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  1. Really good discussion all around. I'll share my thoughts. The Live game was, as we know, balanced with SO's in mind. Even the newer arcs are perfectly doable with only SO slotting. They might not be easy, but certainly doable. This should not change. All content that we have now should, in effect, be frozen in place unless there is a compelling argument for a total overhaul. Newer content provided by HC, I suspect, might not be balanced around SO's. I'm talking about the two new Story Arcs. This is only my theory, based on my own experiences. If any of the Dev team have said, or are willing to say otherwise, I'll stand corrected. On the test server, I tested the Hero-side arc with a fully tricked out build on a challenging setting (+2/x4) with a friend who was not tricked out. And my character had no issues except from the rave segment, which has since been tweaked. However, on the villain-side arc using only non-set Common IO's, I found it suitably challenging that I had to knock the difficulty down two notches. Does this mean anything? Maybe that I suck at the game, but I feel that this newer, post-Live content is generally more difficult than any of it's peers, that I believe it is balanced with Common IOs in mind. To be honest, if that is the way newer content goes, then I am in favour of it. But only for newer content or any revamped Task Forces.
  2. What happens when the population of this quarantine shard (because that's what this suggestion is, let's face it) are upset because new content isn't made for them? Do we make a new dev team specifically for them? What happens if this 'power-gamer community' has a split over a proposed change? Do they make a new server for those people as well? The second we start tailoring for people's preferred playing style is the second the flood gates open, and people's entitlement spills over.
  3. In what way are they accommodating the crowd you speak of? You said yourself this thread was made in response to a suggestion. I haven't seen any evidence that the Homecoming Devs have cow-towed to this 'crowd'. We don't have unlimited aggro cap, we don't have Mez Protection on every AT, and we certainly don't have all travel powers unlocked. If anything, the opposite is true, with the removal of the /enterbasefrompasscode command and de-scaling of Blaster secondaries. The Homecoming devs shouldn't be accommodating for anyone. They run a server in accordance with their own design philosophy. Our suggestions here are merely that, suggestions. They're not beholden to do, or even entertain any of them.
  4. Personally, I don't think we should be making servers tailored for a specific type of player. That's what other places like Cake & Thunderspy are for. In any case, I could only imagine this dividing an already small community even further.
  5. I'm generally against the homogenization of the game, so sorry, giving this a pass.
  6. I could get behind increasing the aggro cap on Tankers to 24 or something like that. But unlimited? Hard pass. In a lot of these threads there's usually a few people reminiscing about how 'cool' and 'awesome' it was to wait 10 minutes for the Tanker & their pocket healer to round up all the mobs, then everyone wails on blob of enemies with no chance of retaliation. I can enjoy mindless, risk-free violence myself from time to time, but an entire meta-game based around that? Snoozeville. One thing that always sticks with me with City of Heroes is the dynamic combat. In other MMOs, enemies tend to stand in one place until they die. In City of Heroes, when the team starts combat, everyone is engaged in their own battles. The Tanker is keeping most of the attention on themselves, while a Defender & Scrapper mop up the stragglers. A Blaster snipes away at fleeing enemies, while a Controller locks a boss down to stop them from attacking. If another group of enemies gets involved, that just adds to the mayhem. Contrast that with the above, enemies standing still, unmoving and unflinching while they sit in a nice, risk-free kill box. It's just .. so boring to me. And I don't want to see the game become as stale and sterile as other MMOs.
  7. Tbh my MM seems to draw enough aggro just standing around, doing nothing. No taunt necessary.
  8. Why suggest something if you're not at least partly serious about seeing it implemented? If someone has so little room on their hard drive that they can't even find space for City of Heroes then they have issues that no amount of optimization on our end will solve.
  9. City of Heroes, according to my PC, takes up 5.38GB. Removing a few maps might shave off a few MB at most. And what do we really gain in exchange? Well, nothing really. It's a lose-lose situation.
  10. My problem with this is that sooner or later, it stops being an 'option' and starts being a 'requirement'. I'd rather we explore making KB more useful before implementing drastic measures like this. Look at what powers are most often slotted for KB->KD and think about why people feel the need to slot that enhancement. I think enemies taking additional damage for being thrown around would be a step in the right direction.
  11. While I would like to see more Range increase bonus sets, if I were truly invested in increasing the range of a power I would just dump two non-set Range IO's into it and get far more use that way. I've done this on an AR/Eng Blaster, and having 142ft Grenade Launcher is truly hilarious (without Boost Range, with Boost Range it can go up to 195ft. Yelling "Yeet!" is not required, but encouraged.) But, I am an absolute sucker for more Enhancements, and I would definitely like to see more proliferation of less used set bonuses, Range included among them.
  12. Let me explain: If you are not at soft-cap, let's imagine the dread scenario that you in-fact have no defence, then there is literally nothing stopping another enemy from applying another Mez, probably of the same type, and then you're Mezzed. Now, if you're at +0/x1, this is probably not an issue. But if you're at x4, it's not a matter of If, but When, you get Mezzed, then you're back at step one. Since this is at level 41 (or 35, if you're evil), most, if not all enemies, have some form of Mez. Let's imagine you're facing Malta, and you have Mag 4 Stun Protection, but no defence. You are hit by a Taser, that most Malta minions have. Now, if any other stun hits you, you are now stunned. Malta use a lot of stuns, so if even a single minion, lieutenant or boss so much as tickles you with a stun, you may as well never have had that protection in the first place. Funnily enough, not getting Mezzed on the first attack would be really helpful to, you guessed it, use a Break Free! We've come full circle! Hooray!
  13. I have to question whether this would actually be very useful. Most Mez used by enemies is Mag 3, which means all it would take is a second Mez of the same type, and you'd be toast. It only really seems useful to those squishies which have achieved soft-cap. I find it very curious that you think a Break Free is too much effort, or that a Defence Amplifier is too much investment, when it would take significantly more to reach soft-cap on AT's which do not have inherent Defence powers. If you do not have near soft-cap defence, the chances of a follow up Mez locking you down (and de-toggling/suppressing your powers) are much higher. That extra protection might give you enough time to pop a Break Free if your poor, misshapen fingers can complete the herculean task of pressing a button. But I sincerely doubt it would enable you to fight without caution, which, let's be honest, is the aim here. Let's not forget, at level 35 (when you get access to your EPP/PPP), most enemy groups are going to have some form of Mez even at a Minion level. They're also not 'mere street goons', they're trained, experienced & deadly villains with superpowers of their own. They (as a group) are equivalent in power to you, therefore, you should be cautious when fighting them. I should also point out, that most of the powers that would get this Mez Protection are actually available at level 41 (although for Patrons it's level 35, whoever said there were no advantages to being evil??). At this stage, you're definitely facing the major threats of the world. They wouldn't be major threats if their powers couldn't even stop one 'squishy' hero for five seconds, would they? If you are getting comprehensively spanked each time, perhaps that's an indicator that you're not as good as you thought, and should turn down the difficulty. If you're already at -1/x0, I have no easy way of saying this but, maybe you're just bad at the game?
  14. Unironically this. In most MMOs, enemies fight to the death, even if it isn't in character for them to do so i.e. the criminal who is "only in it for the money" but is going to fight the player character to the death. There is a great book called The Monsters Know What They're Doing by Keith Ammann. While this does concern Dungeons & Dragons, a lot of the theories can be used in any kind of RPG. Generally, mortal and sentient beings are not going to want to stick around and get killed, captured or worse. The only time they would is if they are compelled (magically or otherwise) or cornered. Hell, you don't even have to look at Dungeons & Dragons; look at real life! If you have a gun, and this guy has a sword, you're probably going to want to put some distance between you and them so you can use your weapon more effectively. Retreat & re-engage is a perfectly valid tactic in most circumstances. Is this annoying to face? Yeah, that's kinda the point. The enemy doesn't want to play by your rules, it also wants to win. This is a great advert to hire a Controller or Dominator who can prevent enemies from running away. In any case, I have an idea that could satisfy mostly everyone: When enemies retreat far enough away, and haven't been attacked for long enough, they 'escape'. Effectively they're defeated, but you receive less XP & Inf if they do. Not even sure how or if this could work, but it's called Suggestions for a reason.
  15. You're right. The following sets & powers in Scrapper Secondaries have a Taunt element: Bio Armour: Evolving Armour Invulnerability: Invincibility Radiation Armour: Beta Decay Shield Defence: Against All Odds Willpower: Rise to the Challenge Notably, these are sets & powers which function better when enemies remain close. I could buy the argument that Fiery Aura's Burn, or Energy Aura's Energy Drain could have a small Taunt element. But not all sets need a Taunt element. For example, Regen & Super Reflexes are both sets where, generally, you don't want to be drawing any more attention than necessary.
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