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  1. Wow! A thread by the actual Horny Police!
  2. I'm about to do what's known as a Pro Gamer Move. *slots Taunt Proc IO into Repulsion Bomb* *taunts a bunch of enemies* *activate Personal Force Field* don't try this at home
  3. I honestly believe this would be the best solution to the "Mez Problem". Although, if I am completely honest, I don't believe there is a problem. If I get defeated, I generally don't blame the game for it. But I would seriously suggest reducing the time of many NPC mez effects. Malta Sleep Dart is beyond a joke.
  4. Hoho, I've got a few on Everlasting Assimilator Hammer of Dawn Merchant Demon Slayer Dominant Species Responder Firing Range Limpet Meat Feast Dream Sequence Stutter Forever Box Death Cult Pseudoscience Worms
  5. I think the end-game has certainly reached it's limits, but to say it is broken is a simplification of the situation. There's still plenty of challenge in the game, unfortunately, most of that is in the 1-40 range. While we do have Ouroboros, it's very rarely convenient or conductive to be able to organise random groups with. I think making more content 'backwards compatible', so to speak, by allowing you to play arcs & missions for contacts you have out-leveled without having to trapise to Ouroboros would go far. The Night Ward arcs certainly have a higher bar of entry than th
  6. Not until after we buff regen first.
  7. I'll cut you a deal; We undo the changes to Energy Melee, but we get to Nerf Regen. Those are the terms no take backsies.
  8. A vignette effect would be great for when you're mezzed or on low health. If it could be adjusted for the strength of the effect, or disabled entirely, that would be the best.
  9. Mez Protection is not a system of 'haves and have nots'. The Live Devs didn't roar in mocking laughter as they decided that Defenders do not get inherent Mez Protection. Nor did they absent-mindedly forget. It was an informed decision backed up by game design theory. City of Heroes has clearly defined classes, in clearly defined roles. A Tanker cannot buff to the same degree a Defender can, and a Defender cannot take the heat in the same way a Tanker can. There are exceptions, but these are usually exceptions backed up with a lot of character investment and a canny player at the ke
  10. If the issue is Mez from NPCs lasting too long, just reduce the duration of Mez that NPCs use. Probably a lot of faffing around changing values, but we all know there are some egregious powers which have no business lasting as long as they do. I don't believe any NPC Mez should last longer than say, 10 seconds, which doesn't seem like a lot, but it's more than enough time for a Boss to pile drive you. If you're getting chain-Mezzed for longer than that then you've got much bigger problems, and should reconsider your difficulty choices.
  11. I think some Mezzes have no business lasting as long as they do. I'm looking at you Malta Sleep Dart. Realistically I don't think any mez inflicted on a player should last longer than 10 seconds. Now, if you get chain stunned, that's just plain unfortunate, and you're probably going to get defeated anyway. But apart from that I don't see any issue with the current system. The AT's without Mez Protection have powerful support and control abilities that those with Mez Protection don't have, or in the case of Blasters, heavy ranged damage and also the ability t
  12. It's pretty trivial to soft-cap this build, but really, it's not needed. This build would deal so much damage that the few enemies left will be destroyed by the single-target attacks (To note, that's not the pool powers doing, Fire Blast is just that good). Having that access to Rune of Protection, or any of the other origin mini-god-modes would massively cut down on expenditure in the build. Now, I got a low C in maths so don't expect any big brain numbers from me. Naturally, Mids won't allow for more than four power pools so it's hard for me to quantify exactly how mu
  13. Here's an example: A Fire/Fire Blaster. For this quick build, I have taken the Meta-Choice powers; Hover, Combat Jumping, Maneuvers, Tough & Weave. At Level 28, I already have the powers I'll be using the most (Fire Ball, Rain of Fire, Blaze, Aim & Build Up, and Cauterizing Aura. Everything else is dressing at this point). I suspect that this is the route that many would take, and the character is only a little over half-way through their power selections. With fully unlocked power pools it would be a trivial matter to pick up Hasten and take the dump powers of
  14. It would be naïve to assume that there would not be a shift of power in some regard. A lot of 'high-end' builds are centred around a rotation of three or so powers (sometimes less) and taking the full allotment of power pools. What this means is that, in these builds, if there was no restriction on power pools, people would skip the rest of the powers in their primary/secondary to say, take Rune of Protection, thereby reducing the amount of influence needed to reach max performance and gaining a powerful mini-god-mode power in return. Personally, I very rarely find myself needing m
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