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  1. or make your own global channel, like we did, and invite people that enjoy the same play style. Its worked great.
  2. or do what i did just lastnight.. mistype your snarky comment in team chat, that was meant for SG chat.
  3. yes, thank you, this is what i meant.
  4. That by issue 34 we'd have a trick yo yo power set. Since that wont ever come into fruition i have an easier request. Can we PLEASE have female masterminds. And not ugly 1s. You guys are super talented and Im sure you can pull it off. Im asking on behalf of everyone. Your prompt attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated. Or make me a trick yo yo power set, as mod 8, better known as The Ocho, promised me. Thanks, Much love. ~Cherry
  5. they are SO MUCH more fun. EVERYONE participates and enjoys it.
  6. well.. thats what its being used for.. typically the leader is blatant about it as well. It always ends in disaster
  7. so basically just so *anyone* can be power leveled. I think it should be restricted like some other zones are... you have to be (insert lvl here) to enter this zone. There is no other reason for any lvl to be there except to be leveled up.. Isnt AE being used for that?
  8. we've done this and its super fun.. and it was for sure a harder challenge.
  9. aint no one got time for reason and logic. QFT ❤️ xoxo
  10. well yes and no .. i had been harassing him well before that on the boards.. this was my opportunity to seize the moment since he was being held captive during the msr raid ( it was an event that was set up)
  11. actually .. when I 1st set on the path to wanting trick yoyo i did way more research on it than a normal person should have.. i immersed myself into learning about the history of the yoyo and it turns out its actually 1 of the 1st forms of weaponry and combat ( albeit a crude 1) .. i also watched lots of videos and decided yoyo could work as melee/range and it could be a support AT. Im pretty sure i drove The ocho nuts with it. And currently.. im in a table top group and 1 of my friends ( Hi Jits!) made me a YOYO as a weapon.. and its badass! So .. yo .. let me know if i can be of assistance
  12. i would like to note for the record that ive been asking for this FOREVER... Ocho promised me by issue 34 id have it.. i offer this as my exhibit .
  13. I had 1.. his name was Mr. Pink
  14. This is NORMAN.. hes my gaming buddy 😻
  15. no no no .. its WAY more fun to complain about it and try to have the devs change something so idiotic .
  16. its because you 2 have POS systems.
  17. Cherry

    Hamidon Bug

    Lets be real here.. how many of the players during a raid have multiple alts in the zone? Thats the bitch i have. My SG led them regularly with the zone at its cap back on live .. Id like to see the cap go back so you actually have to work for it, not just toss all the attacks at it. This game has gotten STUPID easy and it kinda sucks... BUT.. id rather have a stupid easy COH to play instead of nothing.
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