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  1. The building and street construction is very possible. However, we are unable to animate anything in the base, although a few objects have inherent motions. Cars are not one of these, nor are NPCs. Everything else is possible, but the door either has to be permanently open or you use a teleporter to get through it. -Dacy
  2. Did a stained glass window of sorts for the castle I'm working on. I think it turned out well! The overall view with the chandelier is fairly impressive, I think. I just wish the white walls had a better rendering distance! -Dacy
  3. It’s not a glitch, it’s the easiest way to get above or below the base confines so you can work. You remove the ceiling segments in a section, room, or whole base, and set the style to “open sky”, and then you can fly out while in edit mode, and this means via anything that lets you fly. You might want to check out my video series on base building, I explain the ins and outs and hows of building. -Dacy
  4. The main problem is, we have no shapes at all that dovetail like a roof side needs to. Nothing really triangular or trapezoidal...except the roofs already part of a building. One thing I noticed about the top building: the roofline really isn't much different than ours. The same basic look could be achieved by putting on a raised snub triangle on the corner, so the line of the roof goes up at the end. It would have to be the corner of something solid and square, or made to look like that, preferably with rounded edges, not super sharp edges. The rest of the apparent bow to the roof comes from what's under it, and how those materials are positioned relative to the roofline. You'll have to try to smoothly blend same type materials to form the lines of the trapezoid, which means you're going to have a real problem with flicker. Slight angles as they intersect will help with that. And that's about all I've got at this point. If I stumble across something that makes a better roof, I'll tell you. Myself, I had to cobble together some things to make a tech style roof of a castle turret; I've been thru all the materials (except didn't really look at the stone), and there's not much that will make a good roof that can be blended to make a four sided rooftop. (here's a shot of the roofs I put together) -Dacy
  5. If your med stuff isn't working, have you looked to see if it is powered? Medical items, even the inspiration dispensers, require power/control. -Dacy
  6. How big of a pagoda roof were you wanting to build, @ShardWarrior? -Dacy
  7. Wow, no, @ShardWarrior, I have no idea...they need more curved and triangular objects, that's for darn sure. Good luck... -Dacy
  8. Great advice on the visscale! Yeah, I experience the mapserve for a couple of seconds when I access storage the first time and when I enter edit mode, no matter the size base. That just seems to be what it does now. It doesn’t seem to be a dangerous mapserve, one that loses things or actually disconnects you; might be interesting to measure the time and see if it’s longer for larger bases, because that could be an indication that it reaches the point of disconnect danger in very large bases. I have yet to experience actually losing materials on homecoming, or getting mapserved to disconnect simply by accessing storage. Knowing how the base storage is handled by the game, tho, means that that could be a danger at some point, but that might also depend on the actual server. -Dacy
  9. Your computer CPU and memory will have a great deal to do with this. Note: fx items may only count as one item, but they take up much more memory proportionately. If you are using a large number of fx, or really, any, I'd save installation of the fx until you are done with everything else. However, side note: if you have problems editing with memory slowdown and general bogginess, people have a much greater chance of problems if you have anything in storage in the base. Items in storage are treated as base items, and each time they are added or removed, the entire base is rewritten. Memory problems and lag abound with this design, and items can be lost, people can be mapserved in the middle of moving items, etc. The higher the memory usage for a base, the greater the risk of memory related problems. If this is a base that is supposed to be functional, I'd suggest a lower item count, or a separate base for storage. -Dacy
  10. Cool. Some thoughts on the answers: -Dacy
  11. You'll get there! Some questions in my mind, maybe they'll help spur something, maybe I'm just putting these out there: Does Marilyn know or think she has any special abilities, or would she say she's ordinary, because that's ordinary to her? Annabel made a lot of assumptions when she saw Marilyn. At what point might she start asking questions, because she was clearly so excited about where Marilyn is from? Or, what would need to happen to spur questions? Is Marilyn the least little bit curious about Annabel? Like, why does she think she is a vampire, or why does she love vampires so much? I know I'm curious! So far, there seem to have been quite a few supernatural occurrences around these girls...or perhaps just around Marilyn? If so, is she used to that? If not, why now? This school, why are they there? Apparently they are not college age, so it must be a boarding school. Why this school? Or, if it's not the school, most kids don't go to boarding school, how is it these two wound up there? Is the school special in some way? I can think of three main ways that characters are developed or their important qualities are revealed: through personal glimpses of thoughts, memories, desires, or reactions; through interactions with other characters, and through reactions in situations. I hope this helps a little! 🙂 Happy writing! -Dacy
  12. QB: woo! Nice!! Now hurry and write more, I can’t stand the suspense! 😁 @iynx, wow. You have a fascinating way of revealing your character. Very evocative, I find myself being drawn in and wondering so much about this character! -Dacy
  13. Okay, so, I needed a larger chandelier for a castle entry hall. Very happy with the result (It's hard to find round things that can serve as a base for something like this. Finally found the perfect thing for this particularly sized thing! Can you tell what it is?) Again, the sparkling effects make this much prettier in person. 🙂 -Dacy
  14. It's just cosmetic. It's the effect they used with the winter event launcher. -Dacy
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