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  1. I'd rather not tank my internet for having the gall to open someone's bio. Increase the character limit to 1,500 - 2,000 but any more than that should be on VirtueVerse. In a similar vein, how about having the AE text editor options for bios? (That is, different coloured text, bold, italics etc.)
  2. I've never used loot drops as a way to slot a character, ever. If I get something I need for a build, cool, otherwise I'll use reward merits. I think the balance we have now is just right. Let's not open ourselves to the Purple Rain, or make the game even more of a ball ache to play by adding more grind in.
  3. An easy telling point between some asshole who wants to spout this or that and an actual character who embraces those ideas is that the latter has depth and intrigue involved in their characterisation, the former exists ONLY to be an asshole, where their every moment is spent being a complete insufferable menace on the community and doing their best to aggravate every player in sight. I think we're adult enough here to be able to police between the two. Ultimately though, I think that playing such a villain requires understanding and respecting your audience. If you don't understand or respect them, then they're not required to do the same to you.
  4. I wouldn't worry too much about people taking that character too seriously..
  5. Just as soon as we get the SICK skateboard trick emote
  6. I will only support this if we summon an Icon Employee so we can have this exchange: "Hey I got your message, Icon's got youWOAH! Where the heck are we?!" "Shadow Shard. The Storm Palace to be precise, probably the most dangerous place in existence." "Why would you bring me HERE?!" "I'm not digging the colour of my bandana. Got one in swanky purple?" "Y-yeah sure here you go." "Sick dude. Right see you around." "Wait! You're not gunna leave me here right??" "Sorry, can't hear you, people to save yada yada."
  7. So, rather than post what I was going to post (which wasn't going to be very constructive), let me ask this to the OP instead: How would you change the Battle Maiden encounter? It's all fine and well making a suggestion of "completely change X because I don't like it", but it would stand to reason that an alternative has to be suggested. Obviously, anyone else can bring up a suggestion if they feel like it but most of them so far are "it's fine don't change it", which I personally agree with.
  8. If there's anyone who needs more enhancement slots it's Epic Archetypes, especially Peacebringer's and Warshades. In any case, I do like the idea of one of the Incarnate powers opening up more slots. Perhaps this Incarnate power could add an extra 'Incarnate' slot to each power, maxing out at 3 extra slots at Tier 4? Or maybe it's a 'global' slot wherein whatever you slot into it affects all powers (if it can). Probably a dumb idea but there's plenty of Incarnate powers that we don't know anything about.
  9. Day 1 of fighting Reichsman Wow, we're finally here, the end boss! I've heard he's a bit tougher now, but our team leader says we got a 13% recharge increase! This'll be a breeze! Day 6 of fighting Reichsman It feels like years since we started fighting Reichsman, and yet it hasn't even been a week. We're approaching the 75% mark soon, the team leader says we should be there in a few days. They tell us not to worry, our attacks are hitting 13% faster. I don't even see the numbers any more. I don't know what health looks like ... Day 18 of fighting Reichsman Flares. Fire Blast. Blaze. Blazing Bolt. Inferno. Rinse. Repeat. Flares. Fire Blast. Blaze. Blazing Bolt. Inferno. It's all i know now. Those same powers, over and over and over again .. are they actually doing anything? Is this purgatory? I can only hear the words "thirteen percent" whispering to me like I was in a dream. If this is a dream .. then it is a nightmare. Day 31 of fighting Reichsman The Defender must have finally succumb to sleep, or died, because we failed to stop his Phase and Regeneration. He is now back at full health. Party morale has shattered. The team leader is trying to reassure us that the 13% will see us through. But all I see is Reichsman. Reichsman everywhere. He is too strong. He cannot be beat. It is folly .. surrender all hope ... -Last known communication of Task Force Arnhem.
  10. You DO know how much health Reichsman has, right? He has around 200,000. If you buff that by 30%, it goes up to 260,000. It doesn't matter if your 130 damage Flares activates a dribble faster, you have made that fight ridiculously more gruelling. -edito- Hell, that 60,000 alone eclipses what most Archvillains get. Activating your powers a whopping 13% faster is not going to make even the slightest difference against that monstrosity of a health pool.
  11. Give Reichsman even more HP??? I don't want to have to book holidays in just to do a Barracuda SF.
  12. Oh boy oh BOY, i'd get the ability to take a different pool power. What, oh what, shall I take???? Maybe I'll take Teleport Foe? Or maybe I'll take Invoke Panic? I know! Maybe i'll take Jump Kick! Oh wait, no I won't, because those powers suck.
  13. You'll take my set bonuses from my cold, dead hands.
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