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  1. 1. Hell yes. I'd be 100% down for a Mission Transporter power as the final Teleport power. 2. With the free power slot you could get creative. My suggestion would be Jaunt, a short range, quick animating teleport that gives a small Defence buff for 5-6 seconds. 3. Personally I would combine Teleport Ally & Teleport Foe into one power, as we know that powers exist which have different effects depending on whether the target is friend or foe, freeing up another power slot for a Teleport Attack power. 4. Agreed. You could even throw in a ToHit Debuff as well if you were feeling adventurous.
  2. Allow Bios to be edited like text in AE arcs can i.e. HTML text editing for colour, bold, italic and font size. This would naturally facilitate a character increase. Gold Title Requests. Yes, this was something that existed on the Secret Server pre-Homecoming. And yes, I'm aware that there would be a massive demand for them here, which is why I would suggest this: At the start of the month, requests are opened for no more than 3 characters per account for a week (that is, you can only nominate three of your characters to have one added.) Since they can only be granted by GM's, it means they will be fully vetted and always subject to approval. From what I understand, the character limit is virtually unlimited for gold titles, so I'd recommend a soft cap of 38 characters. Adding more Temporary Powers to the P2W vendor, i.e. the weapons you get from Safeguard/Mayhem side-missions. Man wants his shotguns.
  3. Me, getting the absolute shit kicked out of me by Nemesis: "please dark servant, help me" Dark Servant, stood next to me: "not my problem bro" the pet ai really stretches the definition of the word "intelligence" sometimes, it would be nice if they attacked the first enemy that harmed you, and then go about their merry little way once they're within range.
  4. Alternate animation for Poison's Neurotoxic Breath & Envenom where you spray it from your hands and not your face. That's it. That's the suggestion.
  5. Then just turn them back on dude is it really that hard? Do you have to fill in a form to turn each toggle on and off?
  6. This is the least fun suggestion I have ever witnessed
  7. There needs to be an upper limit for technical reasons otherwise some unfortunate soul with Super Speed on who get's Speed Boosted by me, who six-slots Speed Boost for speed increase, will move so fast they shift dimensions and end up outside the map, falling into the swirling and infinite abyss.
  8. Does anyone else think it's funny that it's always Brute mains complaining that the game is too easy and not, for example, Force Field/Psionic Blast Defenders?
  9. The Vengeance stacking is the Nemesis groups "thing", that is, their ability which makes them a challenge to fight. Without it, Nemesis would be a very mediocre group to fight, only notable for their phasing bosses and poison gas stacks, which would make them almost as easy as Council to fight. Imagine Malta without Sappers, or Carnival of Shadows without Illusionists. They would be sub-standard groups at best. In a meta sense, it inverts the players expectations. Here is an enemy you do NOT want to defeat first, however in groups of up to 8, all eager to unload their AoEs, good luck co-ordinating that. One thing that should be changed is non-Nemesis enemies benefiting from Vengeance.
  10. It wouldn't achieve anything. Like everything else in this game, people will find a way to overcome it. That's why iTrials have built in failure states or scripted One-Hit Kills, because otherwise someone, somewhere would be able to defeat it. If anything, all it would do is trivialise content further, because you're forgetting that back in the days of unlocked aggro cap, there was no Incarnate system. Now there is, those tanks won't even need any support because Barrier resists almost as much as it defends, and at T4 it has virtually no downtime. No 'yes' or 'no' from me, just an 'eh'.
  11. Man I sure loved the days when I had to go out and beat the everloving bajeezus out of some Council to be able to buy a new fridge for my super base.
  12. Tincan.com/globnews/af#203 January 26 - Terrorists attack U.N base in DRoC A U.N base in the Democratic Republic of Congo was attacked by a global terrorist organisation yesterday afternoon. The group, calling themselves the League of Prosperity, launched an unprovoked assault on the U.N. base, which is believed to have been containing the fallout of an unknown biological outbreak, the investigation of which is still pending. 34 U.N Peacekeepers were killed in the attack, as well as four civilians, two of whom were medical staff. It is not known how many militants were killed in the assault. After almost six hours of fighting, the militants retreated in the face of U.N reinforcements arriving. Sources from the scene say that the militants entered the restricted quarantine areas but became trapped and were captured by the U.N forces. It is not yet known why the League of Prosperity attacked the U.N base, however the extremist anarcho-communist group are expanding their control in the area, despite repeated attempts from the DRoC military to dislodge them. Their leader is Carlos Zano, an Portuguese ex-soldier and known meta-criminal. Carlos was, until a few years ago, serving out a 50 year sentence on terrorism charges in Portugal, but was broken out by criminal elements which would go on to become the core of the new League of Prosperity, whose ultimate goal is the global redistribution of wealth by force. Jack Barrett, official U.N. spokesperson commented on the situation as “A dire signal that the League of Prosperity are growing in power, and bolder as a result. Fortunately, in this instance, our brave soldiers were able to prevent a catastrophe, and we owe our lives for those who laid down theirs. We urge U.N partners to begin curbing the League of Prosperity’s expansion before it becomes out of control.” Story reported by, Rho Lelange - Tincan News is proudly supported by it’s loyal community, please consider donating today.
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