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  1. Amazing bases! Wow, I don't know how you're going to choose! Thanks for doing this contest, and thanks for looking at all of our bases! Nothing makes a base builder happier than having people see their stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚ In the ONES space ship, the Oranderite, I did want to call attention to detail. Check out, for example, the bar in the nightclub. There's a garnish tray for drink garnishes there. I tried to pay attention to detail in each room I did. Thanks! -Dacy
  2. One more question. Are the titles that are awarded global, for all our characters, or are they specific to one character? -Dacy
  3. In other words, are you limiting the entry to one per base owner, or is the base builder the determining factor? If that builder is a contributor on another base, is one of the bases now ineligible? Can someone enter a base as the owner but still be a contributor on another base that's entered? -Dacy (Sorry for all the questions!)
  4. Okay, on the one entry only please, thing...um. I've got bases I've made for people on several servers. They belong to them, but I made them, and I know of several bases where there are several contributors. Does that mean that first base in is the only one that can be entered? Or is it one per base owner, regardless of if someone who contributed is entered with another base? -Dacy
  5. Doesn't say we can't... ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks, Jimmy, for the clarification. -Dacy
  6. I think when they say "contributors" they mean, who built it, whether OP or were there others in addition? Maybe they will clarify. -Dacy
  7. Wait, so, you're not taking any tours? The contest is then going to be judged on just 5 screen shots? Which are optional?? I think I may be confused... -Dacy
  8. It worked!! Again, many many thanks! -Dacy
  9. Thank you so much!! I will get my husband to make sure I do it right, heh. ๐Ÿ™‚ -Dacy
  10. Hi! Just found your topic, and I will admit to not being terribly computer literate, plus, running LINUX, if that makes a difference, but. I'd very much like to silence a sound in a base while I'm working in it, it's driving me crazy, and I want to be able to hear if someone PMs me, or something. I searched in your topic, but no one had listed this sound, the sound of the Mystic Orrery. I get lost in trying to follow some of these directions. Can anyone find the name of this sound file for me, please? Thank you so much! -Dacy
  11. The kiosk lettering is made from tintable candles in room details and soap bars from bathrooms. Part of the trick there was coming up with a name with no curved letters! Iโ€˜vw even done words with candy boxes, which is about as small as it gets in this editor so far. I donโ€™t recommend it!! Getting little things to stay lined up is super hard! I bet if we do get tiny letters, theyโ€™d have some of the same problems. But at least the words would stay legible! -Dacy
  12. 100%!! If Iโ€™d had tiny letters, I could have labeled games and such. Labeled destinations for the lifts. And so on! And thanks for the kind words. ๐Ÿ˜Š -Dacy
  13. Just a note on the Oranderite Starship, there are two areas accessible only from certain locations: the Captain's Ready Room, accessible only from the bridge from the lift marked as such, and the large shuttle airlock, on top of the ship, accessible only from the lift in the shuttlebay (destination Z). As always, when viewing outside or over large distances in a base, /visscale 5 is recommended. -Dacy
  14. Arcade details! Stupid forum programming adds everything I post to my "allowed" total, even if they are separate posts, Annoying! Meant I couldn't post this right off. DDR and first person shooter: Claw machine Skee ball and basketball (the little numbers were one of the biggest pains!) Well, I have one wall completed, the other side still to go. Closeup of the motorcycles. I am proud of how they turned out! And finally, the racing game: I will be adding more racing, another shooter, the pinball machines, and we will see what else I can come up with, if anything. I do with we had more colorful lights and such to play with. ๐Ÿ™‚ -Dacy
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