense (twice) and for the global LotG and global resist. I use Hover and fly, I put another LotG in Hover and either a stealth IO or KB protection in fly. Either works. for health and stamina I put 3 slots a piece total. I throw procs in both for extra endurance and recovery. Recovery is much more important than regen in this build because it is very endurance heavy. I do a 3 slotted hasten, and for the epic I picked power mastery. 3 slots total for conserve power and power build up. (recharge for one and adjusted targeting mixed with recharge for the other). Temp invulnerability gets 2 slots and more procs. I also have Combat jumping for the defense and the recharge mule. All in all what you have is a good mix of defense and resistance to common types, lots or recharge so things are more spamable, and lots of other tid bits. Force of nature and Total Focus doesn't fit my playstyle. I don't need extra stealth. Leadership costs endurance I don't have. I am not a field medic, I am a chaos champion! For incarnates: Lore - T4 will be the side with the 5 minute untouchable pet that buffs. Pick whichever. Alpha - Extra damage! I picked the side with more damage. I can see cardiac for endurance or something else for recharge. Judgement - Ion because the ice cone is kinda meh. Destiny - Ageless for the extra recharge and endurance. Interface - Whatever "attack proc" you want. the tohit one called degenerative is good but as long as whatever you pick isn't the confuse one, who cares. I picked the one with resistance debuff and extra fire damage and if it hits it hits who cares? Hybrid - More damage! but I can see support. I build with incarnates as a cherry on top. I pick whatever and put priority on the one thing I think I need the most, which varies. Make sure and get Lore, Destiny, and Alpha to a quick T3 for that +3 level shift! When I get a chance I will post pictures and some stats. There is room for flexibility and room for much improvement. You can grab more mules for recharge or more team friendly stuff. My play-style and attack chains are very much a lazy mans dream. I unload every targetable thing, pop a cloud, then pick off shit. When my targetable stuff comes back up, I drop it on someone else and spam more attacks indiscriminately. It takes zero thought except "where do you wanna make it rain 3 different ways?" at the moment. tornadoes just do tornado things. thunderstorms like company so I provide 2-3. They just do whatever. Gale says stay away. I sling more ice than a dealer and make it rain like a billionaire. Incarnates are all like "more damage with a side of endurance, please!" epic does the same. I got decent shields. They can't see me. It just works. Lastly you can totally pick a different epic for more defense and recharge, you can skip kick, tough, and weave for maneuvers, assault, and tactics. Just know that these powers use a lot of endurance. I picked all that incarnate extra damage because a corr isn't a blaster. I picked ageless and conserve power to help allow me to spam whatever comes up next. You can go for softcap this and hard cap that....or not. I chose or not. This set doesn't farm. It isn't a buff or debuff powerhouse. This set is busy, yet lazy, and it is field chaos. It does AoE, it does Single Target, it has a heal, it has mindless pets, and it is kinda stealthy. Be the chaos hover-god. Come run a ITF, LAM, or BAF with me and see. If you really want to see "randymarshinabathroom.jpg" just give me speed boost. Oh Lawd!
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