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  1. AR/Dark is … difficult to optimize? But IMHO pretty fun, you get a lot of "soft" crowd control, can lock down bosses easily with chained stuns between disorienting shot and gloom, and with the regen and Opportunity Strikes in Full Auto, plus the soft control, it's pretty easy to stay healed too.
  2. I did end up picking up Soul Transfer at 49 mostly to make levelling before I get IO'd/Incarnated out easier, though.
  3. Ah, thank you! I appreciate your advice and I'll try this build out
  4. I have an AR/Dark sentinel I've been playing from time to time. She's fairly fun and I like the concept, but I feel like I could squeeze a bit more effectiveness from her. She's currently level 47. Here's the build I'm roughly following, if people have any suggestions or additions (or, preferably, a fresh build!) I'd be super happy. Sentinel_-_Assault_Rifle_-_Dark_Armor_-_Dark_Mastery_-_i26 (1).mxd
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