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  1. Assuming I'm selecting the right options in City of Data, the Phalanx Fighting Defence buff that level 54 Romans have is ~8% on Minions, ~10% on Lieutenants and ~12.5% on Bosses. In a typical x8 mob you might have between 2-4 Bosses, so they alone are contributing a huge amount of Defence, and then when you add all the others, and also the fact that they're at least two levels above you, it's not unfeasible for an AoE to miss every single one, especially if they're clumped up into one blob. At that point, you would have to swallow a few yellow inspirations to return to a 'normal' hit chance.
  2. No Eat Donut power? I'm disappointed.
  3. It wouldn't surprise me if some devs were watching the replies to this change intently. I think it's genius, really. A small but powerful change that turns the AoE spam on it's head.
  4. "I want nude chests so that I can appreciate their divine form" Nice try buddy. doom_hormy.mp4
  5. While I've not really seen the shortage myself, I'm all for expanding rewards for playing. Perhaps an ATO could be an alternate reward for doing the Weekly Strike Target, or hell, even just completing a Task Force/Strike Force once a week. Running the full Freedom Phalanx would net you with several and might encourage people to do them more often.
  6. Would this be 50 merits as standard, or after the WST boost? Because if it was 50 merits standard then I would certainly run it more often. As you say, Barracuda is a different beast (literally). If the team isn't paying attention and using their temp powers, even the most optimized group will falter. Considering that heroes doing Dr. Kahn won't have to worry about these temp powers it seems pretty insulting that both offer the same merit reward.
  7. Funnily enough, Reichsman is an AV you don't want to bring a Trinity team into. Rather, what you want is some support to debuff Reichsman enough for the damage dealers on the team to start dealing heavy damage. If your only source of damage is Judgement powers then you're going to be waiting a long time to chip through their monstrous 200k+ health pool. I've often found Reichsman a dull fight but far from impossible on anything but the most disorganized teams. I'll admit that I find it funny that a team of Incarnates fight something that won't immediately die to their a
  8. Honestly doesn't sound like a bad time to me. Everything is precision optimised and speed-run to all hell these days. One of the most bizarre experiences I had in a Synapse was when our team was two missions in and someone says "Uh guys, can we pick up the pace a bit? I have to take my grandma to the hospital in 20 minutes." Bro, even the best team of speed runners would be hard pressed to do that, that's not happening on a pick-up group.
  9. I agree with the OP, because it means more people would be able to slot the powers they've always wanted to, like Provoke and Injection! Oh, wait. People just want the Defence powers? Hm .. okay .. maybe another time ..
  10. I reject this idea on the basis that I am the best player in the game, so any duels between players are pointless because both participants pale in comparison to my awesome glory. No I will not present any evidence.
  11. Noticing a distinct lack of Dehydrate on this list. I want to give enemies the Big Suck.
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