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  1. All this debate about who or what should light an oil slick is derailing actual conversation about everything else. There are ways around it. It will be fine. There are other powers to test. We have went without it this long. Pick a secondary that can do it. Use some procs. This set is proc city. Those of you not using them are missing out on the extra damage. Or team up. Be creative.
  2. played some the other night and while I didn't try out all the powers,I felt like a God. Me TA/A def) and a Blaster duo'd a 3/8 MC in KW like it was nothing. The only power I disliked was EMP Arrow, as it is now too weak without power build up and aim. Fortunately for me, my build is LOADED down with procs and Ice Arrow is now my number one bruiser How I rolled with the blaster was I would target through him or glue arrow the middle of the group, he rolls in doing his thing, I drop an oil slick, light it with acid arrow (yes) and then drop the -res arrow while he folded in a second group and continued wrecking face. I would use ice arrow on bosses for stupid levels of debuff and damage then on occasion toss emp arrow out, which is now kinda meh, but when it DOES hit (of course after a power build up plus aim, because it feels gimped now) it looks awesome. That +2 hold proc is mandatory in it now, folks. Anyhow all of the debuffing I was doing was just combat multiplying his destruction. I was seeing tics of -11 and -12 on slick, when I usually see -8's and -9's. With enough recharge and the right build, TA is going to be such a combat multiplier. Especially with a good blast secondary or whatever you pair it with (I am looking at you earth control). All in all I didn't maximize its potential yet. While I am not a fan of Emp Arrow changes, the set as a whole now allows your team mates to play their best and see a huge increase in their own actions. Sadly, you won't have damage much unless you proc out (and even procs were nerfed I think...) Still, I hope this stays on line with the end result.
  3. I tried fold space both with a Trick arrow def as part of a duo (trick arrow is now stupid good, thanks all) and by myself as a grav controller. Me and some other pimp blaster went to KW (I always get stuck there as it won't load for me every time, but anyways...I hate you Kallisti Wharf!) and did a 3/8 Market Crash trial just the two of us. In this iteration, he had fold space. Our timing was off, but in the first mission I would shoot my glue arrow or -res arrow and he would TP in, start wrecking face, then I would drop a slick, he would "fold" in another group while i lit the oil slick and dropped acid arrow and other things. Now, I have a proc loaded build and though procs got nerfed a little, my Lord it was magnificent. My Defender felt like a God. Me and him were talking, and we were both lvl 50's with most the T3 incarnates and whatever IO's we wanted. With the exception of the AV, we could probably run easily as a duo on 3/8 and 4/8 stuff. With envenomed daggers and pets, we could probably duo that easily. I can't remember what he was (rad or dark or something awesome, and I was even missing 2 TA powers, but I totally see them nerfing the shit out of the power they created for us, because it is going to be THAT good and we can't have nice things. If you have a strong debuff set like DEV, Traps, TA....or can throw out some -tohit enough to survive alpha, oh man. It will be glorious. This power even makes Time Bomb worth a damn again. Yea...THAT shitty power. Good. As for the other instance, I grab my almost pimped out grav/time controller. My timing is off and it will take getting used to, but I can essentially wormhole or fold every group to me with enough recharge. (you can alternate if your careful, as fold space can fire off regardless) With Wormhole, I at least get the stun and the knock down from the proc I put in it as mitigation. With fold, what I had to do was buff up with a few time powers (a heal and defense I think I forget), drop a slow patch (i forgot the name), fold them into my toggle aura which has max -tohit, (combined with my own defense allows me a surviving chance) then either mass hold them when that power is up or drop the intangible bubble on my OWN location which still allows me to attack, but immobilizes them. Then I just spam single target attacks (propel hits for splash damage quite nicely with the hold) and immobs (getting containment) while my pet does its thing. This one power, used right, will make many, many more people able to solo more reliably. It is a finesse thing though. While you can slip a slow patch under neath the maintainable bubble full of dudes and then wormhole yet another group in there, you can't okie doke fold space. If you lack line of sight you may get half the group, and it can't snag everyone. If you stun or hold them prior to folding, you can then do all sorts of crazy stuff. People with -tohit buffs like smoke, sand, and flash arrow (or sleep) will be able to abuse the hell out of fold space as will devices and trap players, especially since they buffed Gun Drone. You can set up shop and wheel them in, then pick off the stragglers later. Any nukes can be dropped and viola. Now, you may say you could just TP in and do that, especially if you have a debuff aura. This power just allows for more shenanigans. Mark my words, they will nerf it before release. it is too good. It happened to Shadow Maul.
  4. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/support/19296/ this is also related.
  5. Something is wrong somewhere as I have a character on Beta in KW named Ditty who is perma stuck in an unloadable loop in KW. For anyone else who has problems with just this zone, what is the fix?
  6. With all of this resistance debuffing, and buffing the ability to debuff, I have a question: Will this make it redundant, better, or no change to have multiple Trick Arrow players on a team? It seems that acid arrow now makes everyone else powers better at doing their job, which is great I guess. I will be the one who also says that single target immobs and holds are great on tanker and brute less teams, because AVs tend to run without that taunt. Still, buffing the debuff sounds interesting yet confusing (Instead of the power doing something you see, it does things you may not notice, but others may, though they know not why) and I guess makes trick arrow even more thankless of a job. IOW, everyone else thing is even more awesome, yet no one knows why that is happening, leading to no one noticing it is all because of the Arrow Puller, which is as it always has been....Kinda like being in IT!! Internet works, no one cares why. No one will notice your greatness until you leave the team, which is inverse how Kinetics players are treated. Thanks Dev's! 🙂
  7. The only interest I have in this all is that I can see a T5 pool power should be good and all, but it should not be as good as a primary power in another set. if it does as wormhole does, then wormhole should have its Mag / range/ accuracy buffed as a result. Either that, or nerf this thing in its current form. I know we should be thankful to be able to get two versions of the same power. Maybe I should just be quiet and abuse the hell out of this on my controller. Obviously the last tier powers in any power pool should be very good and worth taking, but they should not be the same or better than an actual primary or secondary power. I don't want them to make the power unusable, but I don't want gravity controllers to feel less than. Really great and unique powers are maybe 1-2 to a whole powerset and not every powerset has powers like that. I guess that is why I am so defensive of gravity controllers. As for Epic archetypes, THIER version SHOULD be slightly better, not the same. THAT should be the payoff for being an EPIC character. Give them something nice to make their own. No pool power that does anything a primary or secondary power does should ever be as good or better. I knew there are few examples, but still. I am glad others get to taste the awesomeness of other archetypes, but if they do nothing else, make sure Khelds and Warshades get better versions of whatever is out there. That should ways be the payoff for the effort to become a epic archetype.
  8. As a gravity controller, I have to waste a slot for KB to KD...and this power doesn't? Oh man...>😞
  9. I am offended....that as a Gravity controller, one of my signature powers is not any more powerful than a damn pool power? I mean it is great to be able to have 2 wormholes on a toon, but at least make the Gravity one better.
  10. I would hope this game continues to at least support Windows 7 and El Capitan. I am not sure if anyone out there is running XP or Vista but I could see it working. I think El Capitan compatibility is a fair compromise. The original Mac Pro can run El Capitan and windows 10 if you set it up properly and it is a 14 year old machine. At least with up to dual 3 ghz quad core processors and 32gb of ddr2 ram you s hould be fine. It has a good selection of graphics cards it will run too. this means any MacBook Pro from 2008 on up and either of the white MacBooks should run CoH. Also any iMac from 2007 onwards as well. For the mini I would choose at least the 3,1 model.
  11. I know this is defender forums, but I feel Time is best on a controller, and not just any controller, but a Gravity one. Here is what you get: stackable single target holds, plus a slow, lift, and projectile blast. This allows you to eventually hold and bash any one thing with ease (granted AV's take longer) the ability to really buff (if not cap in some cases) you and your teams defenses almost permanently, plus 2 great heals, one of which adds other buffs as well. The ability to lock down 2 full sized groups at once. the ability to bubble a group, negate the alpha, slip a slow patch underneath the bubble, untoggle said bubble, then completely lock down the group, THEN teleport another group in with that group, all for a tank who will then be up to his eyeballs in doods. being able to teleport a whole group of people into water to force them to take a damn bath (its a fave of mine.) with your pbAoE toggle, you lower the -tohit and speed of bad guys by you, effectively adding more defense. a targeted slow that can be loaded down with procs and made into a quasi blast Also, with one of the controller ATO sets (the one without the recharge bonus) split into 3 groups of 2, you can get insane time added onto all your mez's A cool pet that is fire and forget. Kinda slow, but kinda awesome. Gravity/time is not much on damage. At all. Ever. Propel is a great attack, but that is it for damage honestly. However, if you have ever really wanted to completely neuter everything, it is the way to go. Nothing touches its ability to make bad guys helpless. It is pure control at its finest.
  12. Ice/fire has a great mix of attacks but usually works in Melee. You can also work out of line of sight but then you will not be using many fire attacks. An example would be ice storm and blizzard for opening. Hop in with hot feet and your other end/health damage toggle going then Burn, FS circle, combustion, consume. If you survive, everything else dies. I would build for as much Melee def and resists as i could. other ways to play is to open with the two ice patches and just use a 4 cycle ranged attack to pick off guys the T1 and T2 attack along with the weaker hold and the short fat burst attack make a great 4 attack ranged cycle. I would skip the stronger hold attack and the cone, as they take entirely too long to go off. As for skipable fire attacks, the weaker sword and either combustion or consume. I would also highly consider bonfire with the KB to KD proc 6 slotted. This way you can toss a bonfire and use burn in the middle of it to completely mitigate attacks. Anything that stays flops and anything that doesn't dies. Six slotting PBAoE attacks helps with melee def when using obliteration. You can slot the ranged attacks with entropic chaos on the cheap. You can slot that single hold with 4 gaze and 2 damage. You get lots of recharge if you want. Fire shield + CJ + def and res proc globals + tough and weave + hover is quite a bit of def and decent resists. thunder strike can help with extra ranged def. For epic I would either scorpion shield and go all in on def or fire for bonfire, fire shield, and the rez or the debuff. As great as the combo is, after a while it gets boring because how OP it is on teams with a Kin. It is not very good for very tough single targets though. It can mow though groups, but is not kitted for AVs and GMs and monsters. Works very well with teams with multiple tanks and brutes. Playing only ranged is easy but you lose the whole secondary. Playing right in the middle of the chaos is best. I got bored of mine because of how OP she was. With a tray full of purples and enough winter sets she can farm. Anyhow, its a beast of a combo that allows for a few play styles.
  13. What is the best way to get the absolute most out of AS? Do I slot the ATO set in AS and then the buid up proc in build up?
  14. I made one of these as my first stalker. Love it. I got capped resists to S/L/Fire and enough defense to not die immediately. For single targets its BU plus AS but for groups it is Burn, my spin, and my Melee booster attack and then repeat. I can pick off the rest with a jab or two. On the ITF Burn plus your single target attacks can handle shards. I can handle my own up to +3 easy enough. You have to live on the edge though. Most things die before I do and I just heal up and move on to the next. Body epic allows for more end, recovery and regen. By using global proc you can build enough regen, recovery, and hp procs to counter the lack of defense fire has. Being capped to 3 types and decent to the rest, plus decent defense makes fire a premiere set as if has an attack built in that others lack. And yea, burn makes things run, but that takes the heat off me long enough to keep living. If they are scattering they are not attacking me.
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