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  1. I think the Vindicators are some really good picks because some of them are very underdeveloped as in-game characters, but have Praetorian counterparts - and also because there's quite a few ways to develop pools for them that don't step on *any* existing pool's toes. I think the best use of Hero Patrons would be to use them to introduce new sets that are both "lore-friendly" in that they develop the associated characters, and are unique enough that people who don't actually consider their character to be "borrowing" patron powers to be able to explore their themes further with them.
  2. Why does it need to be 60 seconds? Being honest, a .5 second or so hold back when mez dropped toggles seems very in-theme with a paralysis/jolt/whatever electricity side effect. Annoying and awful to play against, but that's a different discussion. Random clockwork already sleep my low level characters nonstop.
  3. Would it? The damage is equivalent to the other damage auras, which do more "exotic" damage types.
  4. I'd love if the signature story arcs (Who Will Die? and Pandora's Box) were added to the WST rotation or given their own WST-esque rotation; it's annoyingly hard to get people together to do the villain ones even with the pretty substantial reward-to-time-investment they give right now.
  5. Only if you come in with that as a preconceived notion. There's other characters who contribute, passively, as much as a soldier with double toggles, and even moreso with a move set to autofire. The point is to illustrate how low the bar to "contributing" really is when we're fitting that 8th person in.
  6. I strongly agree with this, but also want to add that I think any sort of buffs to stalkers might want to focus on the early/massively underperforming sets. The sets that are bad on stalkers are bad. Though the Assassin's Focus change sounds like how it really always should've worked.
  7. I disagree with this - it's incredibly common to have powerset combos, on SOs, that have individuals not dying. If no one is ever actually hitting zero then a healing set is redundant, full stop. And I'm saying this as someone who recently introduced several friends to the game and some of them didn't even update their SOs regularly. Players die from mistakes far more than content being too difficult, and honestly Empathy isn't even the best set for saving people from themselves. That's my issue with set. This can not be stressed enough. Empathy, on SOs, is a massive underperfor
  8. Going to chime in and say that I am not a fan, at all, of any sort of combo system being add with Fortitude. It just doesn't feel that into the spirit of the set to me, and I'm increasingly tired of combos being the go-to way to "fix" sets. Personal proposals Absorb Pain - I think it'd be neat if the Caster got an absorb bubble for the amount they healed. In another world I'd say making this a toggle that works similarly-ish to Spirit Ward + Oppressive Gloom would be neat, but I think that ship has sailed. This power is honestly in a terrible place considering just how
  9. If anything, Energy Melee without the glowy hands feels way more Super Strength.
  10. I understand where it is timeline wise, I just feel like the plot is incredibly disjointed. If I haven't done Mind of a King, the idea that they're stealing electricity for an evil plot (or even capable of plotting) is borderline nonsensical. At this point, my character should just think they're annoying wind-up toys that steal scrap to make more. I just don't feel compelled by the Synapse TF, so I feel a little bad for the Clockwork King because I can come up with all sorts of hypothetical, non-evil plots, and also because on some level, post-reveal, I have absolutely zero idea what he cou
  11. Storyline-wise, Synapse's TF has always felt incredibly unsatisfying, and a part of it is because I have no idea what the actual stakes are, plus the Clockwork King's backstory kind of has me rooting for him a little. I'd be fine with the slog if I agreed with the end-goal, but because the TF both drags on and glosses over key points, I kind of feel like a bad person at the end. Why does he want the city's power? What is Babbage? Why do we never address what Blue Steel did? The whole arc is built around the twist, but the twist is unsatisfying and answers essentially none of my actual quest
  12. I think that the Insight lockout is the reason Psi feels so terrible. I understand that there was a desire to not be a "hit three times and then use a big attack" set again but the loooong lockout feels atrocious when Insight is random enough as-is. I feel like I'm doing good, not great, damage with Insight up and trash damage without it. It's just an awkward mechanic that messes up the flow of the set. I actually really like Psi's bizarre animations, very JoJo's Bizarre Adventure meets Psylocke, but I can't for the life of me figure out how they came to that artistic direction.
  13. While this is true and completely fair, I think I'd rate Earth Assault above a lot of other Earth sets, and Psionic Assault is probably up there too (are we counting Mind Control as a Psi set? Illusion Control? Willpower?). If we're giving a bump for sets compared to other sets on the AT, I think some of the assault sets could come out on top. Earth Assault - Everything I've ever wanted in a melee Assault set, only held back by having some of the absolute worst ranged attacks, most notably no Snipe. But Seismic Smash + Mud Pots gives this melee DPS potential far beyond essentially any other
  14. Atomic Blast (the Radiation Blast T9) is a PBAoE. Ice's single target hasn't been specifically notable since the snipe buffs (procs aside) as far as I'm aware. Blizzard is the set stand-out, I do not think this was a balancing decision, I think it is just the natural end result of power creep. I will say that while I do not think more power creep is a good thing for the game, I am also willing to say that I'm not sure it'd be bad for the game. I do, however, think alternate choices are a can of worms that the current devs are right to reject, because there's no w
  15. I strongly disagree with this; Ring of Fire outdamages several Blaster T1s in terms of damage per animation. Stone Prison is outdamaged by several pool powers.
  16. I'm not slotting these powers for immobilize, so short of having some truly absurd set bonuses I don't see what this would possibly change. Immobs already take a fairly decent array of procs, already have a great uptime to recharge ratio, and already take damage sets. In all fairness about slotting, Control set Immobs have 90% (1.2x) accuracy baseline. While there's some outliers that would probably need looked at (Fire Manip's Ring of Fire, maybe), I don't think it'd be that absurd to apply this (or a slightly lower version of it) to the in Secondaries.
  17. These are primarily taken for damage/setting containment (to do damage) on Controllers. To this end, I personally would like if some of the longer animating ones (Earth comes to mind) would do a little bit more damage. It's sort of unfortunate that Control sets with a lot of damage already like Fire (and I think Plant?) have the significantly better versions of a power that primarily does damage.
  18. I think this would be a great response if we were in a situation where even one Tanker (or Tank at all in some upper-level content) was preferred, but we just aren't. When the desired number of Tankers for most content is zero, multiplying how many I want or need still leaves me with zero. There is no min/maxed content where I actually want a second Tanker in any situation at the moment, and exceedingly little where I want a first one. at the same time, I'm not going to reject a Tanker for any content at the moment either. The current aggro cap is irrelevant to this; we'd either have to hav
  19. I'm fairly certain it also buffs some defense buffs that aren't flagged to ignore outside sources. It's supposed to make other powers stronger, the way Power Boost does.
  20. I get the logic on some level, but I think as just a design philosophy there's something incredibly unfair about Scrappers and Stalkers getting variants of sets that just ignore a portion of their mechanic - it feels like there's something intrinsically wrong with the set design if we can't just make them work with the mechanic but somehow can make other sets work with it. Pushing Scrapper/Stalker damage down while leaving Tanker/Brute damage in place feels unfair. If the disparity of Scrappers/Stalkers getting Power Siphon AND crits while the other two get nothing is a problem, then add th
  21. My biggest issue with KM's design is that I just don't care about the last 2 powers. I can have my full game single target rotation down by level 4, which leaves very little to look forward to. I think there's plenty of issues with the set - Repulsing Torrent has a bizarre design philosophy for a melee set, Power Siphon doesn't feel like it works right, and the overall damage feels like I'm working extra hard for middling gains at best - but by the time I have Burst the set feels "over". Focused Burst and Concentrated Strike feel bizarrely bad. I've seen a lot of suggestions for
  22. I assume you're talking more about Melee/Blast T1s than other ones, because that's where the choice is less "Does this offer utility I need?" and more "Which one of this is the objectively better attack?" And in those situations, I just check, but I usually wait for a level 20-something respec to do so because I don't want my opinion of any given set tainted (though I will say Psychic Blast managed to taint my opinion of it all on its own). In all fairness, most T1s and T2s don't have a big difference, and I personally find I usually want both anyways. For those that don't fit that
  23. I don't think this really fixes the issue at all - a pack is generously worth ~14 million inf, and 100 merits spent on convertors, sold at 50,000, is still 15 million inf. If, say, Winter Packs were buyable at 100 with merits, I think there'd be a strong incentive towards buying them with merits during non-Winter months, as it would vastly increase the inf per merit of buying the pack. But it also makes winter IOs extremely accessible - is that something we actually want? Or, perhaps, if there were merit-exclusive Enhancement sets. But I think that takes out some of the fun of random dro
  24. I'm also going to recommend Defender, but not for the same reasons as everyone else; Venomous Gas, the T9 power (for everyone except Masterminds; I also think their variant, Noxious Gas, is amazing, though) is an absolute game-changer for the set, and getting it sooner makes the set feel better faster, in my opinion. Poison is, in my opinion, quite a bit under-tuned as a set overall due to specific values (mainly -Regen) not being comparable to other sets that offer similar values of debuffs, but Venomous Gas requires minimal effort to apply an honestly fairly absurd debuff in a la
  25. The email menus are currently awful to navigate; the email menu itself is so small and trying to expand it just expands the wrong side.
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