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  1. I have not played Super Reflexes, but if it gained powers like Reaction Time (toggle aoe slow) and Burst Of Speed (rapid aoe teleport attack), I definitely would. Those powers are incredible fun on a blaster. I'd love to use them on a real melee character as well, and a 'super reflexes' theme seems like the perfect place for them. If users of the powerset also think that it needs some consolidation of its auto powers, meaning it needs some new powers to fill the spaces, then this seems like the perfect opportunity to transform it into a more modern and interesting set with the addition of powers like those.
  2. The problem with endurance drain as a secondary effect is that it does nothing until it drains the enemy completely, and its not completely clear during play how much effect it has when you do achieve it. The obvious improvement is to make it have perceivable effects after only partially draining an enemy. Making a widespread change to how endurance works generally in the game is surely too much work to go through to make one or two powersets feel better. But I think adding some specific effects to electric powersets that depend on the target's endurance level should be very feasible. I imagine: 1) Add a scourge-style damage bonus to all electric attacks whenever the target is below a particular level of endurance. For Electric Blast, this should end up feeling like an open-ended combo system. Open with an EndMod-enhanced Short Circuit or Thunderous Blast, and now enemies are more vulnerable to your other attacks. But the effect can also trigger from repeated un-enhanced attacks against a tough enemy in a sustained fight. 2) Copy the minor unreliable sleep and stun secondary effects from Electric Melee to Electric Blast. Then add an additional guaranteed high-magnitude sleep or stun effect to all powers that drain endurance that only happens when the target is at very low endurance. This should make sapping an enemy to empty have a much more visible consequence, rather than them simply standing still not attacking, and eliminates concerns about whether sapping is effective given the end costs and recovery of enemies. It would also be nice if some arch-villains that currently seem effectively immune to endurance drain were made a little more vulnerable to it. But I think the changes above would be enough.
  3. Thank you for making this post @MrCaptainMan! I had the same thoughts when I played this mission. It made me severely uncomfortable. There's a bunch of this kind of weird gender content in the game, but I think you've usefully identified the strongest details that make this particular mission something that stands out as reinforcing misogyny instead of merely depicting it. - The objective reference to Lt Page as 'girlfriend' - The player taking part in the murder of a woman for rejecting a man - The player being given the option to agree that this was right
  4. We just encountered this. Lowest level player at the start was 9, team was locked to level 9, The vahzilok elite boss was level 15 and unbeatable.
  5. This sounds like a great idea. Every character wants the speed and jumping boost of ninja run. But the animations don't suit every character, and it leads to hordes of inappropriately ninja-posed heroes clustered around the trainers. But when a character particularly suits the alternative animations, you have to turn off the toggle to move at a controlled pace or to conserve endurance.
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