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  1. I'll update tonight. If you want to make sure I see you, send me a message rather than posting to this thread.
  2. Sorry it took so long to update this time. Real busy with that Incarnate TF called 'RL'.
  3. I'm going to assume everyone who gave me a 1546 update will log in this month. So you don't all need to tell me you hit 1547.
  4. Oh noes. This topic dropped off the front page of Excelsior!
  5. You need to download their client and do the verification process to appear.
  6. We're not deprecated yet. I'm still adding to this list. But also, go check out https://cityofbadgers.com/
  7. You're going to make me rename myself AAA Sister Corruption aren't you?
  8. Hey guys, When you have updates, catch me ingame, send me a direct message here, or send me one on the Discord. You can post your screenshots to show off, of course, but I don't catch that there's new replies here like I do if you contact me through other methods. -Sister C
  9. Efficiency Expert isn't available through Orouboros. You just need to hit the newspapers in Grandville until you get introduced properly.
  10. Get a group together and run the first mission of the last Hollows arc. You only need to reset 2-3 times to hit the badge for Magma Lords.
  11. With Elusive, I guess I should just boost everyone +1, eh? 😉
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