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  1. So. I went into an editor to see what I could finagle. Could the entryway be changed in such a way so that perhaps you didn't have to have that big blue column? Short answer: no. It can be manipulated, yes. You can stick that sucker on the wall. You can stick it on the ceiling. You can stick it so that the bulk of it is behind a wall, and as long as the base is clear of the wall in the southern direction, and the entire base portal is above the floor, you come out in front of the wall...in edit mode. Once you exit edit mode, you just get stuck. If you stick it on a wall, you will be stuck in that wall. If you stick it on the ceiling, you will appear above it...but so will the column. No gain there, likely much increased likelihood of triggering the "stuck in the column" bug, too. But yes, I got it to stick on the wall in my first try. Interestingly enough, even leaving edit mode, it still stayed in "surface" attachment. Experience tells me that once the base resets, it will go back to "Floor" mode, tho. 🙂 -Dacy
  2. I've done that several times by accident. There is a bug in the editor (when is there NOT a bug in the editor...) which will transfer the change you made on the object you just handled, and put it on the next object, even if that object is the base portal. Normally, you cannot change the attachment of the portal, and if the attachment has been changed by the bug, you STILL cannot change the attachment of the object, but if you want the orientation to be surface, play around with making other objects (especially ones that are normally "floor") attach to "surface", and then immediately go move the portal and see if it's now on "surface". Doesn't always take, but generally you can get it if you try a few times. -Dacy
  3. Did some new lettering, because the block letters I make with bathroom panels or candles were just not big enough, and of course, alphabet letters were too big. And these are more stylized...used bathroom panels again, angled. Also did a fun logo with alphabet letters: -Dacy
  4. *Does the Happy Dance* Yay! I was hoping that's how you would feel! The last thing I wanted to do is discourage a writer in any way, especially a new one! So far, I like the story very much. Would you like me to continue the edits, or would you like to try your hand at the rest, and see how it goes? Just a couple of notes: 1) if you turn on a spell check of some sort, it should help, most of the small errors I caught were just letter omissions, and a spell check should catch those, for the most part. 2) You might want to look at a book which is written in English, or look online for formatting dialogue. 3) In the sentence: “After our short session on Friday, I woke tied up in your little rustic and not so tacky, full of occult sings.", it is not clear where she awoke. Was it in a shed? A cave? A shack? A room? A hole in the ground? I will be happy to edit more, if you like, either before or after you take a stab at it again. 🙂 -Dacy
  5. If I may be so bold as to help with some editing/grammar/spelling? Wonderful first work, and it's so amazing that you write so well when English is not your first language! English is not an easy language. I thought the plot was great, I only made some minor changes in spelling, grammar, and occasionally, some word choices to clarify what I thought you meant, and modified the format in a couple of places, also for clarity. As far as plot, I am hoping you would later clarify what this mage was attempting, and why it took him so many tries! He doesn't sound as competent as he seems to think he is. Suggestions and notes will be in green; changes in yellow. Sometimes I crossed out words, but sometimes I just left them out. Once I switched the order of two sentences, but there is no way I know of to make that notation from my keyboard. (Watch, now, probably Christopher Robin will know how...) Anyway, I did want to stress that you did a great job, the only ONLY reason I put in editing was because you said you wanted it. 🙂 It was pitch dark in the room and Dr. Holliday started to feel uneasy. It had been too long since he had heard from his associates. Disposing of a body can be dangerous; not an easy task for an amateur, but they had done it so many times that, for them, it was literally a walk in the park. But that idiot Sullivan hadn't checked in for 20 hours. The moron is a fucking cop, for God’s sake. What is taking so long? It is not the first time he has done it. Something must have happened... or that idiot forgot his phone again! Holliday fumed. Anyway, I have more pressing matters to attend to than getting frustrated. Like fixing THESE GODDAMNED RUNES. IT SHOULD HAVE WORKED...IT SHOULD HAVE WORKED! Dr Holliday could no longer control his rage, and angrily swept the documents from his desk. Sighing, he put his head on the desk and grabbed his hair with hands. Maybe tomorrow he could go through the university’s files and pick a new candidate. The candidate must have been tainted somehow, but he had checked and made sure that was not the case. Who knows? Maybe it was not to be this time. The FUCKING 62nd attempt. (Suggest adding more visible reaction, such as: Holliday's jaw clenched in anger.) Notes: I decided which were Holliday's thoughts from context, and italicized them to show they are thoughts, not narrative. Then, because thoughts were italicized, I made the texts bold, to differentiate them, and added some identifiers to help the reader know if something was texted or thought. A buzz broke the silence of the room, interrupting his thoughts. It was his phone. Then, the phone buzzed again. He finally gathered his strength and lifted his head. He took the phone from his pocket and opened his messages. The light from the phone illuminated his face, revealing a deep frowning lines on his aged face. There was a single sentence on that phone which quickly rekindled his rage. I am cold. Holliday immediately texted back, furiously: Idiot! What took you so long? Do you think that your job is the hard part? Try to translate the same DAMMED text again! Holliday put the phone on his desk, but then it buzzed again. He checked his phone, sighing, and read the message. Doctor, I am cold! What is wrong with this idiot? I am in no mood for jokes, Holliday thought. What are you? A CHILD? I am not in the mood for your stupid jokes! The reply came shortly after that, and then another. I AM SO COLD! How are you feeling tonight, Doctor Holliday? I have missed you. It was so dark down there and… COLD. Mister policeman thinks so too. An attachment was sent with the message. Holliday froze. He was feeling uneasy. He opened the attachment and a shiver ran over him. There was photo of Sullivan’s pale body impaled on a tree. And then another message came. He is so cold and alone. Wouldn’t you like to join him? There was another attachment sent this time. He opened the attachment. This time it was someone else. It was Jake. His body was on his bed, half dressed, pale and with his mouth open. His tongue and lips were white. His extremities showed frostbite. He looked like he had died from hypothermia. The area around his neck looked the strangest. It was purple, with marks that looked like fingers had left them. (My opinion: you do not need to say strangulation, the description is clear) That was impossible. He has seen Jake on campus two hours ago. He glanced again at the picture. That resembled a campus bed. The killer was on campus! He started to panic. His counseling office was just 10 minutes away. Holliday felt like his stomach was churning. Who would be so stupid to attack them? He was a damned lieutenant in the Circle of Thorns, the biggest branch in Paragon City. He could crush any wannabe, inexperienced mage. Those idiots, Sullivan and Jake, were just weak initiates. And like the WEAK initiates they were, they died like flies. He is a paragon, a monster of the occult with knowledge amassed over thirty years within the Circle. The phoned buzzed again, interrupting his attempts at a confidence boost. Knock. Knock. Guess who is at the door? The doorknob turned, and the door opened with a slow screech, allowing the light from the hallway to slowly penetrate into the room. Dr. Holliday froze in place. His newly rebuilt confidence just died (suggest withered, instead of died, More descriptive). It was like he was seeing a ghost. But the ritual failed, he thought to himself. NO! They checked the vitals. “What’s the matter, Doctor?” asked a calm voice. The air in the air chilled. Then the figure's right hand made a sudden move, and a frigid mist shot towards Holliday. (suggestion: a mist does not sound very threatening. Perhaps shards of ice? An icy blast?) He dodged that just in time, and then jumped out of the window into the courtyard of the University. There was not a single soul in sight. The night was chillier (suggest colder, as that is a stronger word than chillier) than usual. He turned towards the window and waited. Waited for the enemy to get out into his range of vision so he could attack with his spells. Nothing happened. Holliday strained all of his senses, searching the night for some sign of his enemy. Nothing was happening. The Circle mage saw a mist was forming in the courtyard. He could tell this wasn’t a spell of his enemy, but certainly had something to with his attacker, for it was not a natural phenomena for an autumn night. The mist was turning into a fog. His ears caught the sound of something to his left in the fog. He dodged again, just in time, as several ice bolts shot through the place where he had been standing earlier. He spoke a quick spell, and a bright wave appeared, pushing away the fog and objects within the area. But suddenly he realized his legs couldn't move, and they were so cold! He looked, and his legs were covered in thick layer of ice, as well as an area of about 6 or 7 seven meters around him. When had this happened? He realized the cold fog has done this to him, but now the fog had nearly dispersed. The ice began to spread from his feet upwards. He kept heating his body with fiery hands, but the ice was faster and he soon found himself covered in ice up the neck. His body was shivering uncontrollably. Hypothermia must be setting in, he thought. His teeth were now chattering. And, that is all I have time for. Really should not have gone to bed before I even started this, sigh. For the rest, I'd suggest that you do not need to separate each of her lines of dialogue, since she is the only one speaking. Grammatically, they should not each be a separate line. If you want to break up the dialogue, to give some pause between lines of dialogue, you could write in some description of what she is doing, what he is doing, or something descriptive to add to the imagery. Most of the changes I made above were either spelling errors/omissions, or clarifying information. I rewrote three sentences because I felt that this was what you were trying to say, so I reworded it just a bit. Very good work, overall! And now I bet Christopher Robin has something to add. 🙂 -Dacy
  6. Aww, thanks, @wei yau! That's very kind and sweet. I'm glad the videos helped! I've just tried to pass along what I've learned from many excellent base builders, and some of the things I have managed to figure out one my own, lol. 🙂 So glad to hear from you, thank you. -Dacy
  7. Yes, you can add sound files, Lyris, there's a list of them on the base builders cheat sheet, with a link to further sound files if you don't find what you want. . 🙂 Nice work on the base! -Dacy
  8. Thanks, @sponazgul! I took a look, and nice work! I know how much work a big base like that is. I'm very glad the videos helped you get the look you wanted. 🙂 I do wish they'd add more large white pieces, and snow and ice have been on the list for a long time, too; I know that would have made things so much easier! Keep up the great work! -Dacy
  9. True, and that's what I do until I have the placement I want, with NPCs. -Dacy
  10. My bad, I misremembered where I had the convo, too many places...! 🙂 I've had spots in a base that acted differently than others, I think it's yet another glitch in the matrix. -Dacy
  11. We had this discussion on Discord, but for the record, I have found that if you are rotating things, especially and almost always if you are rotating on two different axes, first one way and then another, if you are set to anything above 5 degrees, (and sometimes even then), you will see strange angles added to your process. It's annoying! Sometimes I find if I do the angles in a different order than the order which got screwy, sometimes it behaves better, but I haven't done enough experimentation to discover the conditions. -Dacy
  12. Try placing the plasma screens using a grid setting, 1/4 can work. Sometimes a slightly different location in the base will work better, or even facing a different way, if you can. Are you by chance near the bottom of the plot? Things move more there. I haven't seen those items move that much, usually. -Dacy
  13. If you know about when you placed it, you can look for other objects in that room, it should help you to find it. Also, with NPCs and skies, you'll see a blank spot if the editor is picturing things correctly; that's easy to spot on a fast run thru in "current room". -Dacy
  14. Dacy

    SG Scavenger Hunt

    Congratulations to our Scavenger Hunt Winners! First place, with a perfect score in the fastest time, Si'gyn! Our next runners up, also with perfect scores, Green Scream and Mystic Fortune! Finishing out the top five is Rock-shasa and Thermostata! They both found 23 of the very challenging 25 items. We had a total of 5 people who found 23 items, and our last two placed winners found 22 and 21. Everyone who participated got an award. Thank you all! And watch for more contests from The Invincible Ones! Contestant order of finishing: Winner (1 Bil Inf) Si'gn Time: 1:24 Perfect 25 Runners up (100 Mil) Green Scream Time: 1:31 Perfect 25 Mystic Fortune Time: 1:34 Perfect 25 Rock-shasa Time: 1:02 Found 23 Thermostata Time: 1:55 Found 23 6th-10th (10 Mil) Akisan Time: 2:22 Found 23 Lil' Bastet Time:2:24 Found 23 Dr. Doomsayer Time: 2:42 found 23 War Cube Time: 2:08 Found 22 Baser Time:50 min Found 21 Participation Thank You Awards- 1 Mil Inf Each: Dark Core: 20 in 58 mins Aoelinius: 20 in 1:29 Green Murder Hornet: 19 in 2:07 Boogeymaniac: 17 in 57 mins Ghouls Night Out: 17 in 1:41 Nicole A Tesla: 13 in 58 mins (had to leave for work) It was a tough list! Thanks to all who played, and we hope we'll see you and more of you at other events! Feel free to stop by our space ship! ONES-5030.
  15. Sure, that's a Rikti computer, they come in various sizes, find in Tech. -Dacy
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