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  1. While looking through the powers for Savage Melee on a Scrapper I noticed that Shred doesn't have any crit info for it in the power information in-game, while on a stalker it does. Now I can not take credit for this as Talesin discovered this as mentioned on their post here: Which unfortunately didn't get any replies. Now while talking with about this with Bopper they confirmed it for me and did a screenshot of the power info in the files for Shred showing that there is no crit info for it. So it's impossible for Shred to crit on a Scrapper which I would assume is a bug, since any attacks on a scrapper are meant to be able to do a critical strike since it's their inherent power. Here is said screenshot showing all effects of Shred on a Scrapper proving that there is no critical attack / strike info for it. For more info on Scrapper Shred I would recommend viewing the following link in FireFox (FireFox comes with an automatic JSON tree reader, making it easy enough to navigate) https://coh.tips/powers/v1/scrapper-melee/savage-melee/
  2. I would say Energy Melee needs an extra AoE as atm it only has Whirling Hands as it's singular AoE, Energy Torrent would be my pick since it still fits thematically with the set while giving it a cone power and kinetic melee already has a similar cone so isn't breaking from other cones that melee sets already have.
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