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  1. App you can be my Valentine's Bestie cuz I avoid that stuff like the plaque. I decline the Valentine reality and substitute my own. But I also recognize that is a valid point. The holiday's suck for those who are vulnerable and at risk. It is possible to be isolated even in a group game no matter how it is imposed. ToT is a big thing for our group, but that's about it. Anyone on Torch need to run someone to run content with, outside of Hami hours I'm 90% down for whatever. Esp Frostfire.
  2. So far so good as we move into the first full weekend of Trick or Treating. I'm honestly not sure what caused the heavier lag, the Rikti or the Zombie invasions. Regardless, we knocked them all back to their realms of existence. We hope everyone is having fun. Some things to note in the coming weeks: Quite frequently league members may experience an XP bug. If your XP bottoms out or seems low, drop league and ask for a re-invite. We are well aware of this from last year. Please be patient when asking for invites. I diligently try to go back thru my chat to add folks in the ord
  3. So typically they initiate the Halloween event the first Tuesday in Oct, usually during their scheduled downtime/update period. I have not seen much mention aside from everyone's anticipation, but that is when it is typically started.
  4. That's it nearly Trick or Treating time again. From the group that brought loosely organized chaos in league format, we'll be back at it again. We're hoping to be a smidge more organized this year, but you know how it is herding cats. Mayhem Motel in PI is under new management and they haven't been warned about us yet. Zone events during the Eternal Night to include: Deadly Apocalypse (Banners) Zombie Invasion GM hunts (ft. Eochai and Jack in Irons) general nuisance behavior There will also be the option to be 'treated' with new temporary costumes, which while
  5. Funny, I coulda swore I saw a Zag shaped essence in the Hive tonight. It's like a shooting star. I wished for my work week to go quickly and smoothly. And also a bushel of fresh rhubarb.
  6. Hamicide AKA The Weekend Special So you've seen the call for the Hamicide, but just not sure what it is. Well, here we will try to summarize the basic idea of the Hamicide weekend special. Lil Claw (LC) spices things up with a Hamicide on their raids on the weekend. The raids still consists of 3 runs: a Zerg run, an Old School run, and another Zerg run. So what do you mean by 'Zerg' run? A Zerg run means NO MITO take down phase. We attack Hami head on. Once Hami has spawned everyone in the league is brought back to the safe rock. Everyone
  7. Just to clarify there are 2 raid groups in the Hive. The first raid group that I (and my alternates) lead consists of 3 runs in a row. Lil Claw leads the second raid group right after with an additional 3 runs for a total of 6. There is also additional information listed for the Hamicide that LC runs on the weekends.
  8. Saturday Night BAF on Torch. It's been a miserably hot week in the South and @GM_Flints 'assumed the Hug position' for a 5 sec cool down hug (per player request).
  9. I typically play on Torchbearer and whenever I have submitted a ticket for assistance, he is 'Johnny on the spot'. He's taken feedback about our Hami raids to the Dev team, fixed some bugged TFs (poor Katie), and has been all around helpful and proactive. We don't tend to submit tickets often, but whenever we do, GM Impervium is very prompt, courteous, and engaged in problem solving. I understand that many of the roles are filled with those volunteering their time, so I am appreciative of the assistance when it's needed. Thanks all.
  10. The crushing alt-oholism is real. (I know most alt if they crash) Will be super thrilled to have the Hami get a little more stabilized. That Jello needs a reckoning.
  11. So you've decided to Hami but aren't sure where to start? Excellent choice hero. Let's start with a general overview of the raid as it happens in the Hive on Torchbearer. The Basics So first thing is how to get here. If you are w/o out a SG teleport system you'll need to travel from Founder Falls to the hazard door to Eden and from Eden to the hazard door to the Hive. If you have teleport options then just TP to Eden. (Refer to zone entrance photo to see if you're in the right place) Now, that being said, the Hive (and the Abyss) are zones with a pl
  12. During the Early Bird Raid (around 1830-1900 EST) I lost about 1/3 to 1/2 of the league at the bud spawn. The only way that I am personally able to avoid it is by facing away from the buds at a distance, and only letting my pets attack. This pretty consistently happens every night for the last 2-3 weeks. I've told others where to find their crash reports. It seems to be the biggest issue with the first 2 runs of the first raid. The final run and the subsequent raid do not seem to be a problem. I am unsure if someone wants to sit in on this to get a better idea of what is happening first hand.
  13. How 'bout pudding? Is pudding ok?
  14. A huge thank you to everyone who joined us for Trick or Treat league in PI this year. We caused a lot of mayhem at the motel and I'm betting management is glad to be rid of us. Eochai and Jack were good sports, and the zombies & banners made numerous celebrity appearances. Enormous thank yous to Radium Gurl, Az'rial, and Lord Aragas who were all instrumental in leading, running, and maintaining the league. So big shout out to all of the players that ran us with over the course of the last month; we had a blast and hope you did as well. I hope the costume contest winners enjoy their prizes.
  15. Update/FYI- Tuesdays will apparently be known as Tots-less Tuesday. Raids will proceed as planned, with other players in charge on those days. (Ebony Divine, Little Claw, Gaea's Outcast, etc)
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