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  1. You can use the superbase mission computer to pick which alignment missions you want to play, so you can get the one with each of them whenever you need.
  2. Yeah, that's how I did it.
  3. Cataclysmic's now the final badge in the damage-dealt line added by the Homecoming devs.
  4. Empath - Craft a Rebirth Core Epiphany for your Destiny slot (the one with +temp HP). Go to the ledge in Mercy with all the training Arachnos in formation and set it to autofire. Should get the badge in a dozen or so hours of idle farming. Jailed - Start an Ouroboros mission with Malta on -1. Find a couple of spawns near each other with 2 or so -1 sappers in it (higher if you have better defenses), kill all but the sappers, let the sappers whale on you for a while.
  5. I can confirm. We had a team of 6 last night with jetpacks or flight. Run outside immediately after the glowies are all clicked, then fly up into the sky and shoot from range. Drop Lore pets to make it go faster.
  6. Here I am. (Leaving on a vacation today, and you know I'm setting my alignment red while I'm gone.)
  7. It's always bugged me that not every villain/opponent group has a badge. I say we all brainstorm ideas for badges for the groups that don't and petition our benevolent dictators Homecoming developers to add them. As far as I recall, these groups have no badges associated: Knives of Artemis Infested Preatorians Luddites Security Guards Slag Golems Spetznatz Commandos Wyvern Mooks (apart from Gladiators) Shadow Shard Reflections Did I miss a group? A badge associated with a group? Make your suggestions below. And don't forget to like and subscribe.
  8. There is no issue with that. This is not theoretical. It works. I got Empath within the last week. Feel free to argue whether or not it SHOULD work, but understand that it actually DOES work. The only drawback is that there's not always six spawns of soldiers there. But it definitely works.
  9. GotMedieval


    He tends to end up high in the sky partially stealthed.
  10. According to the savecoh boards, there's a new badge that awards for visiting the Hero One Memorial three different times: once in Atlas Park, once during the cape mission (Omega Team Memorial in Ouroboros), and once during either the Dr. Khan or Barracuda TF/SF. I've done all four now, and also done the Omega Team Memorial mission once through Ouroboros and once 'live' through the City Representative. I've even done the Ouroboros Cape, Dr. Khan, and Atlas clicking on the plaque in order in one play session today. Still no badge award. There's no longer a progress bar for the badge in my Badge window, either. Is it bugged?
  11. According to the old Wikis, the Honorary Bro badge is awarded for people who save Dean McArthur during the Mr. Yin storyline. He should show up during the Carnie mission if you've completed his story arc, and then you get the badge for saving him. Trouble is, he's not spawning, even though i definitely have the souvenir for his story arc.
  12. You can also spend 1 hour in Pocket D to get the badge and the teleporter.
  13. Is there any way the badge could be bugged? I've gone to the cape mission in Ouro and through the city rep, done both Barracuda and Khan TFs, and visited the memorial in Atlas, and I've not dinged this badge.
  14. I've checked the Atlas Park Echo, Recluse's Victory, the Dr. K and Barracuda TF/SFs. No dice on the third part of the badge. Next stop, going to see if City Hall becomes accessible when RV is progressed to a specific stage.
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