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  1. It's my pleasure to be able to debut one of the most spectacular bases I've ever seen. If you know the editor at all, you're going to be blown away. You gotta see this! -Dacy
  2. Another base tour up and ready to view! Please note, change the quality you watch (corner, gear on viewing screen in YouTube) to the highest your connection will allow, because the autoplay quality makes this look horrid. Karma
  3. Oh! And I can't believe I forgot this person until now, @Christopher Robin! Oh he of the orange text posts and the never ending encouragement of the artistic side of COH. I am pretty sure he isn't an actual editor in RL, but man, he's good at it. If you ever want a piece critiqued helpfully, he's your guy. He is everywhere on the Arts and Media topic, just everywhere, encouraging everyone. -Dacy
  4. I forgot to directly thank @EmmySky for the original call out/compliment! Doh. Also thanks to @agentx5 and @Tahliah. It feels really nice to get such compliments. 🙂 You all rock, and I love this topic! Seriously, what other game would even have this? -Dacy
  5. Yes, I learned how to make the link permanent! This invite won't expire. 🙂 https://discord.gg/5btRzdv4 -Dacy
  6. What a wonderful topic, and thank you so much, Emmy! I love @EmmySky, she contributes a lot to my Discord by way of comments and encouragement, along with a few other regular contributors, most notably @Easter Bunny, who is always ready to go see someone's base and give them encouragement! I want to call out @VileTerror, who set up a Halloween giveaway last year, using several people as the faces of a giveaway that spanned all servers and gave away billions just for visiting bases, prompting and inspiring my Halloween base. I'm still giving away stuff from that!! I al
  7. I've done this mission before, and recently, but this time, in the last mission (set on the moon) when Yin has set up her protective bubble to protect you against the Apocalypse beam, it afforded zero protection! Even Yin died, although, to be fair, I don't know whether that was the Apocalypse beam, the mobs that we couldn't deal with because of the defeats, that had surrounded us, or a combination of the two; I just know that Yin has never died on me in that mission before. In fact, the last time I did this mission before this, we could safely ignore the apocalypse beam to a degree; heals and
  8. I believe the Pagoda was entered in the very first (or possibly the second?) Everlasting base contest. It was already a stunning base, but somehow only got, as she said, basically a mention as, "hey, nice base". It's now a much more extensive and refined base, and deserves another chance (and hopefully this time, more recognition!). -Dacy
  9. Plus, since the quote was of the question of entering the contest twice with two accounts, I don’t feel like it was specifically targeted at you. And I think your reasons are legit. -Dacy
  10. Well...at the rate I’m going...no. Putting it that way, it’s not fair. I’ll take it down. -Dacy
  11. It would be wonderful to have badges for base building! There are a great number of us who have both addictions. 🙂 Perhaps a badge for being in the editor 100, 500, and 1,000 hours. Another for having bought/placed 20k items (the item limit for a base). Another for, say, creating a base with all the teleporters to the zones connected. Another for having deleted 10k items (call it "Destroyer of Worlds" or something). "Bughunter" is very difficult to earn, maybe a badge to go with the titles for being one of the winners of a HC contest? (That one should be account wide; I'd favor "Master Builder
  12. Hi! Okay, little trick to keep the editor from booting you to the entry in the first place: fill the entry, make it solid. When you finish, this means you will be ported to someplace outside of the entry room, to the side, usually; for this and for any time you are booted somewhere you don't want to be, or are stuck, type /stuck to return to the entry portal. I will be making a tutorial sharing these tips; I haven't been able to make new ones, and am just, now that we're about two weeks in, making up for some lost time. I am also unable to edit the existing videos without losing them altoge
  13. Night Ward, at least, I believe keeps your night lights on, and has a fairly bright cast to it, for a night sky. -Dacy
  14. First in a new touring series. First up: the Pagoda, by @Squidget -Dacy
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